Ring of Honor on Sinclair
December 15, 2012
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s ROH on Sinclair recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

We see the usual intro, then Kevin Kelly & Caleb Seltzer welcome us to the show, from the Rostarver Ice Garden in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. Kelly hypes up tonight’s Steel City Street Fight between Jay Briscoe & Steve Corino. We then go to the opening match.

Vinny Marseglia vs. “American Wolf” Davey Richards

Code of Honor adhered to as the bell sounds. Davey works on the arm to start things off, but Vinny counters. Davey with a cartwheel, followed by a takedown as we see Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly make their way onto the entrance ramp. Vinny with a pair of dropkicks, but then Davey sidesteps a back drop attempt. Vinny comes back with a rana that sends Davey to the outside. Vinny then with a slingshot somersault plancha on Davey. Back in the ring, Vinny charges and connects with a back elbow in the corner. Davey misses a clothesline and Vinny with a Russian Leg Sweep for a nearfall. Vinny then locks in a seated Octopus hold, but Davey counters it into a Stretch Muffler. Davey switches into a Trailer Hitch submission hold as he glares at Fish & O’Reilly. Vinny gets to the ropes, forcing Davey to break. Davey with kicks in the corner, then looks at Fish & O’Reilly again, but that allows Vinny to come in with forearm shots. Davey comes back with some more kicks, knocking Vinny down. Davey with a snapmare, then locks Vinny in a version of Konnan’s Tequila Sunrise. Davey gains a nearfall out of it, then stomps away on Vinny. Davey with a corner whip and follows Vinny in, but Vinny goes up and over and hooks Davey in a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Vinny with an enziguri, but then Richards nails him with the Alarm Clock kick.

Davey with a throat slash on Vinny’s throat, goes off the ropes and hits a running basement sliding kick to the head for the victory.

Winner: “American Wolf” Davey Richards by pinfall (Running Sliding Basement Kick)

Davey stares down Fish & O’Reilly as we go to commercial.


We see a hype promo for the Final Battle iPPV with S.C.U.M. Steve Corino has the mic and complains about Nigel McGuinness being worse than Jim Cornette. He goes to have Kevin Steen say something, but Steen just sits there, silent. Jimmy Jacobs takes the mic and says have a 3 way match, bring back Generico. The year 2012 is gonna end with S.C.U.M. still holding all the belts in ROH.

Back from commercial as Kevin Kelly is in the ring and he introduces “No Fear” Mike Mondo. Mondo comes out on crutches as he suffered a broken leg at the Glory by Honor XI iPPV in October in his match with “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett. We see video of the injury and highlights of that match.

Mondo says standing behind the curtain and in the locker room, wondering what I am gonna say. Well, I am gonna speak straight from the heart, as a man to the crowd in Belle Vernon and to everyone watching at home. It goes back to the dream I’ve had since day 1, I’m sure everyone has had a dream when they were a kid. Ever since I was a little kid, all I ever wanted to do is step foot in a pro wrestling ring and perform for all of you. There’s nothing like it, its the best sport in the world and Ring of Honor is the best company in the world, that’s a fact. Crowd chants for Mondo as he says a lot of people are misinterpreted on the facts, a few years ago when I went “elsewhere”, that I was living my dream, that I made it.

“Hell no, that wasn’t the top of the industry, are you kidding me?”

They tried to make me somebody that I wasn’t, someone I never wanted to be. That damn green jumpsuit, I wanted to burn the son of a b***h right in the middle of the freaking ring since day one. Mondo throws aside one of his crutches and says I didn’t let it stop me, I kept going because Mike Mondo is anything but a quitter. I will never quit, I will never die, I will never stay down, I will keep coming, I will keep fighting for what I believe in and that is to be the best in this damn sport and right here, which is why I’m here as far as I’m concerned, is everybody in the back is the best professional wrestlers in the world and that’s why I’m here, to compete with the best.

Crowd chants “ROH” as Mondo says I’m gonna promise you guys something. If I didn’t prove it at Glory by Honor, when this cast comes off, I promise I’m gonna rehab it, I will train like the beast that I am, I’m gonna be more jacked, more tan, if I had an 8-pack, I’ll get a 10-pack. I’ll have shoulders like boulders, legs like kegs, its gonna be on like Donkey freaking Kong! In conclusion, I promise to be the best that Ring of Honor has ever seen past, present, or future.

“Ring of Honor, like it or not, is gonna be the Ring of Mondo!”

We then hear the music of Roderick Strong as he comes out and mockingly claps for Mondo. Strong has a mic and says to Mondo that was awesome, holy s**t, I just cried. But its unfortunate that no one in the crowd or in the back really cares about you. The problem is, this TV time should be spent on someone like me, a real superstar here in ROH, somebody that has helped build this company, not someone like you who tries to pump these people up, kinda like a cheerleader you know? Mondo starts to get angry, but Strong tells him to back off. Strong says I appreciate what you said, but unfortunately for you, you’re just a weak little man.

Strong then kicks out Mondo’s crutch, causing Mondo to fall to the mat. Mondo tries to pick himself up as Strong says that a lot of things have changed in ROH, the biggest thing being me leaving the House of Truth. The fact is, there’s one thing that will not change and that is at Final Battle, I break the Unbreakable.

This brings out Michael Elgin, but Strong says step any closer and I’ll break Mondo’s other leg. Mondo is able to get himself to the outside, away from Strong, as Elgin gets a mic. Elgin says Final Battle, you’ll break the Unbreakable, right? Truth Martini comes out and gets in-between Elgin & Strong, pleading with them not to have the match. Strong says Elgin should listen to his “boyfriend”, Truth Martini, you big overgrown monkey. Elgin goes after Strong, but again Martini steps in. Elgin says we don’t have to wait til Final Battle, I’ll kill you now. Strong says you ain’t gonna kill s**t. Strong says he has carried Elgin for far too long, you have 1 good match in your career and you think you’re a superstar? Get the hell outta here, I’ve carried this company.

Elgin shoves Martini to the side, but then Strong nails Elgin in the back with a crutch that Mondo had brought out with him. Strong then hightails it to the back and mockingly flexes at Elgin. Elgin stares down Strong and goes after him as we go to commercial.


“Inside Ring of Honor”

We first see video of the Jay Lethal-Kevin Steen rivalry, highlighting what took place last week when Lethal promised to face the winner of the World Title match at Final Battle on the same night.

We then move to looking at the war of words between Adam Cole & Matt Hardy.

We move on to looking at the Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team/Titus & Whitmer rivalry, with comments from Haas & Benjamin, who says Titus & Whitmer cost them a match with C & C on TV, now at Final Battle, its a NYC street fight, which means we will kick the living s**t out of you.

We see video of Jerry Lynn’s ROH Title win over Nigel McGuinness back in 2009 as its now been announced that Lynn will face “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett at Final Battle.

We finally see an e-mail from Eddie Edwards sent to Nigel McGuinness saying he will definitely be at Final Battle.


Back from commercial, we go backstage as Veda Scott interviews Coleman & Alexander. Coleman says that they are taking tonight’s street fight with Jay Briscoe & Steve Corino very seriously because something might happen that could give us an advantage at Final Battle. Coleman then says to Cedric if he ever goes to the ring wearing what Corino is coming out for the Street fight wearing, then I want you to shoot me. Cedric says if I ever go to the ring looking like Jimmy Jacobs, I want you to cut my head off. Cedric says come Final Battle, there will new ROH Tag Team Champions, but I hope tonight, Corino gets his suit ripped up.

Coleman finishes by singing “Sometimes I feel like somebody’s watching me”.

Main Event in a Steel City Street fight: ROH Tag Team Champion Steve Corino vs. Jay Briscoe

Corino is wearing a full suit for this match. “Man Up” chants as the bell sounds. Corino removes his tie and belt and then the fight is on as both men slug it out in the center. Jay with right hands and sends Corino to the outside. Jay with more right hands on the outside, but Corino sends him into the barricade. Jay then returns the favor by sending Corino into the barricade. Jay sends Corino into another side of the barricade, but then Corino sends Jay headfirst off a steel chair. Corino does it again, then gets that same steel chair and throws it in the ring. Jay comes back with right hands, then Jay gets a water bottle from a fan and bashes Corino in the head with it. Jay gets a stars and bars bandanna from another fan and proceeds to choke Corino with it. Jay is then sent into a steel chair that a fan that held up for Corino to be sent into. Corino with a right hand and sends Jay again into the barricade. Corino pulls at Jay’s face, then has words with a fan when looking under the ring for something. Corino gets a table, but Jay nails him from behind. Jay sets up the table on the outside, but Corino comes back with a right hand. Jay comes back with one of his own to knock Corino down, then Jay places Corino on the table. Jay goes onto the apron and PUTS CORINO THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A DOUBLE STOMP!

Crowd chants “ROH” as we see replay of Corino being put through the table while we go to commercial.


Before we come back from commercial, we see a hype promo for Final Battle with “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett. Bennett says if I had a dollar for every washed up, has-been that wanted to make their name off the Prodigy, I’d be a very rich man. 1st Lance Storm, but we all know what I did there, and now Jerry Lynn, or should I say “Geriatric Lynn”. Bennett says Lynn has this whole retirement plan of kissing babies, but in New York City, your career comes to an end.

Back from commercial as Jay has a shoe and nails Corino with it. Jay now with the ring bell and hammer and he proceeds to ring Corino’s bell, placing it over his head and nailing it with the hammer. Back in the ring, Jay wedges a chair in the corner, then does the same with another chair. Crowd chants “Man Up” as Jay stomps away on Corino. Jay with another steel chair and places it in the corner as now all 4 corners have chairs wedged in. Jimmy Jacobs runs out to distract Jay, allowing Corino to nail Jay with a roll of quarters for a nearfall. Jacobs comes in as Corino holds him up. This brings out Mark Briscoe, who takes down Jacobs while Jay kicks Corino low. Jacobs is sent to the outside by Mark, then Jay with a running boot to Corino. Jay sends Corino not once, not twice, but three times into the chairs wedged in the different corners of the ring, then Jay sends Corino face-first into a chair with a Flatliner. Mark goes to the back as Jacobs is laid out. Mark then comes back out with a wheelbarrow filled with steel chairs. Mark then proceeds to throw 7 steel chairs in the ring, while dumping the rest on top of Jacobs. Corino comes back by sending Jay into the chair, then Corino SLAMS JAY ONTO ALL THE STEEL CHAIRS!

Mark takes Jacobs to the back in the wheelbarrow while Corino props open a steel chair. Corino with a headbutt, followed by a Mongolian chop. Crowd again chants “Man Up” as Corino seats Jay in the chair and peppers him with right hands. Corino then with a running boot that knocks Jay out of the chair. Corino goes to the outside and pulls out another table. Corino brings the table into the ring, then lawn darts a steel chair right upside Jay’s head. Corino has more words for the fans, then kicks a chair that propels right into Jay’s face, who was hunched over on the mat. Corino puts the table in the corner, then Corino stomps him multiple times low, followed by a right hand down south. Corino props up another chair as he BRAINBUSTERS JAY ON THE STEEL CHAIR , but somehow Jay kicks out. Crowd chants “That was awesome” as Corino props up a 2nd chair and slaps Jay in the face. Corino goes off the ropes, but Jay lifts him up and DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS HIM ONTO BOTH STEEL CHAIRS!

Jay goes to lift up Corino, but we then see Mark come back out, with a guardrail over his head, but in doing so, is tearing up the entrance curtain. Mark finally gets it to the ring and places it inside. However, Jacobs comes back out and low blows Mark. Jay lifts up Corino for another Death Valley Driver, but Jacobs grabs his ankle. This allows Corino to BACKDROP DRIVER JAY THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE CORNER!

S.C.U.M. then sets up 4 propped open steel chairs and then places the guardrail onto the chairs. Corino heads up top as Jacobs places Jay on the guardrail. Jay, however, is able to get himself off the guardrail and nail Corino with a right hand. Jay heads up with Corino, but Jacobs nails him from behind. Jacobs goes to powerbomb Jay off the ropes, but Mark comes in to break that up. Mark sends Jacobs to the outside while Corino & Jay are still perched on the ropes. Referees and security rush out to the stop the brawl between Jacobs & Mark. However, in the ring, both Jay & Corino are now standing on the top rope.


Corino is seriously hurt as the brawl continues on the outside as now C & C come out and they dive off the top rope onto all of the security, Mark & Jacobs.

Back in the ring, Jay crawls over and covers a broken Corino for the victory.

Winner: Jay Briscoe by pinfall (Top Rope Superplex onto a Guardrail)

Multiple referees come out to check on Corino while we then see Kevin Steen come out to ringside with a microphone as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Kevin Steen is sitting in the ring holding an El Generico mask while a stretcher has come out on the outside for the injured Steve Corino.

Steen: “On December 18th, 2010, I stood in the ring, in New York City, at Final Battle, fully prepared to end El Generico’s career”. “But, that’s not what happened”. “That night, El Generico beat me, STOP CLAPPING AND LISTEN TO ME!!!” (The fans were clapping as Corino was being helped to the back). “That night, El Generico beat me and I woke up the next morning and I will never forget the feeling I had, the feeling when I realized that he had ended my career”. “But, you know what, I refused to let that happen and ever since then, I made my return to this company, I took it over and I won the Ring of Honor World Championship”. “And you would think that that would make that feeling go away, but the truth is, nothing has made me feel better about what happened that night 2 years ago”. “You see, I thought that Final Battle 2010 was just that, the end for Generico & I, our last fight”. “But, since then I’ve realized, that he & I are destined to do this forever”. “And now, December 16th, 2012, we stand in the ring, once again in New York City, but this time, the Ring of Honor title will be hung up high in the air and there’s gonna be a ladder between us and people wanna think that that scares me, I don’t get scared that easily”. “People wanna know what I’m gonna do, people wanna know what I expect from that night, the truth is, I don’t know what I am going to do because I’ve never been in the place I am now, I have never felt the way that I feel now”.

Steen looks over at Kevin Kelly and says “You remember 2 years ago, the week before that match in 2010, you remember when people would ask you your thoughts about Steen vs. Generico and what you said stuck with me to this day, you remember what that was?” YOU REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS?” “STAND UP!” “What was it that you said?”

Kelly starts to talk, but Steen says “SPEAK LOUDER!” Kelly says that he said he was very afraid for what would happen to the two of you.

“Kevin, I appreciate the sentiment, I appreciate the worry, I appreciate the concern, but I know this”. “You were afraid then, right now, YOU SHOULD BE TERRIFIED!



Steen goes back in the ring.

“And while I don’t know what to expect from myself, I know this”. “A lot of people are scared that the end of the world is coming on December 21st, I’m not scared of the end of the world, what I’m scared of, more than anything, is waking up December 17th, knowing that El Generico is Ring of Honor World Champion”. “That cannot happen, that will not happen, because, mark my word, I will leave New York City one of two ways”.

“Either as Ring of Honor World Champion or as a g**d**n* corpse”.

Steen walks to the back as we go to credits.