ROH on Sinclair Results 1/19/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
January 19, 2013
Baltimore, Maryland (Du Burns Arena)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone and welcome to the very 1st Ring of Honor on Sinclair TV recap for 2013. Took the last 2 weeks off with the shows that aired that were “Road Rage” episodes, but now, I am back in the saddle for the 1st new ROH TV show of 2013.

So, if you all are ready, then let’s get on to the show!

We see a brand new intro for the TV show, with upgraded graphics and highlights of big moves from the last year instead of seeing guys put in mouthpieces and skull caps as was the intro that aired prior to this week.

Kevin Kelly & Caleb Seltzer welcome us to the show, back in the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Kelly hypes up tonight’s Tag Team Title match as new champions The Briscoes defend against Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander.

We then go right to the opening contest, the 1st ROH TV match of 2013.

Alabama Attitude (Mike Posey & Corey Hollis) vs. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly

Code of Honor adhered to as the bell sounds. Hollis & O’Reilly will start things off. They go back and forth exchanging front chanceries and go-behinds until we have a stalemate. Fish tags in, as does Posey as now the veterans of their respective teams are gonna go at it. Fish with a single leg into a side headlock. Posey counters into a waistlock, but Fish with a standing switch. Posey does the same thing, but Fish gets free with a back elbow.

Fish pulls at Posey’s face while in the ropes, breaking at the referee’s count of 3. Fish goes for an O’Connor Roll, but Posey hangs on to the ropes. Fish leapfrogs over Posey, then O’Reilly with a knee to the back while the ref wasn’t looking. Fish then capitalizes with a dropkick. Posey is sent into the corner as Fish tags in O’Reilly. O’Reilly with a snapmare, followed by a stiff kick between Posey’s shoulder blades. O’Reilly follows up with a knee drop for a nearfall. Tag into Fish, who knocks Hollis off the apron. Double corner whip by Fish & O’Reilly as O’Reilly sends Fish to the corner, who nails Posey with a forearm. O’Reilly then follows in and hits a running knee strike. O’Reilly whips Posey to Fish, who hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then holds him for O’Reilly, who hits a leaping stomp from the 2nd rope onto the chest of Posey. Fish gains a nearfall as Hollis argues with the referee. Fish with a forearm, but Posey fights back with some forearms of his own. However, Fish comes back with a knee to the gut. Fish with a snapmare, slingshots onto the apron, then comes right back in with a slingshot senton. Fish presses his knee against the face of Posey while in the ropes, then tags in O’Reilly. O’Reilly with a snap suplex for a nearfall. Tag back into Fish as now its O’Reilly who knocks Hollis off the apron. Hollis again argues with the ref while Fish & O’Reilly begin to double team Posey once again. Double corner whip, but O’Reilly runs into a boot by Posey. Posey goes to the 2nd rope, leaps over O’Reilly, does a forward roll to evade a Fish clothesline attempt and makes the tag to Hollis.

Hollis goes up top and hits a front missile dropkick, with each leg connecting with Fish & O’Reilly. Hollis fires up, charges and connects with a leaping forearm to O’Reilly in the corner. Hollis does the same to Fish, then as O’Reilly charges, Hollis catches him with a boot. Hollis charges and hits O’Reilly with Michael McGillicutty’s Turning Heads neckbreaker. Hollis then avoids a Fish boot attempt and hits him with a neck lock suplex. Hollis again fires up, but O’Reilly comes back with a gut kick. Double whip by Fish & O’Reilly, but Posey makes a blind tag. Hollis sidesteps Fish & O’Reilly’s back drop attempt with kicks for them both, then makes Fish put O’Reilly in a front chancery while they are both woozy. Posey in and he assists Hollis in hitting an Asai DDT on Fish while in the process, Fish hits his own partner O’Reilly with a DDT. Posey then leaps up top and hits the Alabama Jam (Top Rope Leg Drop) on Fish for a nearfall as Fish kicks out with authority. Posey is frustrated, but he gets his partner ready for a double team as O’Reilly is down on the outside. Alabama Attitude with a double whip, but Fish holds onto the ropes, then nails Posey with a spinning back kick to the gut. Hollis charges, but Fish back drops him over the ropes and to the outside. O’Reilly, who is back up to his feet, then drills Hollis with a release German Suplex on the outside. Back in the ring, Fish with a release German Suplex of his own to Posey, folding him up like an accordion. O’Reilly with a stomp to a doubled over Posey, followed by Fish with a big kick to knock Posey back down. Fish then holds up Posey for O’Reilly, who drills him with a running basement kick to the head.

Fish & O’Reilly then with a brainbuster/head kick combination to Posey for the victory.

Winners: Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly by pinfall (Brainbuster/Head Kick Combo)

Ring of Honor match-maker Nigel McGuinness confronts Jay Lethal about his actions at Final Battle…….NEXT!!!


Hype promo for the 11th Anniversary iPPV on March 2nd.

“The Outlaw” Charlie Haas: “1st of all, there’s a lot of people that have been p***ing me off”. “Let’s start with the “Haas Hatred” list”. “Nigel McGuinness, I HATE YOU!” “#DemBoys, I HATE YOU!” “Rhett Titus, you know I hate you”. “And B.J Whitmer, I hate you so much that I put you through a table head-first”. “I don’t know what my plans are at the Anniversary show, but whoever I fight, I’m gonna take out my hostility on their ass!”

Back from commercial, Ring of Honor match-maker Nigel McGuinness is already in the ring.

Nigel: “OK, ladies and gentlemen, I’m just gonna make this real simple, at Final Battle last month, things got a little bit out of control and a situation occurred between Jay Lethal & myself where I had to kick him out of the building”.

Crowd boos at that.

“Well look, its been a month now, I’ve had some time to think about that, so I wanna address the situation, I wanna address it in a public forum, so I can make my position perfectly clear”. And Jay Lethal, I want you to be out here, face-to-face, so you can hear it straight from my mouth”.

The music of Jay Lethal hits and Lethal makes his way towards the ring. Crowd chants for Lethal as he gets into the ring to meet up with Nigel.

Nigel: “Now Jay, when I became Ring of Honor match-maker here, I knew that somebody was gonna step up and try to test me”. “But, I’ll be honest with ya, I didn’t think it was gonna be you”. “I thought maybe Kevin Steen, maybe Charlie Haas, but when you spat in my face, that’s exactly what you did”. “You tested me and I made my point and I had no choice but to kick you out of the building”. “I hope you can understand that”.

Lethal reluctantly agrees.

“So, I’ve had some time to think about it and I could fine you, or I could suspend you”. “But look, Jay, we’ve been friends a long time, we go back a long way, I’m not gonna do that because I understand, I understand what its like to get emotionally invested, sometimes things get out of control”. “So Jay, I’m not gonna fine you, I’m gonna suspend you, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give you a warning”.

Crowd goes “Ohhhhhhhhhhh” for that as Lethal mouths, “What do you mean?”

“What I’m gonna do is give you a warning, but watch my lips, this will be the last warning that you get”. “If you step outta line again, you will regret it”.

Lethal asks for the mic to say his piece.

Lethal: “Nigel, these last few weeks have been the most frustrating weeks of my entire life”. “And at Final Battle, it all came to a head, it all came to a boiling point, so to speak”. “And although I’ve shed this role of being Mr. Nice Guy, I wanna tell ya, I understand your warning and I respect your position here”. “But Nigel, respecting your position doesn’t help my situation with Kevin Steen”. “What WILL help my situation with Kevin Steen, however, is if you just tell me, in plain English, what do I have to do to get my Ring of Honor World Title shot against Kevin Steen?”

Nigel: “Its real simple, Jay……..

Lethal: “No, no, no, Nigel, please”. “Before you give me that whole spiel you gave me at Final Battle about “Oh, I can’t get a Ring of Honor World Title shot unless Kevin Steen loses the belt”, I’m telling you, Nigel, I’m not gonna wait until Kevin Steen loses the belt”. “I want that Ring of Honor title shot as soon as possible, so Nigel, come up with a new answer, what do I have to do…..WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?” “What do I need to do?”

Nigel: “What do you have to do?” “What do you need to do?” “Alright, I won’t give you any spiel, I’ll give it to ya real simple”. “Alright, my hands are tied”. “Kevin Steen had it written in stone that you won’t get a title shot while he is the champion”. “There’s nothing I can do about it, there’s nothing you can do about it”. “The only person who can change that is Kevin Steen”. “So Jay, until you can change his mind, I do not wanna hear about that match EVER AGAIN!” “Is that clear?”

Lethal: “OK, well I understand what I have to do”.

Lethal starts to leave, but Nigel grabs his arm.

Nigel: “Just remember Jay, I’ve given you 1 warning, you won’t get a 2nd”.

Lethal: “Funny Nigel, cuz I was gonna say the same thing to you”.

Crowd again goes “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as Lethal leaves the ring and we go to commercial.


“Inside Ring of Honor”

The 1st topic is what happened between Adam Cole & Matt Hardy at Final Battle when Hardy low-blowed Cole en route to stealing a win from him. Now normally, a win over the TV champion would garner Hardy a title match, but Nigel McGuinness was disgusted by Hardy’s actions, so by virtue of this, Hardy will not be receiving a TV title shot. Instead, B.J Whitmer will receive a TV title shot against Cole next week on ROH TV. We go to comments from Hardy.

Hardy: “I am almost at a loss for words right now”. “Nigel McGuinness, I don’t know what you’re thinking, I know you’re the matchmaker around here, but in case you didn’t see Final Battle, or you have a vision problem, I beat Adam Cole in the middle of the ring with a wrestling maneuver”. “The sweetest small package anyone has ever seen”. “Ring of Honor, its a wrestling-based company, right?” “Why doesn’t the guy who wins with a wrestling maneuver get the title shot?” “No, he doesn’t”. “B.J Whitmer, he gets the title shot”. “Last time I saw him, he was being carted out at Final Battle, by the way, that’s where I beat Adam Cole right in the middle of the ring”. “Matt Hardy will not stand for this treatment”.

The next topic is that there is word that Charlie Haas is also not happy about B.J Whitmer receiving a TV title shot next week. Why? Because Haas defeated Whitmer in the NYC Streetfight at Final Battle in the scary moment where was Whitmer was suplexed off the top rope by Haas through a table, with Whitmer landing head-first and needing medical treatment. We go to comments from Whitmer about his title match next week.

Whitmer: “You know, I’ve dealt with injuries my entire career and if you watched Final Battle, you probably know how I’m feeling right about now”. “With that being said, Nigel McGuinness has granted me the opportunity at Adam Cole’s TV title next week”. “I know opportunities like this don’t come around too often, so I’m gonna make the most of it”. “Adam, you got a bright future in this business, but I’m taking that TV title”.

The final topic has to do with Kevin Steen, who retained the ROH World Title over El Generico at Final Battle in Ladder War IV. A well-placed source within ROH has said that Steen may not be the same after Final Battle. The source also says that Steen hasn’t called the ROH offices since Final Battle and has yet to make any inquiries about who his next challenger might be, which is very unlike Kevin Steen. Someone who refutes all of these claims is Steen’s mentor of sorts within S.C.U.M, Steve Corino. We go to comments from Corino.

Corino: “Un-named sources?” “Un-named sources are starting rumors”. “Let me tell you whose starting rumors”. “I bet that he’s a former World Champion, I bet he’s from England, I bet he’s real stupid, too”. “Nigel, you’re probably starting the rumors that Kevin Steen is a little concerned, he’s a little too laid back, he doesn’t know what going on”. “Maybe he’s a little different”. “What rumors are you starting?” “I’m here to tell everybody…….everybody…..everything is fine”. “We don’t deal with rumors in S.C.U.M, we deal with fact”.

This week on ROH TV begins the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament with 8 young up-starts looking to make a name for themselves in ROH. The last Top Prospect Tournament back in 2011, saw Mike Bennett win the tournament, but it also featured Michael Elgin and current TV Champion Adam Cole.

The next iPPV is the 11th Anniversary on Saturday, March 2nd at the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, Illinois.

Next week on Inside Ring of Honor, the 1st matches will be announced for the 11th Anniversary iPPV, plus what does the future hold for both Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin? All this and more, next week, Inside Ring of Honor!


Back from commercial, Truth Martini joins Kelly & Seltzer at the commentary table for the 1st match in the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament and that starts NOW!

2013 Top Prospect Tournament 1st Round: “Rock & Roll” Mike Sydal vs. “God’s Gift” QT Marshall w/Barrister RD Evans

Marshall mockingly adheres to the Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Marshall starts off with a go-behind into an amateur-style takedown. Sydal gets to his feet and reverses into a waistlock. Marshall gets free with a back elbow, then goes off the ropes and connects with a shoulder tackle. Sydal with a drop-down and a leapfrog, then goes off the ropes and counters Marshall’s hiptoss attempt with an armdrag. Sydal then with another armdrag into an armbar. Marshall backs Sydal into the corner, but does not break clean, he instead nails Sydal with a knee to the gut. Sydal goes up and over off a Marshall corner whip with Marshall catching nothing but turnbuckle as he was following Sydal in. Sydal off the ropes, sliding under Marshall’s legs, then counters a slam attempt and goes back to the waistlock. Sydal goes for an O’Connor Roll, but Marshall holds onto the ropes. Sydal charges, but Marshall back drops him over the ropes, with Sydal landing on his feet on the apron. Sydal with a forearm, but as he is going for a springboard, RD Evans grabs onto Sydal’s leg. Sydal kicks Evans off, but that distraction allows Marshall to nail Sydal with a right hand. Then, while the ref is with Marshall, Evans chokes Sydal with both hands.

Marshall picks up Sydal and brings him back in the ring, connecting with a delayed back suplex for a nearfall. The crowd begins to will on Sydal, who fights back with a gut punch, but Marshall comes right back, hitting a slam. Marshall with a pair of elbow drops, then as he is going for a 3rd, decides instead to walk across the face of Sydal. Marshall taunts the crowd, but this allows Sydal to again fight back, this time with a pair of forearms. But again, Marshall regains the advantage, this time with another knee to the gut. Again, Sydal begins to fight back with forearms, but again Marshall takes back control of the match with a knee to the gut. Marshall goes to whip Sydal to the corner, but puts on the brakes and whips Sydal back to the same corner. Marshall charges, but he runs into a knee to the face by Sydal. Sydal charges, but Marshall catches him, connecting with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Marshall then lifts Sydal on his shoulders and goes for a running powerslam, but Sydal is able to counter it into a tornado DDT and both men are down.

Sydal blocks a right hand and hits a forearm, followed by a pair of kicks to the leg. Marshall shoves Sydal into the ropes, but Sydal flips over Marshall’s back, landing on his feet and then nails Marshall with a dropkick, but Marshall does not go down. Sydal with another dropkick, but Marshall still does not go down. Marshall goes for a running boot, but Sydal does a Matrix style move to avoid it and catches a surprised Marshall with a leaping neckbreaker. Sydal fires up, charges and nails Marshall with a leaping clothesline to the back of the head. Sydal goes to the middle rope and connects with a rana that sends Marshall through the ropes and to the outside. Evans goes to check on his client, but while doing so, Sydal heads up top and nails both Marshall & Evans on the outside with a moonsault. Crowd chants “ROH” as Sydal rolls Marshall back in the ring and goes for a cover, but Marshall is able to just barely kick-out. Sydal goes to follow up with a standing moonsault, but Marshall is able to get his knees up, catching Sydal in the ribs.

Marshall then lifts up Sydal and hits the Higher Calling (Running Dominator) for the victory and to advance in the Top Prospect Tournament.

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals of the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament: “God’s Gift” QT Marshall by pinfall (The Higher Calling)

Marshall again mockingly adheres to the Code of Honor after the match as we go backstage.

Veda Scott is backstage with Coleman & Alexander and asks them about their title match tonight challenging the Briscoes.

Alexander: “You know Veda, I gotta say, Caprice & myself, we respect the Briscoes”.

Coleman: “Absolutely”.

Alexander: “They’re men of their word, they say we get the 1st shot at their Ring of Honor World Tag Team Titles and here we are, just a few short minutes away from that match”. “But Briscoes, when the bell rings and we step into that squared circle together, all bets are off”.

Coleman: “Well, we be moving on up, to the e-top”. (sings) “You know, this is a brand new year for C & C”. “You know, this is a brand new dawning for C & C and the Briscoes have kept their word”. “You know, we’ve come this far on talents & gift, but now the buck stops here”. “Briscoes, we respect you, but that when the respect stops is when we step inside that ring, we’re not friends anymore, we going to win the Tag Team Titles”. “Cuz we finally got our piece of the pie”. (sings)

Alexander: “Amen”.


Back from commercial, we go again backstage as Veda Scott now interviews the new ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes, who were the ones to issue the challenge to C & C.

J. Briscoe: “Yeah, we invited dem boys because we respect dem boys”. “After all this time, they finally earned our respect, I might even go so far as to call dem boys our friends”. “But, make no bones about it, boys, as soon as that bell rings, we ain’t got no friends”. “#DemBoys in Sandy Fork ain’t got no friends when that bell rings”. “So, either way you slice it, you still gonna get y’all ass whooped”.

M. Briscoe: “Listen to me, listen to me very closely now”. “This 8 times we done held these titles right here”. “So, you know what that means?” “We done lost them 7 times before”. “Hey, its a whole new ballgame”. “Hey, we done playing with dem turkeys, its gonna be different, its a whole different thing, this reign right here, its a whole different ballgame”. “We gonna hold these things from now till Kingdom Come, you hear me?” “Get that thing out my face, girl”.

Main Event for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles: #DemBoys The Briscoes (Jay & Mark) (c’s) vs. The C & C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander)

Loud “Man Up” chants for the champions. All 4 men adhere to the Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Mark & Cedric will start things off. Mark backs Cedric into the corner, then takes him down into a headscissors. Cedric kips up, but Mark with a side headlock takedown to take Cedric back down. Cedric counters with his own headscissors, then Mark gets out with a kip-up. Mark misses a clothesline and Cedric nails him with a front dropkick to the knee. Cedric goes for an Oklahoma Roll, but Mark drops down on top of him to counter it for a nearfall. Cedric then comes back with a running school-boy for a nearfall of his own. Cedric misses a clothesline, Mark misses with some Redneck Kung Fu, but then shoos off a dropkick attempt by Cedric and we have a stalemate. Jay & Coleman get the respective tags in as they will now do battle. Jay backs Coleman into the corner, but Coleman is able to take Jay down. Jay with a go-behind, but Coleman counters with a hammerlock into a side headlock. Jay goes for a whip, but Coleman grabs onto his arm and takes Jay down with an armdrag. Jay with a side headlock, then sidesteps a back drop attempt off of a whip with a kick to the face. Coleman avoids a big boot and begins to hit a series of right & left hands. Coleman with a whip, a drop-down, a leapfrog and finally catches Jay coming in with a dropkick for a 1 count. Tag to Cedric as C & C with a double whip, followed by an Alexander drop toe hold and finally a Coleman leg drop to the back of Jay’s head, however Mark got a blind tag in off the whip and he nails Cedric with a boot to the face. Mark with right hands to Coleman, but Coleman counters a whip and C & C hit a spinebuster/leg lariat combination on Mark. C & C then with a double dropkick to Jay that sends him to the outside alongside his brother. C & C get themselves a head of steam, soaring and scoring with stereo somersault plancha dives onto both of the Briscoes, landing on their feet in the process. Crowd chants “ROH” as the challengers are in control of the match while we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as the champions have regained control, with Jay whipping Alexander to the corner. Jay charges, connecting with an avalanche, followed by a snapmare and finally an elbow to the back of Alexander’s neck. Tag to Mark, who hits Alexander with a gut shot. Mark with a headbutt, followed by a boot to the face as Alexander is slumped down in the corner. Mark with a series of left & right jabs to the gut, followed by a throat thrust. Mark with a suplex for a nearfall. Mark with some Redneck Kung Fu, then tags in Jay. Mark sends Cedric off the top turnbuckle while Jay charges and drills Cedric with a Yakuza kick in the corner. Jay with a forearm uppercut, then locks Cedric in a chinlock. Crowd wills on Cedric, who breaks free and goes off the ropes, but Jay follows him in and nails him with another running boot to the face. Tag to Mark, who hits Cedric with a front dropkick to the face. Mark with another headbutt, followed by a right hand. Cedric is able to reverse a whip, but Mark avoids a clothesline and hits Cedric with a belly-to-back slam. Mark with a leaping Froggy Bow, then tags in Jay. Mark whips Cedric right into a Jay back elbow, then the Briscoes with the old Sidewinder double team made famous by the Smoking Gunns for a nearfall. Crowd again wills on Alexander as Jay stomps away at him. Tag to Mark as Jay with a back club. Briscoes with a double whip, but Cedric holds onto the ropes. Mark charges, but runs into a boot by Cedric. Cedric then with a forward roll to avoid a Jay right hand and is able to tag in Coleman.

Coleman with right hands to both Briscoes, followed by a pair of back elbows to Jay. Coleman with another right hand to Mark, then hits the Bless-TO on Jay. Coleman lifts up Mark and drives him into the corner, then begins his hat trick of Northern Light Suplexes. On the 3rd, Jay nails Coleman with a sledge to the back, but Alexander nails Jay with a dropkick that sends Jay into the waiting arms of Coleman. Coleman then finishes off the hat trick with a DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX ON BOTH BRISCOES for a nearfall. Tag to Cedric as Coleman lifts up Mark. Alexander leaps off the top, connecting with a double stomp on the back of Mark’s head, then Coleman with a Death Valley Driver across the knees of Alexander, but Jay comes in to break up the pin attempt. Jay sends Alexander to the outside, then catches a charging Coleman with a boot to the face, followed by a discus forearm. The Briscoes call for the Doomsday Device as Jay lifts up Coleman, but Alexander with a running dropkick to Mark, who was on the turnbuckles. Coleman gets free and nails Jay with a kick to the chest. Coleman then with the no-hands leaping rana to Mark while at the same time, moonsaulting on Jay and covering him. Alexander then leaps off the top, hitting the top rope frog splash that finishes off C & C’s double team finisher, Overtime, but somehow, both Briscoes are just barely able to kick-out before the count of 3.

C & C can’t believe it as the ref tells them that it was just a 2 count. The crowd chants “This is awesome” as C & C set-up Mark for another double team, but as Alexander is going off the ropes, Jay, who was on the outside, grabs Cedric’s leg and pulls him out to the outside. Jay sends Alexander into the barricade as Mark, in the ring, hits some Redneck Kung Fu on Coleman. Coleman comes back with a hook kick to Mark’s ribs, but Mark avoids the spinning axe kick. Coleman then catches Mark’s boot and backflips him onto his feet, allowing Mark to come back and nail Coleman with a big boot. Jay comes back in and the Briscoes hit Coleman with the Redneck Boogie, but Coleman rolls out to the outside to avoid being pinned. Cedric back in and catches a charging Mark with a back elbow. Cedric charges, but Mark catches him, connecting with a cartwheel Samoan Drop. Jay lifts up Alexander and hits a Falcon Arrow, then Mark heads up top and hits the Froggy Bow, but somehow Alexander is able to just barely kick-out.

Not to be denied, Jay lifts up Alexander and the Briscoes hit him with the Doomsday Device to retain the titles.

Winners and STILL Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions: #DemBoys The Briscoes by pinfall (Doomsday Device)

The Briscoes celebrate retaining their titles, then both teams again adhere to the Code of Honor after the match. All of a sudden, S.C.U.M & Rhino run in and attack all 4 men from behind. Corino lays out Jay with the Colby Shock. Rhino is wearing a S.C.U.M t-shirt as it seems he is the newest member of S.C.U.M. Rhino with a clothesline to Coleman, then as Alexander is getting up, Rhino charges and drills Cedric with the Gore, GORE, GORE!!!

S.C.U.M stands tall over the fallen Briscoes & C & C as we go to credits.