Ring of Honor Results – 4/25/09
Location: Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Results courtesy of ROHwrestling.com:


a. Grizzly Redwood d. Andy “Right Leg” Ridge with a double axehandle. Ridge was said to look decent.

b. Eric Scott & Brandon Moreno d. Tony Kozina & Ernie Osiris with a roll up. Ernie came out with Redwoods boots tied to his log.

c. Bobby Dempsey d. Stevo Molinski very quickly with a Death Valley Driver in your pre-show main event!


RoHFanatic says a generous estimate would be roughly 650 fans right now. bertptmfus on his Twitter says around 700…so, it’s in that range.

1. Egotistico Fantastico d. ?Skullkrusher? Rasche Brown with a rollup after avoiding a twisting powerbomb. Both guys got a nice reception, being from the area.

2. Austin Aries & Rhett Titus d. Silas Young & Alex Payne when Aries hits the brainbuster on Payne and then throws Titus on top of him for the pin. Back and forth match. After the match, Silas Young clotheslines Alex Payne!

3. Jimmy Jacobs d. Roderick Strong & Claudio Castagnoli in a three way match when he forces Strong to submit to The End Time. Lots of great crowd reaction with Claudio and the “Heys”

–After the match, Tyler Black comes out and cuts a promo ripping into Jacobs and calling him a disappointment. Jacobs goes to spike Tyler, but it’s blocked. Jacobs falls to the mat weeping as Tyler leaves. RoHFanatic said it came off lame and the crowd has been weak so far.

4. The Dark City Fight Club d. The Phoenix Twins with a finisher similar to Total Elimination, but hitting a clothesline instead of the leg lariat. Short match…crowd is still “out of it”.

5. Bryan Danielson d. Jimmy Rave by ref stoppage while Dragon was hitting elbows while he had Rave in the triangle choke. Very competitive technical match. Dragon faked a suicide dive to one side, and then quickly adjusted to another side in a cool spot. Lots of TP for Rave.


–According to bertptmfus’ Twitter, it was announced that Ric Flair will be in Chicago when they return on June 27th!

6. Tyler Black d. Chris Hero when he blocked the loaded elbow pad and hit God’s Last Gift. At one point, Hero hit a top rope sitout bomb for a near fall. Match of the night up to this point.

–After the match, Jimmy spikes Tyler Black on his way to the back, they are brawling in the crowd…Fanatic can’t see anything right now…

7. Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards d. Kevin Steen & Jay Briscoe 2 fals to 1 to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles

–Kevin Steen wins Fall One when Eddie Edwards taps to the Sharpshooter, Steen/Briscoe up 1-0.

–Davey Richards wins Fall Two when Kevin Steen taps to the Cloverleaf. Been a great match so far, and the crowd is hot for it! Tied 1 fall apiece!

–Eddie Edwards pins Jay Briscoe after the doomsday bulldog to win the match 2 falls to 1.

–After the match, Steen and Briscoe shove each other and have words, because during the match, Steen accidentally kicked Briscoe in the balls.

8. Jerry Lynn d. Colt Cabana to retain the ROH World Title, Colt hit a Colt 45 and a “top rope pedigree” (Pepsi Plunge?!), but Lynn kicked out and hit an inverted rana and Cradle Piledriver for the win. Awesome match that started goofy, but got serious. Not quite as good as the tag title match, which Fanatic ranks as the match of the night.