ROH on HDNet Results – 5/9/09

Ring of Honor Wrestling on HDNet
May 9, 2009
Commentators: Mike Hogewood & Dave Prazak
Report by: Adam Martin of

– The Ring of Honor Wrestling intro hits.

– Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak welcome us to the show. Both are in fancy suits and look at what went down on last week’s show including the TV debut of Ric Flair.

– We head to the ring and Nigel McGuinness has a mic. The fans are chanting “STILL THE CHAMP.” Nigel said that chant sounds great, but that unfortunately will not put the belt back around his waist and that he is the only person who can accomplish that. He adds, “You know…being Ring of Honor World Champion is a lot like shagging a porn star. You’re really proud, everyone is kinda jealous, but you never know quite how long you will be able to last.” Nigel said one week after he won the belt, he tore his left bicep and two months later his first match he got a concussion and 25 stitches in his face. He added that the very next night when he couldn’t perform the fans turned on him. Nigel said one particular fan looked him right in the eye, laughed, said “F you Nigel” and asked when he would lose the belt. He said at that moment he made himself a promise he would never lose that title and prove every “wanker” wrong. Nigel said for the next 14 months he proved just that and built up the ROH Title to what it is today. He said if you don’t believe him then you can slap him in the face and prove him wrong. The fans start a “THANK YOU NIGEL” chant. Nigel said in Houston his arms were destroyed when he faced Jerry Lynn, he looked into the crowd, didn’t see doubt from the fans and received a cradle piledriver from Lynn to lose his belt. He said regardless of what people may think of Lynn, beating him made him “the man” in ROH and quotes the legendary Ric Flair. Nigel said what made Flair a legend was even when he lost the belt, he brushed himself off and proved himself later. He said he will do just that, heal up and make his return to ROH and make history. Nigel said the fans doubted him before and told them to never make that mistake again because he is “in it to win it.”

– Backstage, Kyle Durden is with Tyler Black and Bryan Danielson. Black said he respects Danielson and talked about how the last time they were in the ring, their match went to a 20 minute draw and that means he couldn’t beat him. Danielson said he respects Black too, but said it was a little much to make a claim like that. Danielson said the only thing that has stayed the same in ROH is that he has always been on top. Black respectfully disagrees and they shake hands.

Delirious & Daizee Haze defeated Jimmy Jacobs & MsChif. Lots of double teaming by Jacobs and MsChif during this match on Delirious. Big spot saw Delirious take out Jacobs on the outside with a big suicide dive. The finish saw Haze hit the heart punch and Mind Trip on MsChif to get the pinfall.

– A video aired promoting the rematch between Brent Albright and Claudio Castagnoli next week.

The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) defeated Orange Cassidy & Leslie Butterscotch. Very quick match here. Lots of very impressive kicks to the body by The American Wolves on Cassidy and Butterscotch. Richards and Edwards got the win with a superkick and german suplex combo. After the match, Kyle Durden interviewed The American Wolves. Richards called out Kevin Steen and El Generico and Edwards put themselves over as one of the best tag teams in ROH and that they were coming for the belts.

– Backstage, Kyle Durden is with Ric Flair. Flair talks about his second week with ROH as the company’s ambassador. He said he is thrilled to see the level of competition in ROH and is proud to be part of it. Flair gives his thoughts on the main event between Tyler Black and Bryan Danielson and who he thinks will win. You could tell he probably wasn’t very familiar with them, but put them both over.

– We see footage from earlier tonight of Colt Cabana’s return to ROH. We also see the return of Prince Nana and getting in Cabana’s face. Cabana took out “Dirty” Ernie Osiris. It looks like Nana threw some money at Cabana and Cabana then took out Osiris with a big punch as Nana took off to the back.

Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black ended in a Double Count Out. ROH World Champion Jerry Lynn was shown watching the match from the production truck just as things kicked off. Lots of feeling out between the two, which was a lot like the first match they had that was built up nicely and didn’t move so quickly. Danielson kept a lot of the action on the ground frustrating Black. Black would explode out of a lot of these submission and launch Danielson away with some quick offense. Fun spot saw Black counter a monkey flip attempt by Danielson by stopping himself and stomping over Danielson’s face. Danielson with a combination of kicks to the leg and then twisting away at the ankle with various submissions. The finish saw Black go up to the top rope and Danielson pushed him off into the crowd. Danielson then followed this up with a leaping springboard from the ring onto Black in the corwd. Both tried to return to the ring in time, but both were counted out. After the match, we see a shot of ROH Champion Jerry Lynn in the production truck and the announcers wondering who would be facing him next after what took place tonight.

– A promo airs hyping next week’s show where Ric Flair will announce who the #1 contender was for Jerry Lynn’s ROH World Championship.