Ring of Honor on Sinclair
September 29, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s ROH on Sinclair recap.

Its another “Road Rage” edition of ROH TV this week, so if you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show and says we will see matches from the most recent iPPV, “Death Before Dishonor X” from September 15th.

We go to video highlighting the semi-finals that took place as S.C.U.M. defeated Coleman & Alexander and Rhett Titus & Charlie Haas defeating The Briscoes before we join the finals of the ROH Tag Title Tournament already in progress.

From the “Death Before Dishonor X” Internet PPV in the finals to crown brand new Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions: S.C.U.M. (“The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs & “The Trouble King” Steve Corino) vs. “Ruthless” Rhett Titus & “The Outlaw” Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin

S.C.U.M. double whip Haas, who holds onto the ropes and tags in Titus. Titus ducks underneath a double clothesline and nails Corino & Jacobs each with right hands. However. Corino knees Titus in the gut, followed by hitting the Colby Shock for a nearfall. Corino sends Titus into the corner, then chokes him. Tag to Jacobs, who front facelocks Titus while Corino comes off the middle rope with a club across the back. Haas flips off Corino while Jacobs jumps multiple times onto the stomach of Titus with stomps. Jacobs with a slingshot elbow drop for a 1 count. Tag to Corino, as S.C.U.M. nails Titus with a double headbutt. Tag to Jacobs as Corino hits a backbreaker while Jacobs comes off the middle rope, connecting with a back senton splash, but Haas breaks up the pin attempt. Corino sends Haas through the ropes and to the outside. S.C.U.M. goes for a double team, but Titus kicks Corino in the gut, then counters Jacobs’ neckbreaker attempt with a neckbreaker of his own. Titus blocks a Corino kick and knees Corino in the face. Titus counters a Jacobs’ headscissors attempt with a Snake Eyes, but doesn’t make the tag to Haas who wanted in. Titus charges and connects with a running dropkick in the corner on Jacobs, followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam for a nearfall. Titus with a Razor’s Edge, but Corino breaks up the pin attempt. Haas comes in and nails Corino with a boot to the face off a whip that sends Corino to the outside. Haas blocks a Jacobs’ clothesline attempt and connects with the Outlaw Slam. Titus makes the cover, but Corino breaks it up at the last second. Haas sends Corino into the corner and the referee tries to get them out of the ring. While this is going on, Jacobs takes his spike outta his boot and goes to nail Titus with it, but Titus blocks it. Titus is whipped off the ropes and he & Jacobs run into each other, with their heads colliding. The referee is still with Haas & Corino as Benjamin comes in and drills Jacobs with a superkick. Benjamin tells Titus to pin Jacobs, but Titus doesn’t want to win the match that way. The two argue and Titus lifts up his fist, but Benjamin backs off. Benjamin starts to leave, but instead lays out Titus with Paydirt.

Jacobs covers Titus for the victory and the titles thanks to Benjamin.

Winners and NEW Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions: S.C.U.M. by pinfall (Interference by Benjamin)

After the match, Haas comes in and is angry at Benjamin for what he did. Benjamin then covers his ass by saying it was all Titus’s fault. Titus gets up and goes after Benjamin, but Haas nails Titus and WGTT start laying the beatdown on Titus. Haas & Benjamin then lay out Titus with Wrestling’s Greatest Finisher. Referees come in and check on Titus while Haas & Benjamin raise each other’s hands as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to the ring as Kevin Kelly interviews the returning Davey Richards. Crowd chants for Richards as Kelly asks him what does the future hold for Davey Richards in Ring of Honor?

Richards says the applause the crowd gave him was great, but he doesn’t deserve it. Richards says he has always been proud of the person he was inside the ring, because he is not a superstar, he’s a small town guy, driven to be the best. Richards says he came to ROH not to make a lot of money, not to be on TV, but because he sat at home, just like the crowd, and watched Joe vs. Kobashi, watched Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA, watched that guy (referring to Nigel McGuinness) vs. Morishima and he loved it. However, the person Richards was outside the ring last year is someone he is really, really not proud of. So, Richards says he didn’t come to get applause, he came out here to apologize. Richards says he trusted the wrong people, he listened to the wrong people. Starting tonight, the Wolf is back. Richards says he is chasing something, its not the ROH World Title, its not a shiny gold belt, the title he wants is the best wrestler in the world. That starts next week, because the American Wolf, not American Strong Style, not Team Ambition, the American Wolf is entering the Survival of the Fittest. Richards says he learns from his mistakes, so this Wolf is gonna hunt alone. Richards says many consider him the lone Wolf, but to Mike Bennett, hunting season is officially open.


Back from commercial, we go to our next match, already in progress.

From the “Death Before Dishonor X” Internet PPV: Jay Lethal vs. “The Notorious 187” Homicide

Both men are on the outside as Lethal fights back with a gut shot, however Homicide rakes his eyes. Lethal is sent back into the ring as Homicide proceeds to throw a plethora of steel chairs into the ring, followed by setting up a table on the outside. Homicide gets back in the ring, where Lethal greets him with a boot to the face. Lethal with a right hand, but Homicide reverses a whip attempt and nails Lethal with a knee to the gut. Homicide points at the table as the crowd chants “We want tables”. Homicide brings Lethal over to the ropes where the table is set up and goes out onto the apron. Homicide setups for a suplex over the ropes and through the table on the outside, but Lethal blocks it. Both men jockey for position until Homicide sends Lethal into the top turnbuckle. Homicide then stands on the table and brings out Lethal, trying for a piledriver, but Lethal fights out and unloads with right hands. Back in the ring, Lethal with a corner whip, followed by charging and connecting with a running shoulder to the gut. Both men exchange right hands until Lethal nails Homicide with a kick to the gut. Homicide reverses another whip, but misses a pair of clotheslines, followed by both men trying for a crossbody and colliding into one another in mid-air. Referee begins his 10-count as both men begin to exchange strikes from their knees. They get to their feet as Homicide trash talks Lethal, daring Lethal to hit him. They continue their strike exchange until Homicide with a kick to the gut. Homicide tries for the Gringo Killa, but Lethal counters with a roll-up for a nearfall. Lethal with a chop, but Homicide reverses a corner whip. Lethal goes up and over Homicide, but as Lethal goes to the other corner, Homicide comes in with him and nails him with an avalanche. Homicide then connects with a Tornado DDT off the middle rope for a nearfall. Lethal then ducks under a clothesline and tries for the Lethal Combination, but Homicide blocks it. Homicide goes for a piledriver once more, but Lethal breaks free and hooks Homicide, trying for a full nelson suplex, but Homicide breaks free. However, Lethal pulls him back in and this time hits the release full nelson suplex for a nearfall.

We move forward in the match as Homicide comes off the middle rope with a knee to the back of the head of Lethal, who was hunched over in pain for a nearfall. Homicide thought it was 3 and has words with the referee. Homicide piefaces Lethal, then trash talks him saying, “You can’t beat me, you never will, you hear me, b***h”. Homicide goes off the ropes, but Lethal catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Lethal heads up to, but Homicide crotches him on the ropes. Lethal fights back with right hands, but Homicide with a chest chop. Homicide heads up with Lethal and tries for a Super Gringo Cutter, but Lethal holds onto the ropes. Lethal then lifts up Homicide, comes out of the corner and connects with a Death Valley Driver for a close nearfall. Lethal can’t believe it, heads off the ropes, but Homicide catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Homicide then drills Lethal with the decapitation lariat, turning Lethal inside out. Homicide shoots the half and thinks its over, but Lethal somehow is able to kick out and Homicide can’t believe it. Homicide with more words for the referee, then blocks a Lethal clothesline attempt and hits the Gringo Cutter. Homicide removes his elbow pad and goes for another lariat, but Lethal drills him with a superkick. Lethal with a suplex, then heads up top and hits Hail to the King. Lethal then hits the Lethal Combination, but Homicide kicks out. Lethal, not to be deterred, hits a 2nd Lethal Combination, but Homicide somehow is able to kick out again. Homicide shakes his head at Lethal, saying that Lethal can’t beat him as Lethal is frustrated. Homicide gets to his knees and says “You can’t beat me, boy” to Lethal, who then drills him with another superkick. Lethal then with a Fisherman’s Buster, but again Homicide kicks out as Lethal has his hands on his hips, baffled that Homicide will not stay down. Homicide wags his finger at Lethal, again saying that Lethal can’t beat him. Lethal is a gas as Homicide again says to Lethal “You can’t beat me”. Homicide gets to his feet and proceeds to spit in Lethal’s face, yelling that Lethal can’t beat him with a crazed look on his face. Homicide laughs in Lethal’s face, but then Lethal does a throat slash and says “I”M GONNA KILL YOU!!”

Lethal kicks Homicide in the gut and hits a cradle DDT to finally get the victory.

Winner: Jay Lethal by pinfall (Cradle DDT)


“Inside Ring of Honor”

  • The 1st topic is the implosion of the House of Truth at “Death Before Dishonor X”.

    – We see highlights of the House of Truth’s match with Irish Airborne when Roderick Strong stole a pinfall from Michael Elgin. Then, we see the aftermath of Kevin Steen retaining the ROH World Title over Rhino, his confrontation with Elgin afterwards, then we see Strong get shoved into Elgin by Steve Corino, however Elgin thought Strong nailed him from behind. This led to Elgin finally turning on Strong, laying him out with the 360* Powerbomb.

    We go to comments from Truth Martini & Elgin.

    Martini: “Life is nothing but love, pain & hoopla”.

    Elgin: “Wait, wait, wait”. “That’s what you kept saying to me, Truth”. “Wait, Don’t cash in your Survival of the Fittest title shot”. “Wait, Roderick Strong is gonna win the World Title”. “Wait, Rhino is gonna win the World Title”. “Wait, Roderick gets another chance”. “No more waiting”. “Kevin Steen, October 13th in Toronto, in front of my hometown, there’s no more waiting, cuz “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin shows everybody in the world and especially you, Kevin Steen”. “Oh Roderick, I didn’t forget about you”. “I am the next World Champion”.

    Martini: “Now, they say God created ALLLLL men equal”.

    Elgin walks away before saying the rest of the catchphrase, disgusted at Martini.

    Martini: “THEY WERE WRONG!” (laughs)

  • The final topic is that at “Glory by Honor XI”, new champions S.C.U.M. will defend the titles against the Briscoes. We go to comments from S.C.U.M.

    Corino: “Pro wrestling logic would tell you that we should be a little concerned, that the Briscoe Brothers are coming into Canada on October 13th for the ROH World Tag Team Championship”.

    Jacobs: “Logic?” (weird laughter)

    Corino: “Logic also says that we had no chance of winning these belts”. “Logic says that when we told everybody that we would we win, or we would leave Ring of Honor, we were gone”. “But, we’re holding the gold”. “You may be 7-time Tag Team Champions, Briscoes, but you’re just gonna be a footnote in the history of S.C.U.M. come Canada.”

    Steen: “Michael Elgin, every time Ring of Honor comes to Canada, its a big deal and this time, its an even bigger deal because for the very 1st time ever, the Ring of Honor World Championship will be decided between 2 Canadians”. “Now, you’re in your hometown and you might think that means that you have the entire crowd behind you”. “Well buddy, that’s fine because I have all the support I need right now, right here”. “Where’s the House of Truth, Mike?”

    Finally, next week starts the Survival of the Fittest tournament that will run all throughout October on ROH TV.


    Back from commercial, Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and he introduces Matt Hardy, who will be doing color commentary for the next match.

    Before the match, Mike Mondo grabs a microphone.

    Mondo: “The clock ticks zero, Adam Cole”. “Tonight, we do it, we do it right in Chicago”. “Tonight, we do it under Ring of Mondo, No Fear Rules”. “No count-out, No time limit, if we wrestle, fight, man to man combat ’til 2 in the morning, we will fight to the finish where there’s a winner and a loser”. “Are you a man?” “Do you accept?” “Or do you yield?”

    Cole: “Mike Mondo, I’m not only a man, but I’m the current Ring of Honor World Television Champion, and for good reason”. “I never back down from a fight, you know it and everyone here in Chicago knows it too”. “So, if you want no count-out, if you want no time limit, Mike Mondo, you’re on”.

    From the “Death Before Dishonor X” Internet PPV for the Ring of Honor Television Title under “No Fear Rules” (No Count-Out, No Time Limit, There Must be a Winner): Adam Cole (c) vs. “No Fear” Mike Mondo

    Both men adhere to the Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Bell sounds and both men charge at each other to lock-up. Both men are jockeying for position in the lock-up until Mondo backs Cole into the corner and breaks clean. Mondo then charges in for another lock-up and his momentum sends he & Cole through the ropes and to the outside, but they still are in the collar and elbow tie-up with one another on the outside. Both men jockey for position on the outside, then roll back in the ring simultaneously with the lock-up still maintained. Mondo goes for the arm, but Cole breaks free. Mondo then goes for a front chancery, but Cole again breaks free and single legs Mondo down. Cole tries for the Figure Four, but Mondo slithers away. Cole then with a side headlock takedown. Mondo tries for a back suplex, but Cole lands on his feet. Cole goes back to the side headlock, Mondo with an Irish whip to break free, but Cole knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Cole then with a glancing shoulder tackle that sends Mondo to the outside. Cole starts to get a head of steam for a dive to the outside, but Mondo comes back in and gets right in Cole’s face. Mondo shakes his head “No” at Cole, implying that he was too smart for it while Cole has a smile on his face as we go to commercial.


    Back from commercial as Cole charges at Mondo in the corner, but Mondo backdrops him over the ropes and to the outside. Mondo starts to go out after Cole, but Cole nails him with a jumping kick to the leg. Cole gets back in and kicks out Mondo’s leg out from under him multiple times. Cole with a dragon screw leg whip and gets a nearfall. Cole with a club to Mondo’s leg, then stakes it out across the middle rope in the corner before hitting a running front dropkick for another nearfall. Cole with a leglock, then we move forward in the match as both men are on the outside and Mondo sends Cole head first into the barricade. Mondo setups for the Double Arm DDT on the outside, but Cole counters out of it. Cole waistlocks Mondo, but Mondo fights out with back elbows. Cole then pulls Mondo back and hits a RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE CONCERETE FLOOR!

    Crowd chants “ROH” as Cole drags Mondo by the arm back into the ring. We move forward in the match as Mondo is crawling back into the ring while Cole is clutching his ribs and on his knees. Both men go face-to-face and exchange strikes back and forth, slugging it out until Cole rains in a plethora of forearms. Cole ducks under a right hand and drills Mondo with one of his own for a nearfall. Cole goes again for the Figure Four, but Mondo kicks him off, sending Cole to the corner. Cole catches Mondo with a boot to the face on a charge, then kicks him off on another charge. Mondo charges yet again, but Cole drills him with a superkick. Cole then hits a release German Suplex, sending the back of Mondo’s head into the top turnbuckle for a close nearfall. Cole can’t believe it as he tries for the Florida Key, but Mondo breaks free and hits a DDT. Mondo goes for the cover, but Cole is able to get his foot on the bottom rope. Mondo starts to go for a curb stomp, but holds up. Mondo thinks about doing it again, but again holds up on doing it. Mondo points to the top rope and heads up top. Mondo leaps off, looking for a curb stomp, but Cole moves out of the way and Mondo clutches his leg in pain. Cole goes for another superkick, but Mondo drops down to his back. Cole then tries for the Figure Four, but Mondo is trying to fight it. However, Cole is able to fully lock it in.

    Mondo reverses the Figure Four, but Cole is able to roll back and regain control and this time Mondo has no choice but to tapout.

    Winner and STILL Ring of Honor Television Champion: Adam Cole by submission (Figure Four)

    After the match, both men again adhere to the Code of Honor as Matt Hardy gets into the ring with a microphone.

    M. Hardy: “That was a good match, guys”. “I don’t know too much about the Code of Honor, but I’d like to observe it right now”.

    Hardy then shakes Cole & Mondo’s hands.

    M. Hardy: Congratulations on your win (referring to Cole)”. “I just want you to know this”. “Over the last few months, so many people have said that Adam Cole reminds them of a young Matt Hardy than anyone else in the history of the wrestling business”. “But, there’s just one big difference, Adam, I was better than you at your age and I am much better than you now”.

    Hardy leaves the ring while Cole stands in shock over Hardy’s comments as we go to credits.

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