Ring of Honor on Sinclair
November 24, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s ROH on Sinclair recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

We see video of when Nigel McGuinness was named the new ROH matchmaker and announced the main event of Final Battle 2012 last week before the usual intro.

Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show, from the Rostarver Ice Garden in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. Kelly hypes up tonight’s main event tag title match as S.C.U.M. defends against Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer. We then go to the ring where the new matchmaker, Nigel McGuiness, has something to say.

Nigel says he is going to be blunt, there are 2 wrestlers who have refused to come out and wrestle until they get a chance to speak, so he’d like to call out Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team to the ring.

Haas & Benjamin come out and want Nigel to explain why they can beat the hell outta Titus & Whitmer, but don’t get a shot at the ROH Tag Team Titles and Titus & Whitmer can. Nigel says that Titus & Whitmer beat WGTT on TV several weeks ago. Haas says that they beat them in Toronto. Nigel says if you want a title shot so bad, beat the team you are scheduled to face right now, bringing out WGTT’s opponents.

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (“The Outlaw” Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) vs. The C & C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander)

C & C want to adhere to the Code of Honor, but Haas flips them both off. Alexander & Benjamin will start things off. Benjamin with a side headlock, then to a hammerlock. Alexander counters to his own hammerlock, then Benjamin counters, hits a back club and sends Alexander through the ropes and to the outside. Referee is with Coleman as Haas gets a cheap shot in and rolls Alexander back in the ring. Benjamin with an armbar, but Alexander counters into a side headlock. Alexander gets caught up in the ropes, then Benjamin again sends him to the outside. Haas gets another cheap shot in as the referee is with Coleman and Haas rolls Alexander back in. Benjamin with a slam for a nearfall. Alexander fights back with right hands, but yet again Benjamin sends him to the outside. Haas goes to get another cheap shot in, but Alexander is ready this time as he nails Haas with a right hand. Benjamin is distracted by Coleman as Alexander heads up top and hits a front missile dropkick. Tag to Coleman as C & C with a dropkick to the knee/leaping legdrop combo on Benjamin for a 1 count. Coleman with a leapfrog off a whip, followed by a dropkick. Coleman with a springboard turnaround clothesline for a nearfall. Benjamin comes back with a knee to the gut, then tags in Haas, who nails Coleman with a right hand, followed by a back club. Haas with a headbutt, but then Coleman puts on the brakes off a whip attempt and hits Haas with a leaping leg lariat for a nearfall. Haas shoves Coleman into the corner and hits a forearm, then sends him into his corner. Haas with a series of stomps and right hands, then distracts the ref so Benjamin can choke Coleman. Coleman fights back with right hands to Haas, but Haas moves out of the way on a corner charge, then Coleman does the same, but while the ref is with Alexander, Benjamin nails Coleman with a clothesline from the apron. Haas with an exploder suplex for a nearfall, then locks in an armbar as we see Whitmer & Titus come out to ringside to get a closer look while we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Benjamin with a powerslam for a nearfall while we see Whitmer & Titus have joined Kevin Kelly at the commentary table. Benjamin with a snapmare and a chinlock as the crowd wills on Coleman. Coleman breaks free, then hits some right hands, followed by a crossbody for a nearfall. Whitmer on commentary says he is ready for a fight, while Titus mentions that he has more wins against WGTT than anyone on the ROH roster. Benjamin comes back with a knee to the gut, followed by a snap suplex. Tag to Haas as Benjamin slams Coleman across Haas’s knee for a nearfall. Haas draws in Alexander, allowing him to stomp away on Coleman while Alexander is with the referee. Haas chokes Coleman, then locks in a chinlock. Crowd again wills on Coleman as he tries to break free, but Haas with a series of forearms. Coleman tries to leap to make the tag, but Haas catches him and hits a running slam for a nearfall. Haas goes back to the chinlock as the crowd again wills on Coleman. Coleman again tries to break free, but Haas knocks him back down with a pair of back clubs. Whitmer mentions on commentary how much it would mean to become a 5-time tag champion if he & Titus defeat S.C.U.M. in tonight’s main event. Haas goes for a slam, but Coleman counters with a Tornado DDT.

Tags to Alexander & Benjamin as Alexander with a series of right hands. Benjamin reverses a whip, but Alexander with a pair of running forearms. Alexander with a go-behind, but Benjamin holds onto the ropes. Benjamin charges, but is drilled by an Alexander Trouble in Paradise style kick. Benjamin avoids an Alexander corner charge, but Alexander runs up the ropes and catches Benjamin with a flying roundhouse kick for a close nearfall. Alexander with some more right hands, Benjamin misses a clothesline and Alexander with a spinning headscissors takeover. Alexander with a dropkick to Haas, knocking him off the apron, then C & C with a Total Elimination style double team on Benjamin, but Haas breaks up the pin attempt. Haas knocks down Coleman, then hits some forearms to Alexander. Alexander then sidesteps a back drop attempt and clotheslines Haas over the ropes and to the outside as Alexander goes out with him. Coleman with a spinning back kick to Benjamin, but Benjamin avoids a spinning roundhouse kick. Coleman then avoids the Dragon Whip kick and hits 2 of the 3 Northern Light Suplexes, however Benjamin breaks free of the 3rd and hits a powerbomb. Haas then gets too close to Whitmer, who shoves him off, then Haas retaliates with a hard slap. Whitmer & Titus then go after Haas as they brawl around ringside. Multiple referees come out to break them up, but to no avail as the fight continues on the outside. While the melee is going on outside the ring, in the ring Coleman heads up top, but Benjamin leaps to the top and takes Coleman over with a super belly-to-belly suplex.

However as soon as they land, Alexander, out of nowhere, leaps off the top and nails Benjamin with a Frog Splash for the victory.

Winners: The C & C Wrestle Factory by pinfall (Top Rope Frog Splash)

C & C celebrate their win as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to the next match.

Bobby Fish (debut) vs. Ryan McBride

Fish, making his ROH TV debut, has recently teamed with Eddie Edwards over in Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Code of Honor adhered to as the bell sounds. Fish with a go-behind, but McBride breaks free with a back elbow. Fish comes back with a spinning back kick, a snapmare, then leaps to the top, looking for a moonsault, but McBride moves out of the way, however Fish lands on his feet. McBride rolls out to the outside to catch a breather, but Fish nails him with a slingshot plancha. Crowd chants for Fish as he rolls McBride back in, heads up top and hits a beautiful top rope headbutt for a nearfall. Kelly mentions that Fish was discovered at a training camp run by former NWA champion Harley Race. Fish with a forearm, but McBride reverses a corner whip, hits a running back elbow, followed by a leaping enziguri. McBride then with a suplex for a nearfall. McBride heads up top, but Fish moves out of the way on a Frog Splash attempt. Fish with a series of knee strikes to the head for a nearfall as Kelly mentions that he is hearing that there may be a new color commentator soon to replace Nigel McGuinness. Fish goes for a Cobra Clutch, which McBride blocks, but Fish with a forearm to the back of the head.

Fish then hits a big roundhouse kick to the head for the victory.

Winner: Bobby Fish by pinfall (Roundhouse Kick to the Head)

After the match, Veda Scott gets in the ring and interviews Fish. Fish says he owes a lot to Eddie Edwards with their team in Japan and his debut tonight in ROH and is looking forward to see what is about to happen between Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly, as their face-off is NEXT!


Back from commercial as Davey Richards heads out to the ring.

Davey says he returned recently and he said he was an a**hole. He listened to the wrong people and trusted the wrong people. Now, he has 2 goals: to put on the best wrestling matches possible and to right the wrongs with the right people. One of those is Eddie Edwards, who is in Japan currently, the other is Kyle O’Reilly, who Davey calls out to the ring.

Davey starts to speak, but O’Reilly cuts him off. O’Reilly says Davey held him back and threw him under the bus. O’Reilly says that Davey’s self-righteous pedestal he puts himself on, he’s sick of. O’Reilly says he is sick of being a doormat and that’s why he did what he did in New York.

Davey says ever since he met O’Reilly in Vancouver, he has wanted to make his life better. Who flew him out to live in St. Louis? Who gave you money for food? Who gave up flights to drive 36 hours with you? Davey says newsflash to the fans, O’Reilly just recently got married. Who introduced you to “Erica?” Who did that? Davey says all he has tried to do is make O’Reilly’s life better. But somewhere, O’Reilly became a little b***h and took it all for granted. After all that, ignoring calls, missing the gym, spreading rumors about me, I don’t miss my protégé, I don’t miss my training partner……

“I miss my best friend”.

Davey says if O’Reilly ever wants to get his head on straight, reform Team Ambition and go after the ROH Tag Team Titles and do the best wrestling in the world, let me know, but until then, I’m done playing games.

Davey starts to leave, but O’Reilly grabs his arm as Davey puts up a fist. O’Reilly says Davey is right, I’m sorry. O’Reilly says Davey is the reason I have this job, the reason I get to do what I love, the reason I met my wife, you’re my best friend, you’re the closest thing I’ve ever had to having an older brother, that’s the honest truth. O’Reilly says if Davey and fans will forgive him, he wants to reform Team Ambition and do what we never did and that’s win the ROH Tag Titles.

Richards & O’Reilly shake hands and embrace, but then O’Reilly, as Davey raised his hand, sweeps out Davey’s leg from under him. O’Reilly attacks Richards, but Richards gets O’Reilly in the Anklelock. Referees come out to stop Richards, but Richards won’t let go. Bobby Fish comes out, looking like to play peacemaker, but then O’Reilly breaks free, sending Richards right into a Fish roundhouse kick to the head. Fish then locks Richards in a Crossface, who taps out as O’Reilly says “How does that feel to choke, how does that feel to suffocate?” “That’s how I felt”. “You have no more friends, Davey, you ran everybody off”.

“This time, do everyone a favor and STAY GONE!”

Fish finally breaks the hold and he & O’Reilly leave together while referees check on a fallen Richards as we go to commercial.


“Inside Ring of Honor”

The 1st topic is that even with Truth Martini’s pleads of not to do it, the match is made for Final Battle as Michael Elgin will face Roderick Strong. We go to comments from an upset Martini.

Martini says he asked Nigel not to do it, but he did it anyway. But, he went to Roderick & Elgin, who still listen to him and he told them that the match can’t happen. “It won’t happen, I won’t let it happen”. “They can’t break the foundation that I have worked so hard for, my whole life to get to this point”. “The match ain’t happening, it ain’t happening, I refuse, I refuse, DONE!” as he takes his jacket off and laughs in a crazy manner.

We see footage of El Generico’s match with Kevin Steen at Final Battle 2010 in which Steen lost and was banned from ROH for a year.

The next topic is the Triple Threat ROH Tag Team Title match at Final Battle between Corino & Jacobs, The Briscoes & Coleman & Alexander. We go to comments from #DemBoys.

Jay says Nigel threw #DemBoys a curveball. Mark says “Screwball, Knuckleball, Slider!” “Come on, McGuinness, we like that heat, straight down the middle, like Nolan Ryan!” Jay says what “chicken” is trying to say is that at Final Battle, there is 3 teams, but only 1 pinfall, no elimination, the 1st team that can pin S.C.U.M. will be ROH Tag Champions. Somebody is gonna beat them b***hes because we restoring honor back in ROH. Its gonna be a horse race and C & C, don’t mean to burst your bubble but we are gonna be the 8-time ROH Tag Team Champions and ain’t nothing you can do about it as Mark does a chicken motion, squeaking like a chicken.

The next topic is the match between Adam Cole & Matt Hardy at Final Battle. We go to comments from Cole.

Cole says some people view Hardy’s comments as complimentary, while he sees it as condescending. Cole says Hardy has done so much talking to say he is a wrestling icon, but Cole says he can see right through that. Cole says Hardy is trying to convince himself that he still has what it takes. At Final Battle, Cole says Hardy will have to convince him that he still has what it takes, cuz Cole says he will give it his all and at the end of the match, Hardy will respect Adam Cole.

The final topic is a newly announced match for Final Battle as an unhappy Jay Lethal will take on Rhino. We go to comments from Lethal.

Lethal says that Generico got the title shot he deserved and now he has to face the hard-hitting Rhino. Win or lose, I get nothing. Lethal then says “F it”, removes his mic and storms off.


Back from commercial, its time for our main event.

Main Event for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles: “The Buzzsaw” B.J. Whitmer & “Ruthless” Rhett Titus vs. S.C.U.M. (“The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs & “The Trouble King” Steve Corino) (c’s)

Whitmer & Titus attack the champs before Bobby Cruise finishes the ring intros and we are underway. All 4 men brawl around ringside as its Whitmer with his archrival Jacobs and Titus with Corino. Whitmer & Jacobs go back to the ring as Jacobs avoids a clothesline and takes Whitmer over with a spinning headscissors. Jacobs charges, but runs into a back elbow by Whitmer, who then connects with a running big boot. Corino then nails Whitmer from behind and sends him to the outside. Titus now in, but Corino ducks under a right hand and hits some of his own. Corino with a corner whip, but Titus leaps over a charge and hits a snap powerslam for a nearfall. Titus with a right hand, Corino reverses a whip and Jacobs nails Titus coming off the ropes. Titus nails Jacobs with a boot, but misses a clothesline to Corino, who connects with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Tag to Jacobs as S.C.U.M. hit their stereo back clubs. Jacobs with a corner whip, then stomps away on Titus. Jacobs with another corner whip. Titus avoids a charge, but Corino nails him with a left arm lariat. Tag to Corino as S.C.U.M. with a double whip, followed by stereo right hands for a nearfall. Corino sends Titus into Jacobs’ outstretched boots, then S.C.U.M. with another double whip, but Titus with a Sunset flip attempt to Corino, however Jacobs holds onto him. Titus then sends Corino into Jacobs, Corino holds onto the ropes, then Titus catches him with a dropkick. Titus goes for a tag, but Jacobs pulls Whitmer off the apron. Corino sends Titus to their corner, then while the ref is with Whitmer, S.C.U.M. lay in the double team on Titus, stomping away at him. Corino yells “Who’s the best?” as Jacobs with a corner whip, but Titus with a forward roll to avoid a charge and tags in Whitmer.

Whitmer with clotheslines to Jacobs, followed by a twisting spinebuster for a nearfall. Whitmer charges and connects with a high knee in the corner, followed by a snap suplex/Northern Lights suplex combo for a nearfall. Whitmer goes for an Exploder suplex, but Jacobs counters with a roll-up for a nearfall. Whitmer then misses a clothesline and Jacobs nails him with a Spear for another nearfall. Whitmer reverses a corner whip, but Jacobs catches him with a back elbow. Jacobs leaps to the middle rope, but Whitmer stops him and goes for an Electric Chair, but Jacobs counters with a reverse rana. However, Whitmer pops up and nails Jacobs with a big clothesline.

Tags to Corino & Titus as they trade forearms until Corino gains the advantage. Titus then blocks a Corino running forearm with his boot, then hits a big boot, followed by a discus clothesline for a nearfall. Titus fires up and charges, connecting with a running dropkick, followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam, but Jacobs breaks it up. Whitmer now in as all 4 are now in the ring at the same time. Whitmer & Titus go to send the champs into one another, but Corino reverses the whip, allowing Jacobs to nail Titus with a Spear. Whitmer with a right hand, but Jacobs blocks a suplex. Then, Whitmer suplexes himself & Jacobs over the ropes and to the outside. All of a sudden, Haas & Benjamin come out and attack Whitmer at ringside, where they do a double team backdrop on Whitmer across the metal barricade. Back in the ring, Corino misses a pair of clotheslines on Titus, who then goes for the Rhettribution, but Jacobs stops him. Titus nails Jacobs, then rolls up Corino for a nearfall. Titus tries for the Rhettribution on Jacobs, but Corino nails him with a clothesline. Titus comes back with a big boot, but then Jacobs hits the Inward Ace Crusher.

Corino then hits the Lou Thesz Suplex for the victory.

Winners and STILL Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions; S.C.U.M. by pinfall (Lou Thesz Suplex)

After the match, S.C.U.M. celebrate their win as Whitmer is still out on the outside. S.C.U.M. then motion to Haas & Benjamin that Titus is all theirs as they leave while Haas & Benjamin get in the ring and begin to lay the beatdown on Titus. Referees try to come out and help, but Haas keeps them at bay. Benjamin then lays out Titus with Paydirt as we go to credits.

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