Ring of Honor on Sinclair Results
February 11, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Ring of Honor on Sinclair recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, from the du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD. Kelly mentions that due to Jay Lethal retaining the Ring of Honor Television Title over Mike Bennett last week, it has earned him a Ring of Honor World Title shot against current champion Davey Richards, which will take place on the February 25th episode. Nigel hypes up tonight’s main event between Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes and The House of Truth with a $10,000 side bet at stake. Kelly then takes us to a video of pre-match comments from Eddie Edwards & Kyle O’Reilly before our opening match.

Kyle O’Reilly says he may not be a former World Champion or an equal to Eddie Edwards, but he says he does not appreciate the things that Edwards has been saying about him and Davey Richards since he got the “big head”. O’Reilly says he will prove 1 thing after this match, that he isn’t a “sidekick” or a “stooge”, and that he is just as much of a man as Edwards, “maybe even more”.

Eddie Edwards says the biggest problem with O’Reilly is that he doesn’t like hearing the truth about himself. Edwards says he never said he wanted to fight him or beat him up, O’Reilly asked for this match. Edwards says that O’Reilly stirred this whole thing up, and if Richards wants to believe O’Reilly over him, that’s fine. Edwards says the only thing he can do now is meet O’Reilly in the ring and knock some sense into him. Edwards closes that O’Reilly better be careful what he wished for, because tonight, “he is gonna get it”.

Challenge Match: Kyle O’Reilly vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards

Both men adhere to the Code of Honor before the bell sounds, but stare each other down in doing so. Lock-up and Edwards with a waistlock. O’Reilly counters into a wristlock, but Edwards counters that and takes O’Reilly down with a drop toe hold and floats over into a front chancery. O’Reilly tries to quickly escape, but Edwards stays with him and gets O’Reilly into a lateral press, but for no count. Both men get back up and we are at a stalemate. Another lock-up and Edwards with a side headlock takeover, but O’Reilly quickly gets Edwards in a head scissors, that Edwards gets right out of. O’Reilly then takes Edwards down with a side headlock takeover, but Edwards gets O’Reilly in a head scissors. O’Reilly spins around and bridges out, then goes to clean Edwards’s clock with a running kick, but Edwards ducks. Both men block each other’s strike attempts, then both go for a dropkick and we are back at a stalemate. Edwards wants a knucklelock, and O’Reilly obliges. We now have a test of strength between these two, with Edwards gaining the advantage. O’Reilly kicks at the leg of Edwards, but Edwards fires back with a forearm. Another exchange between these two, then Edwards headbutts O’Reilly, but O’Reilly hits one of his own, and then both men go back and forth exchanging headbutts while in the knucklelock. O’Reilly finally gets into the ropes, but spins around Edwards while still in the knucklelock. O’Reilly breaks clean, but then drills Edwards with a kick to the ribs. Irish whip by O’Reilly, reversed by Edwards, who nails O’Reilly with another headbutt. Edwards goes off the ropes, but O’Reilly comes in and nails him with a leaping knee to the chest. O’Reilly throws Edwards down and comes off the ropes, nailing a running kick to the chest for a nearfall.

Edwards goes to the corner as O’Reilly sets to charge. O’Reilly charges, but runs right into a hard chop by Edwards. Edwards charges, but when O’Reilly tries to catch him with a boot, Edwards grabs onto O’Reilly’s foot. O’Reilly goes off the ropes, but Edwards goes in with him and slides under the ropes to the outside. O’Reilly charges at Edwards, who slides back in the ring. Edwards now charges as O’Reilly tries to get back on the apron, and cleans O’Reilly’s clock with a running Yakuza Kick that sends O’Reilly off the apron and crashing into the barricade on the outside. Edwards goes out after O’Reilly and brings him back in the ring. Edwards heads up top and goes for the double stomp across O’Reilly’s back, but O’Reilly moves out of the way. O’Reilly charges, but Edwards catches him in a schoolboy for a nearfall, then rolls through and applies the Ankle Lock, Davey Richards’s own hold, to O’Reilly. This brings out Davey Richards to ringside to cheer on his student. O’Reilly gets to the ropes as Edwards sees Richards now at ringside. Edwards and Richards exchange words as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as O’Reilly nails Edwards with a kick to the chest, but Edwards fires back with a chop. O’Reilly goes for another kick, but Edwards catches his foot and takes him down with a back heel trip, then stomps on his chest. Edwards goes for a suplex, but O’Reilly blocks it. Edwards tries for it again, but O’Reilly lands on his feet but in doing so, lands awkwardly on his ankle. Edwards hits another chop, but O’Reilly fires back with a kick to the chest. Both men then exchange kicks and chops until they then block each other’s strikes. O’Reilly finally regains the advantage with a spin kick to the chest, then scores with the Triple Butterflies into a cross armbreaker. Edwards is able to maneuver his legs over to the ropes, though, to force a rope break.

Both men get back to their feet as the crowd is chanting for O’Reilly. O’Reilly, still hobbling on his ankle, charges, but Edwards catches him coming in with a back elbow. Edwards goes up to the middle turnbuckle, and drills O’Reilly with a leaping version of the Codebreaker. Edwards goes for another suplex, but between his momentum and O’Reilly’s attempt to counter it, sends both men over the top rope and crashing hard on the outside. Richards goes to check on both men as the crowd chants “ROH”. Both men get back up as O’ Reilly charges, but Edwards catches him with another chop. Edwards charges, looking for a sliding kick, but O’Reilly moves out of the way and Edwards’s foot hits nothing but the ringpost. Edwards instantly clutches his leg as O’Reilly gets back in the ring. O’Reilly charges, but as Edwards tries to get the boot up, O’Reilly catches it, then puts that foot in the ropes, and finally takes Edwards down with a Dragon screw leg whip.

O’Reilly stomps at the leg, then drives a knee onto it, and finally grabs a hold of the ankle with the knee still firmly placed, trying to submit Edwards. Edwards crawls over to the ropes and gets there to force a break. O’Reilly brings Edwards out to the center of the ring, grabbing on to the injured leg and hitting it with knees, but Edwards fires back with open-handed slaps to the face. Edwards uses his good leg to knee O’Reilly in the head to break his grip, then gets O’Reilly in the O’Connor Roll for a nearfall, but O’Reilly then grabs onto Edwards’ ankle and applies the Ankle Lock. Richards shouts instructions to O’Reilly as O’Reilly’s Future Shock tag team partner, Adam Cole, comes to ringside to cheer on Edwards. That distraction allows Edwards to counter the hold and send O’Reilly flying out to the outside. Edwards then on 1 leg, charges, and scores with a tope dive onto O’Reilly, sending him crashing into the barricade on the outside. Crowd now chants for Edwards as both men are down on the outside and in a lot of pain. Edwards brings O’Reilly back into the ring, then heads back up top. Edwards comes off, and this time hits the double stomp onto O’Reilly’s back for a close nearfall.

Crowd now chants “This is Awesome” as both men go back and forth, exchanging forearms. Edwards then hits a chop, but O’Reilly fires back with a open-handed slap, and now both men go back and forth in exchanging slaps. O’Reilly gains advantage with a series of knees and kicks, then goes to sweep out Edwards’s leg, but Edwards leaps over it and drills O’Reilly with a superkick. Edwards comes back in, but O’Reilly catches him with a superkick of his own. Edwards hits another chop, to which O’Reilly answers by spitting in his face. Edwards then hits a chop to the side of O’Reilly’s neck, and then another one to knock him down. Edwards finally hits a 3rd one, but gains a very close nearfall. Edwards goes for a spinning chop, but O’Reilly catches him and absolutely creams him with a Regalplex, but only gets a very close nearfall of his own. O’Reilly goes off the ropes, but Edwards catches him and decapitates him with a lariat. Edwards lifts O’Reilly up for a Powerbomb, but O’Reilly counters that and locks in the Gulliotine Choke. O’Reilly doesn’t have it all the way locked in, and Edwards flips over, pinning O’Reilly but only gaining another nearfall.

Edwards takes O’Reilly down with a double leg, then tries to lock in the Achilles’ Lock, but O’Reilly counters with a Small Package for a nearfall, but then Edwards reverses that and hooks O’Reilly with his own Small Package for the victory.

Winner: “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards by pinfall (Small Package)

Richards goes to check on O’Reilly as Cole congratulates Edwards on his win. Edwards grabs the mic and says that Richards as his own tag partner now, and doesn’t need him. Richards says its not like that, but Edwards says that he doesn’t have a tag partner, and asks Adam Cole if he has a tag partner anymore. Richards and O’Reilly are confused as Edwards asks Cole if he would like to be his new tag partner. Richards gets O’Reilly back to his feet as O’Reilly looks on in disbelief. Edwards extends his hand to Cole, and after some hesitation, Cole shakes Edwards’ hand, signaling that indeed they are a new tag team. Edwards finally says that if O’Reilly & Richards want a match, “anytime, anywhere”. Edwards and Cole leave as O’Reilly & Richards look on in disbelief as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Kelly & McGuinness are joined by Steve Corino, who Kelly says will now be the color commentator for all future Ring of Honor Live Event DVD releases going forward. Kelly asks Corino how he is doing after Final battle, and Corino says that everyday he is getting better, but Final Battle was a war and he has never been injured as much as he is because of Kevin Steen. Corino thanks the fans for all the cards, letters, e-mails & tweets and finally says he is excited to be a part of the DVD commentary.

Kelly then takes us to a video of last week’s events when Jim Cornette banned Kevin Steen’s Package Piledriver, of any form of the Piledriver, in Ring of Honor before our next match.

“The Biggest Man in Town” Mike Mondo vs. Matt Taven

Taven is a staple in the Northeast Wrestling promotion, so this is a tryout for him of sorts with Ring of Honor. Mondo comes out again with the “Godzilla fears Mondo” sign. Mondo does the “suck up the gut” bit when he adheres to the Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Lock-up and a quick break from Mondo. Another lock-up and Mondo with a side headlock takeover, but Taven quickly locks in a headscissors, but Mondo escapes that and takes back down Taven with another side headlock takeover. Taven scissors the head again, but Mondo escapes and takes Taven down a 3rd time with the side headlock takeover. Taven with another headscissors that Mondo escapes and we are at a stalemate. Mondo talks trash to Taven and shoves him, but Taven comes back and shoves Mondo, then locks in a side headlock. Mondo goes for a back suplex, but Taven lands on his feet and hooks Mondo in the O’Connor Roll for a nearfall. Both men exchange armdrags, then block each other’s attempt at an armdrag, and we are back at a stalemate.

Mondo then suckers Taven in and nails him with a forearm, then Irish whips him and catches him coming with an elbow. Mondo does a little victory lap to taunt the crowd, then pantomimes kicking dirt on Taven, and finally nails him with a front dropkick for a nearfall. Mondo locks in a front chancery, but Taven gets back to his feet and breaks Mondo’s grip with gut shots. Taven Irish whips Mondo to the corner, but Mondo goes up and over on Taven’s charge in. However, Taven then springs to the top, and catches Mondo with a Moonsault for a nearfall. Taven goes for a waistlock, but Mondo counters with one of his own. Both men then go back and forth with waistlocks until Mondo drop toe holds Taven into the ropes. Mondo charges at Taven, but Taven moves out of the way and Mondo goes into the ropes. Taven then goes off the ropes and scores with a leg lariat for a nearfall. Irish whip by Taven, but Mondo reverses it. Taven then springs to the middle turnbuckles, looking for a turnaround crossbody, but Mondo ducks and Taven catches nothing but the mat below. Mondo then tries the same thing, but Taven moves. Both men then hit each other at the same time with forearms, then both go for dropkicks, and we are back at a stalemate.

All of a sudden, we hear a familiar voice on the mic, and Kevin Steen makes his way to ringside. Steen says hello to Corino, then says he finds it baffling that Ring of Honor has time to give you guys a match(referring to Taven and Mondo), let he has to wait until next week for his Ring of Honor TV in-ring debut. The crowd boos at that, and then Steen says that its not Taven & Mondo’s fault, they are just doing what they are told. Steen gets into the ring now and says that he shouldn’t be surprised, Mondo has been all over the world. Steen then turns to Taven and says that to be honest, he is not familiar with him but that again he shouldn’t be surprised because “look at you, you’re in great shape, good looking, you’re a cutie pie, just like Jim likes, just like Jim loves”. Steen says that what else is cute is the way they shook hands, “Jim loves that stuff too”. Steen says he is here because he thought that handshake was “inspiring”. Steen then extends his hand to Taven to introduce himself. Taven questions it, then Steen knees him in the gut and lifts him up, drilling Taven with the F-5 as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

Mondo enjoys what Steen did as Steen hugs him, but then Steen bites at Mondo’s ear and lifts him up, drilling Mondo with the F-5 as well. Steen stares a hole through Corino as Corino goes to get up from the commentary table. Crowd chants for Steen as Corino goes to take off his jacket. Steen goads Corino to get in the ring and fight him, and Corino is ready to oblige when referees and security come from the back to prevent Corino from going in the ring after Steen as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to this week’s “Inside Ring of Honor”, highlighting the events of last week between The Briscoes and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.

We then go to a video highlighting what took place last week when Shelton Benjamin drilled Mark Briscoe with a steel chair and earned himself another $5,000 fine from Jim Cornette.

Charlie Haas says that last week they got a little bit of satisfaction against the Briscoes. Haas says they didn’t win the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles, but they left one of the Briscoes laying with his eyes crossed, and another goof saying “Wha, What Happened, Where did he go, George?” as Benjamin mocks Jay Briscoe. Benjamin then says if Jim Cornette thinks that he is going to pay another $5,000 fine for cracking that “idiot” in the head again, then Cornette is as stupid as the Briscoes are. Benjamin says he is not paying another $5,000, and if Cornette wants another $5,000 from him, then he can “sue me”. Haas says that as for the Briscoes, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team is gonna do whatever it takes and say whatever we want until they get their Tag Team Title rematch. Haas closes by saying that if anyone wants to jump on the Briscoes’ bandwagon and “back a couple of losers, then that makes them a loser too”.

Jim Cornette says that “nobody in Ring of Honor is above the law”. He says that last week, Shelton Benjamin used a steel chair after he was informed, as well as everyone, that using a steel chair is an automatic $5, 000 fine. Now, Benjamin refuses to pay that fine and that’s his choice. Cornette says that his choice to inform Benjamin that until he pays that fine, he will be “suspended from further competition in Ring of Honor”. Cornette closes by saying that again, “the ball is in his court”.

We now go to the Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions The Briscoes and Jay Briscoe says that he doesn’t appreciate Haas & Benjamin talking about us or “our people”. Mark says that they will “whoop their ass again”. Jay says that they are calling us losers, all he sees is gold around the Briscoes’ waist, he doesn’t see “no losers here”. Jay says that Haas & Benjamin better just “get in line”, as Mark says that they have “other fish to fry”. Jay then brings up their title match against the Young Bucks on the 10th Anniversary iPPV and says he “doesn’t know whether to whoop their ass or buy them flowers”. Jay says that “either way, they will whoop their ass, the hell with the flowers”. Jay closes by saying that to all of the tag teams, “get in the line, because the Briscoes are fighting champs”.

Kevin Kelly closes by announcing a new match for the 10th Anniversary Internet PPV on March 4th as that by virtue of winning his Proving Ground match in Norfolk on January 21st, the Embassy Limited’s undefeated Tommaso Ciampa will challenge Jay Lethal for the Ring of Honor Television Title.

Next week, more matches will be announced for the 10th Anniversary Internet PPV, as well as big news for the Showdown in the Sun Internet PPV events during Wrestlemania Weekend as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to a hype video with Kevin Kelly, talking about the 10th Anniversary Internet PPV on March 4th and brings in the Embassy Limited. Prince Nana says that its “10 years in the making for himself”. However, Barrister RD Evans cuts him off and says “its not so much about Prince Nana, its about the investors”. Evans says that the investors are “very happy” about this Television Title match and the title coming to the Embassy Limited. Evans says that the title means more money in our “coffers”. Tommaso Ciampa says that history has been made in the Hammerstein Ballroom. “Jay Lethal, history will be made when you hand your title over to Embassy Limited”.

Main Event in a Non-Title match with a $10,000 side bet on the line: Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions “The Baddest Tag Team on the Planet” #DemBoys The Briscoes (Jay & Mark) vs. The House of Truth (2011 Survival of the Fittest Winner “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & Roderick Strong) w/Truth Martini

Jim Cornette joins Kelly & McGuinness on commentary as the bell sounds. “Man Up” chants from the crowd as Cornette announces that another match has been announced for the 10th Anniversary Internet PPV, as Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole will take on Kyle O’Reilly & Ring of Honor World Champion Davey Richards.

Both teams do not adhere to the Code of Honor as Strong & Mark Briscoe will start things off for their respective teams. Lock-up and Strong single legs Mark down. Strong goes off the ropes, Mark leapfrogs, then goes off the ropes and leapfrogs over Strong. Mark then comes off the ropes and nails Strong with a spinning heel kick. Strong goes to knock Jay off the apron, and then Elgin comes in and nails Mark with right hands. Elgin Irish whips Mark to the corner as Strong charges, connecting with a running forearm. Elgin then charges and hits an avalanche. House of Truth go for a double suplex, but Jay comes in and kicks Elgin in the ribs to break that up. Briscoes then lay in right hands to Strong, followed by a double Irish whip to the corner. Mark charges in and connects with a running clothesline, followed by Jay with an avalanche. Mark then hits a running dropkick while Strong is slumped in the corner, followed by Jay drilling Strong with a running facewash.

Mark rakes at Strong’s face in the ropes, then scores with a suplex for a nearfall. Headfirst goes Strong to the top turnbuckle as Jay tags in. Jay with a kick to the ribs as Cornette says that Mark Briscoes did not suffer a concussion from the steel chair shot last week by Shelton Benjamin. Irish whip by Jay and he catches Strong coming in with a dropkick for a nearfall. Jay rains in forearms to Strong in the corner, followed by a series of stomps and finally choking Strong with his boot. Strong tries to fight back, but Jay nails him with a club to the back. Tag in to Mark, as the Briscoes with a double Irish whip, followed by the double football style shoulder tackle for a 1 count. Mark hits a series of gut shots to Strong, followed by a uppercut style right hand. Tag in to Jay, who hits Strong with another club to the back. Strong, though, fights back with a kick to the gut, followed by a hard chop. Both men then exchange chops until Strong gains the advantage with a knee to the gut. Irish whip by Strong sends Jay to the corner. Strong charges, but Jay catches him with a boot coming in. Strong charges again, but Jay catches him again, this time looking for the Flatliner into the turnbuckles, but Strong grabs onto the ropes, and Jay goes down hard to the mat.

Tag into Elgin, and Elgin lifts up Jay, hitting the Oklahoma Stampede, while using Strong’s knees instead of the turnbuckles, for a nearfall. Elgin drives a series of knees to Jay’s back, followed by an elbow drop for another nearfall. Elgin with a forearm, then Irish whips Jay, who gets the blind tag in to Mark. Jay catches Elgin with a back elbow, then Irish whips him into a Mark Briscoe clothesline. Headfirst goes Elgin off the top turnbuckle as Jay gets the tag back in. Elgin goes headfirst off the far corner turnbuckle, then Jay charges in and connects with another running facewash style boot. Briscoes then with a double Irish whip to Elgin, sending him to the far corner. Mark charges, but Elgin catches him with a back elbow. Jay charges, but Elgin back body drops over the ropes, but Jay lands on his feet. Elgin then catches Jay with a back elbow, sending him off the apron and down to the outside. Mark then charges in and hits a leaping front dropkick, sending Elgin into the corner. Mark lifts up Elgin onto the top turnbuckle, then nails him with a right hand. Mark grabs a hold of Elgin, and hits him with the Gorinoclasm. Jay then comes off the top and hits a splash onto Elgin for a nearfall as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Elgin has regained the advantage, nailing Jay with a club to the back. Jay comes back with a jawbreaker, and tags back in Mark. Mark hits a series of chops in the corner as we see that during the commercial break, Jay hit another avalanche to Elgin in the corner, followed by a running kick. Back to live action as Mark is raining in stomps and right hands to Elgin, but Elgin piefaces him. Elgin with a forearm, but Mark fires back with a headbutt. Mark with a series of headbutts, then Irish whips Elgin, who reverses it. Elgin goes for a back body drop, but Mark lands on his feet. Mark goes off the ropes, but Elgin catches him and scores with a Black Hole style slam.

Tag in to Strong, who stomps away at Mark and sends him headfirst off the top turnbuckle. Strong hits a series of chops in the corner, but Mark fires back with a forearm. Mark hits a series of forearms, but then Strong fires back with one of his own, followed by another chop. Strong then hits a series of forearms and chops in the corner, but Mark fires right back with another series of forearms. Mark goes off the ropes, but Strong catches him with a leaping knee. Strong then hits Jay with a leaping knee, knocking him off the apron. Then, while the referee is with Jay, Elgin lifts up Mark for a vertical suplex and holds him up while Strong comes in with a running chop, then Elgin scores with a version of the Hellvator or the Shotuen Kai, but only gets a nearfall. Tag back in to Elgin, who nails Mark with a stomp, followed by a club to the chest. Mark tries to fight back, but Strong gets the tag Elgin and Strong begin to rain in forearms to Mark. Mark tries to fight himself out of the corner, hitting both Elgin & Strong with forearms, but Strong stomps away at him to prevent it. Strong lifts up Mark and hits the Death by Roderick, followed by Elgin coming off the ropes and decapitating Mark with a lariat for another nearfall. Mark again tries to fight out of the corner with a shot for both Strong & Elgin, but Strong drills him with an enziguri style kick to again prevent it. Strong places Mark on the top turnbuckles, with Mark facing the crowd. Strong goes up with him, setting up a back superplex, but Mark breaks free with right hands, followed by knocking Strong off the ropes with a back elbow. Strong charges in, but Mark leaps over him and hits a enziguri style kick and both men are down. Mark crawls over to his corner as Elgin tries to stop him, but Mark kicks him off and makes the tag to Jay.

Jay ducks Elgin’s clothesline and drills Strong with a running forearm. Jay hits a series of forearms to Elgin, followed by a superkick to Strong. Elgin then nails Jay with a kick to the ribs, then goes off the ropes, but Jay drills him with a clothesline. Strong charges in, but Jay catches him and connects with a Death Valley Driver for a close nearfall. Jay is fired up, as he tags back in Mark. Jay lifts up Strong and hits the Falcon Arrow, followed by Mark coming off the top with the Froggy Bow, but Elgin breaks up the pinfall. Jay and Elgin then exchange forearms, followed by Mark & Strong exchanging right hands. House of Truth go off the ropes, but the Briscoes catch them coming in with stereo boots to the face. Jay charges at Elgin, but Elgin sidesteps him and Jay goes over the ropes to the outside. House of Truth stomp away at Mark as Truth Martini throws powder in the eyes of Jay Briscoe on the outside. House of Truth continue to stomp away at Mark, who is trying to fight back, but to no avail. Jay is asking for water to clean out his eyes, and finally does, but then goes to the back as the House of Truth continue the assault on Mark. House of Truth continue the attack, as Jay comes back, wielding a baseball bat. Jay drills Elgin in the ribs with the bat as the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: The House of Truth by disqualification (due to Jay Briscoe’s baseball bat)

Jay then points the bat at Strong, who is begging for mercy. Jay then suckers Strong in, and drills him in the ribs as well with the bat. Security comes to ringside as Mark Briscoe swipes the 2 $5,000 checks from the commentary table, even though the Briscoes lost the match and the money bet. The crowd chants “5,000 dollars” as the Briscoes have commandeered the checks as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

Another good episode this week. Liked the opener with Edwards & O’Reilly, as they put on a real nice back and forth slugfest. A little cheap plug for my show, the Independent Roundtable, as this week, myself and Nicholas Gray will be discussing Edwards and O’Reilly’s previous match at Glory by Honor X back in November. Overall, liked the match and the post-match angle creates an interesting dynamic for the main event at the 10th Anniversary Internet PPV.

The angle with Kevin Steen was once again well done. It was not as good as last week, but it introduced the fact that while Steen no longer has the Package Piledriver, he now has just as dangerous of a finishing move with the F-5. Also, it kept the ball rolling as it relates to his feud with Steve Corino, so it did its job nicely.

Finally, the main event with the Briscoes and the House of Truth was the best thing on the show. Briscoes are so much more comfortable to me as babyfaces, as the crowd is into pretty much everything they do, which besides El Generico, is somewhat rare in Ring of Honor. House of Truth had a nice little control segment, Mark was really good as a FIP, and Jay was even better off the hot tag. While I didn’t think this was as good as the Lethal/Bennett match from last week, it was still a good main event where everyone put on a damn good effort.

Overall, good show as Ring of Honor is starting to get on a bit of a roll with the weekly show with a much better venue for TV, a hotter crowd, and good progression on angles and storylines mixed with solid to very good wrestling.

My Grade: B-

Well, that will do it for me this week. I want to thank you all for reading and I will be back next week, but remember….

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