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Ring of Honor on Sinclair
September 22, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s ROH on Sinclair recap.

Crazy how its been 1 year almost to the day that I have been doing the Ring of Honor recap here on Wrestleview. Before we get started with the recap this week, I wanna take this time to thank the staff and higherups at Wrestleview for giving me the opportunity a year ago to recap ROH, leading me to get my own podcast covering indy wrestling on the VIP site and become a news reporter as well. So thank you staff for your continued support and thank you Adam, Hunter, Tom & Paul for allowing me to do what I love and that’s to talk about this great thing known as professional wrestling.

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Well, now we got that out of the way, Its another “Road Rage” edition of ROH TV this week, so if you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, from the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI as this week is another “Road Rage” from last month’s “Boiling Point” Internet PPV.

We go to video with comments from the wrestlers in the 1st match shown this week, Mike Mondo & Roderick Strong.

Mondo: “Roderick Strong, it doesn’t go a day by day what you said about me, don’t you think for one second, huh?” “How I like to wave the Ring of Honor flag, about how I love Ring of Honor, about how I want to save Ring of Honor”. “Well Roderick Strong, how’s it gonna feel, how’s it gonna feel when you wake up every single morning and you go to the bathroom, you look yourself in the mirror as you wash your face and you look into your eyes, deep down, deep into your eyes, into your soul and you realize that Mike Mondo made an example out of you”. (whispers) “Tonight, at Boiling Point, how’s that gonna feel Roddy, huh?” “Every single day of your career”.

Strong: “Tonight, tonight “Mr. Ring of Honor”, “Wrestling’s Greatest Athlete”, Roderick Strong, finally shuts up “No Fear” Mike Mondo.

Martini: “Finally”.

Strong: “Finally, right?” “And Mike Mondo, I just want you to know this”. “After tonight, your name’s gonna be “I Fear Roderick Strong” Mike Mondo”.

Martini: (laughs) “That’s right, because unity is gonna reign supreme in the House of Truth as it should and Mike Mondo, I usually don’t feel sorry for people, but after Roderick Strong and Camp Strong is done with you…….Sorry”. (laughs)

From the “Boiling Point” Internet PPV in a Special Challenge Match: Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini vs. “No Fear” Mike Mondo

Code of Honor adhered to before the bell sounds. Strong with a side headlock takedown, Mondo with a headscissors, but Strong kips out. Strong with a wristlock, but Mondo counters and takes Strong down. Strong kips out and takes Mondo down. Mondo with a drop toe hold, but Strong gets to the ropes and goes to the outside to catch a breather. Back in the ring, Strong with a gut shot, followed by a chop. They exchange chops until Mondo hits a headbutt. They exchange chops until Strong takes over with clubs. Mondo backs Strong into the ropes, before breaking. Mondo with a snapmare, then rolls through, hooks Strong’s legs and goes into a bridge, however Strong gets out with a chop. Mondo nails Strong with a boot coming down, then goes onto the ropes, but Strong pushes him down to the outside.

Strong shoves Mondo into the barricade, then hits a chop. Strong with another chop, but Mondo fights back. They exchange strikes until Strong gets away. Strong is busted open from the nose and then drills Mondo with a kick. Strong breaks the 20 count, then sends Mondo back in the ring. Strong with a chop, then kicks away Mondo. Both men exchange slaps until Strong hits a dropkick for a nearfall as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as both men are now on the outside as Mondo comes back and drives Strong back first into the barricade. Strong then lifts up Mondo and throws him ribs first into the ringpost. Strong says “This is my company”, then hits a suplex on the outside. Back in the ring, Strong gains a nearfall. Strong goes to a chinlock as he is bleeding from the nose, which may be broken. Mondo breaks free, but Strong nails him with a knee to the gut.

Mondo reverses an Irish whip, then hits a clothesline and a shoulder block. Mondo with a knee, then hits a series of knees while on the apron. Mondo traps Strong in the ring skirt, then hits a leaping stomp across the back of the head for a nearfall. Strong backs Mondo in the corner, but Mondo gets his boots up on a charge. Mondo heads up top and hits a moonsault for a nearfall. Strong goes to the outside and nails Mondo with an enziguri when Mondo went after him. Mondo sends Strong into the apron, then does a handstand on the apron and headscissors Strong into the barricade. Mondo goes to the entranceway and with a big charge, shoulder tackles Strong into the barricade. Strong gets back in the ring first, though, while Mondo hurt himself with that last move. Referee starts his 20 count and Mondo is able to get back in and the referee is saying to Mondo he will stop it, but Mondo refuses. Strong with an enziguri, followed by the Death by Roderick for a close nearfall. Strong hits another enziguri, but Mondo with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Mondo goes for something, but Strong hooks him in a LeBell Lock. Mondo counters into a roll-up for a nearfall. Strong with a roaring forearm, followed by another Death by Roderick, but Mondo kicks out. Strong says its over and goes for a suplex, but Mondo with a pair of roll-ups for nearfalls.

Strong comes back with a leaping knee, followed by the Sick Kick to finally put Mondo away.

Winner: Roderick Strong by pinfall (Sick Kick)


“Inside Ring of Honor”

  • The 1st topic is the main event for the next Internet PPV, “Glory by Honor XI: An Unbreakable Hope” on October 13th in Mississuaga, Ontario, Canada as “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin cashes in his ROH World Title shot by virtue of winning the 2011 Survival of the Fittest against champion Kevin Steen. We go to comments from Elgin.

    Elgin: “At “Boiling Point”, I told the world that at “Glory by Honor XI”, I was cashing in my Survival of the Fittest title shot”. “And now, Kevin Steen, you’re the man still wearing the gold”. “Every second is part of time, Kevin, but the last 3 seconds in Mississuaga are part of history, cuz “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin becomes the ROH World Champion”.

    Martini: “And that’s the most important thing here, you gotta remember, it doesn’t matter if its Elgin or Roderick Strong that brings that belt home, the fact that its coming back home to the House of Truth”.

    Elgin: “Truth, this isn’t about the House of Truth, this isn’t about Roderick Strong”. “I’m sick and tired, everytime you need something to go right, you put all your eggs in one basket, Roderick”. “I’m telling you, Truth, its “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin that bringing the gold back to HOT, not Roderick”.

  • The next topic is another match set for the “Glory by Honor XI: An Unbreakable Hope” Internet PPV as “No Fear” Mike Mondo will take on “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett. This started at “Best in the World” when Mondo wanted to fight Bennett, then do something else with an F to Maria. It esclated a few weeks ago on ROH TV when Bennett had a match and Mondo snuck out to ringside and stole a kiss from Maria, causing Bennett to chase after him and get counted out. We go to comments from Team Sexy.

    Maria: (flipping mailed letters) “Do you hear that sound?” “That’s the sound of desperation”. “I mean, Mike Mondo, Mike Mondo”. “Oh who’s that one from?” “Mike Mondo”. (Maria throws away the stack of letters) “Baby, seriously, did you see what he did?” “What are you gonna do about this?”

    Bennett: “What am I gonna do?” “I’ll tell ya what I’m…no, more importantly, Mike Mondo, here’s what I’m gonna do”. “You call yourself “No Fear”, but what you are is “Never Been Kissed” Mike Mondo. “So, you have to come and put your hands all over the beautiful 1st Lady of Ring of Honor (Maria shrieks, grossed out)”. “Mondo, not a whole lot gets me angry” “If you see all the time, I’m chewing my gum, I’m happy-go-lucky, most fans love me”. “But, when you put your hands on my girlfriend, that pisses me off”. “Mondo, I’m gonna slap that taste outta his mouth for kissing my girlfriend and come Toronto, Mondo, you’re not gonna be “No Fear” because I’m gonna put the fear of God in you”.

  • The next topic is a new match announced for the “Glory by Honor XI: An Unbreakable Hope” Internet PPV as Jay Lethal, with a new “Killer Instinct” of sorts, will take on the returning “American Wolf” Davey Richards in a return match from their 2 previous encounters this year, one for DVD Release and one on ROH TV. However, both previous encounters were for the ROH World Title, where as this match is to see who is the better man. We go to comments from Lethal.

    Lethal: “Thinking about this new way of looking at life, which is to put myself 1st, its actually starting to pay off here in Ring of Honor”. “Ring of Honor management is actually rewarding me, I’ve been in more main events and get this, October 13th, I step into the ring with a former Ring of Honor World Champion, Davey Richards”. “And Davey Richards, I think to myself, who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?” “Well, its not Jay Lethal”. “And Davey, I know you’re determined and that determination is fueled by the fact that you’re trying to regain something that you once had”. “But, it pales in comparison to my determination as I try to gain something, Davey, that I’ve never had”. “So, October 13th, Davey, you give me everything you’ve got because I’m gonna be the little pig that builds his house outta bricks”. “So, huff and puff and give me all of it, but remember, at the end of that story, Davey, they killed that big bad wolf”.

  • The final topic is the Survival of the Fittest Tournament, which will take place in October on Ring of Honor TV. Survival of the Fittest will feature 12 men in 6 matches with the winners facing off in an elimination match. The winner of Survival of the Fittest 2012 will earn a future ROH World Title Match. There will be 2 matches on the shows airing the weekends of October 6 and 7, October 13 and 14, and October 20 and 21. Finally, the final 6 man elimination will be on the weekend of October 27 and 28.
  • Lastly, next week on ROH TV, its another “Road Rage” edition of the show as we go back to the “Death Before Dishonor X: State of Emergency” Internet PPV a couple weeks back from Chicago Ridge and we will see on the show the finals of the tournament to crown new Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions as well as Jay Lethal taking on Homicide.


    Back from commercial, we go to the 4 Corner Survival match from “Boiling Point” where the winner will earn a ROH contract already in progress.

    From the “Boiling Point” Internet PPV in a 4 Corner Survival, winner receives a Ring of Honor contract: “God’s Gift” QT Marshall vs. “The Product” Antonio Thomas vs. Matt Taven vs. Vinny Marsgelia

    We join the match in progress as Vinny goes for a dive, but QT stops him with a right hand. However, Taven then hits QT & Thomas with a plancha. Back in the ring. Vinny & Taven with a series of counters until QT blind tags in and clotheslines Vinny. Vinny then comes back with a Russian leg sweep for a nearfall. Vinny goes off the ropes and hits a back elbow. Vinny goes for a dive, but QT dropkicks him on the way down. Thomas is tagged in and hits a Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall. They criss-cross and Thomas with a roll-up for a nearfall. Thomas with a snap suplex for another nearfall. Tag to QT, but Vinny fights back, but QT with a dropkick that sends Vinny to the apron. QT ties up Vinny in the ropes and nails him with a right hand. QT & Thomas with a double team on Vinny for a nearfall as QT breaks it up. Thomas with a Fisherman’s suplex on Vinny as he has Vinny tied up, but Taven breaks up the fall, doing damage on QT in the process. Taven is in and hits strikes on Thomas & QT. Taven with a rana on Thomas. Taven then with a high back drop on QT. Taven with a hanging swinging DDT on Thomas for a close nearfall. Thomas hotshots Taven in the corner, but QT tags in. QT with a springboard leg lariat on Taven, but Vinny breaks it up. QT with an overhead belly to belly on Vinny. Taven with an enziguri on QT, followed by a springboard moonsault for a nearfall. QT goes for a powerslam on Taven, but Taven turns it into a Spike DDT, but QT gets his feet on the bottom rope. QT hotshots Taven, then Vinny pulls down the top rope on QT. Vinny then with a dive on the outside on QT. Vinny heads up top, but Taven with an enziguri. Taven goes up with Vinny, then knocks down Thomas. Vinny with a Sunset flip powerbomb on Taven, but Taven crotches Vinny into the ringpost. Taven goes for another springboard, but QT ducks.

    QT with a running Dominator on Taven to win the contract.

    Winner and receiving an ROH contract: “God’s Gift” QT Marshall by pinfall (Running Full Throttle)

    We now go to the “Proving Ground” match from “Boiling Point” between TV Champion Adam Cole & “Brutal” Bob Evans, also joined in progress.

    From the “Boiling Point” Internet PPV in a Proving Ground Match: Ring of Honor Television Champion Adam Cole vs. “Brutal” Bob Evans

    We join the match in progress as Cole goes for a leglock. Evans kicks Cole off, but Cole sidesteps a backdrop and hits a dropkick. Both men exchange strikes until Cole sends Evans to the outside. On the outside, Evans hotshots Cole on the barricade. Evans then with a backbreaker on the apron.

    Some of the crowd is chanting for Evans as Cole gets back in. Evans with a front slam, then picks up and drops him back down. Evans chokes Cole in the ropes, but Cole fights back. Evans goes for a suplex, but Cole fights out. Cole then with a Sunset flip for a 1 count. Evans then with a series of elbows to the back of the head before locking in a chinlock. Cole tries to break free, but Evans takes him down for a nearfall. Evans with a series of knees to the lower back, then trash talks Cole in the ropes while pulling at his face. Evans stomps away at Cole while continuing to talk trash. Evans with a standing bearhug as the crowd wills on Cole. Cole tries to break free, but Evans slams him back down and rakes his knee in Cole’s face before gaining another nearfall. Evans with a series of kneedrops, followed by a deadlift back suplex for another nearfall. Evans rains in right hands before choking Cole. Cole tries to fight back as he is getting fired up with Evans’ paintbrushes. Cole with an enziguri, then kicks Evans off before hitting a Shining Wizard for a nearfall.

    Cole gets away from Evans and hits another enziguri. Cole heads up top and goes for a crossbody, but Evans moves. Evans then with a running shoulder tackle for a close nearfall. Evans goes for a suplex, but Cole blocks it with clubs. Cole misses a superkick and Evans with a spinebuster for another close nearfall. Evans with some headbutts, but Cole drills him with a superkick for a nearfall. Cole goes for the Florida Key, but Evans blocks it. Cole with a kick to the leg, then locks Evans in the Figure 4 in the center of the ring.

    They exchange strikes while in the hold, but then Evans can’t take no more and is forced to submit.

    Winner: Ring of Honor Television Champion Adam Cole by submission (Figure 4)

    After the match, Mike Bennett & Maria run in and attack Cole, until Eddie Edwards & Sara Del Rey make the save.

    We now close things out by going right to the Mixed Tag Team match from “Boiling Point” match from the 4 people we just saw at the end of the Cole/Evans match.

    From the “Boiling Point” Internet PPV in a Mixed Tag Team Grudge Match: “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards & “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey vs. Team Sexy (“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett & “The 1st Lady of Ring of Honor” Maria Kanellis)

    “Eddie Edwards” chants from the crowd. Surprisingly, adherence to the Code of Honor by all 4. Del Rey wants to start with Maria, but she tags in Bennett. Edwards tags in as he & Bennett will start things. Bennett with a wristlock, but Edwards counters to one of his own. Bennett with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle. Series of reversals until Edwards hits a rana. Edwards with a back senton for a nearfall. Bennett with a gut shot, followed by an elbow. Corner whip by Bennett, but Edwards goes up & over and hits a gut shot, followed by a Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Edwards with a chop, then wants Maria to be tagged in, but Bennett with a jawbreaker. Bennett with an elbow, but there was a blind tag as Del Rey kicks Bennett in the chest. Edwards with a gut shot, followed by an axe kick from Del Rey. “Queen of Wrestling” chants for Del Rey has she hits a series of kicks to Bennett’s chest. Del Rey with a hook kick, but Maria pulls at Sara’s hair and is now tagged in. Bennett & Maria take turns choking Sara in the ropes, but Del Rey comes back with a headbutt. Maria with knees to the head, then tags in Bennett. Bennett with a snapmare, but Del Rey tags in Edwards, who hits a missile dropkick from the top. Edwards unloads with Kobashi style chops in the corner, slumping down Bennett. Bennett then reverses a corner whip from Edwards as we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial as Bennett is hooked in the Tree of Woe while Del Rey nails him with a series of kicks, then Edwards with a sliding kick from the outside for a nearfall. Edwards with another chop, then Maria grabs onto Edwards’ foot. Edwards sends Bennett to the outside, then leaps off onto him, but Bennett catches him in mid-air with a spear.

    Bennett throws Edwards into the barricade and then back into the ring where he gains a nearfall. Bennett with a slam, then tags in Maria. Maria stomps away at Edwards before tagging in Bennett. Bennett with a snapmare, followed by applying a keylock as the crowd wills on Edwards. Bennett with a knee to the gut, but Edwards counters a back suplex and hits the Boston Knee Party. Bennett comes back by drilling Edwards with a right hand, followed by a clothesline. Maria tags in and gains a nearfall. Maria with some more stomps, but Edwards with a single leg trip and tags in Del Rey.

    Sara with 3 running Mafia kicks, then kicks Bennett, knocking him off the apron. Sara with a series of forearms, followed by a corner whip. Sara goes for the Coppo Kick, but Bennett tags himself in as he gets nailed, sacrificing himself for Maria. Edwards then with a head of steam as he nails Bennett with a tope dive, sending Bennett crashing into the barricade. Bennett moves from the double stomp, but is nailed with an enziguri, followed by the Chin Checker from Edwards for a nearfall. Edwards places Bennett on the top rope, then goes up with him. Bennett fights off Edwards, then goes for a Super Box Office Smash, but Edwards backflips in mid-air and lands on his feet. Edwards locks Bennett in the Achilles’ Lock, but Maria tries to slap Edwards to fight him off. Sara locks Maria in the Ankle Lock, but Maria gets away and goes under the ring while Sara goes after her. Bennett locks Edwards in his own hold, but Sara comes out from under the ring with Maria’s bra. Sara throws the bra at Bennett, then kicks him in the head, allowing Edwards to counter out.

    Edwards then re-applies the Achilles’ Lock and Bennett has no choice but to tap out.

    Winners: “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards & “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey by submission (Achilles’ Lock)

    After the match, Bennett grabs Bobby Cruise’s jacket and goes under the ring to cover up Maria. Edwards then raises Sara’s hand and the crowd chants “Thank you Sara”. Sara waves to the crowd as we go to credits.

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