ROH on Sinclair Results – 2/9/13 (8 Man Tag)

ROH on Sinclair Results 2/9/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
February 9, 2013
Baltimore, Maryland (Du Burns Arena)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get to the show!

We see the usual intro, then Kevin Kelly & Caleb Seltzer welcome us to the show. Kelly hypes up tonight’s 8 man tag team main event, then Truth Martini joins Kelly & Seltzer at the commentary table for our opening contest.

2013 Top Prospect Tournament 1st Round Match: Matt Taven vs. “The Young Simba” ACH

Code of Honor adhered to before the bell sounds. Dueling chants for both men as the bell sounds. Martini tells Kelly to smell his finger as he says he just came back from a “no pants party with his Hoopla hotties”. Taven with a wristlock that ACH counters out of into a wristlock of his own. Taven with a cartwheel to counter out, followed by a whip. ACH with a cartwheel of his own, then catches Taven with an armdrag. Taven blocks a 2nd armdrag and goes for a back suplex, but ACH lands on his feet. ACH with an O’Connor Roll for a nearfall. ACH goes off the ropes and does another cartwheel, while Taven kips up and we have a stalemate. Taven with a kick to the gut, but ACH reverses a whip, follows Taven in and nails him with a Miz style sit-out clothesline in the ropes. ACH goes to the apron, but Taven catches him with a springboard one-legged kick, knocking ACH off the apron. Taven then gets a head of steam, soaring and scoring with a plancha. Back in the ring, Taven heads up top and goes for a crossbody, but ACH moves out of the way. ACH then nails Taven with a delayed axe kick of sorts to the back of the head. ACH charges, but Taven is able to move out of the way. However, ACH is able to maneuver himself onto the apron, quickly leaps back in, but misses a clothesline. Taven then springs up to the top, connecting with a moonsault press for a nearfall. ACH reverses another whip, but Taven holds onto the ropes. ACH charges and then lands on the apron when Taven tries to backdrop him over the ropes. Taven goes for a shoulder, but ACH avoids it and then nails Taven with a scissors kick to the back of the head, sending Taven to the outside. ACH gets back in, gets a head of steam and nails Taven with a baseball slide as Taven was trying to get back in the ring. ACH with another head of steam and hits a somersault plancha on Taven, springing off the middle rope on one foot in doing so and landing on his feet.

ACH is all fired up as he brings Taven back in the ring, where he gains a nearfall. Crowd again chants for ACH as he hits a series of left & right forearms, but Taven comes back with a spinning back kick to the ribs. Taven goes off the ropes, but ACH catches him with a kick to the leg, followed by a front kick to the head and finally a basement Flatliner for another nearfall. ACH removes his elbow pad as he hits more forearms, followed by a spinning back elbow. ACH with another forearm, then goes off the ropes. Taven tries to nail him with a spin kick, but ACH blocks it and nails Taven with a right hand. ACH goes back off the ropes, but Taven drills him with a rolling boot for a nearfall. Taven heads up top, but ACH cuts him off. ACH runs up the ropes and hits a backflip kick to Taven, knocking him off the ropes, for another nearfall. ACH says “its over” as he goes for a suplex, but Taven counters it. Taven then drapes ACH across the ropes and hits a hanging swinging neckbreaker.

Taven heads up top and connects with a Frog Splash for the victory.

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals of the Top Prospect Tournament: Matt Taven by pinfall (Top Rope Frog Splash)

Both men adhere to the Code of Honor after the match as we go to commercial.


Before we come back from commercial, we see a hype promo for the 11th Anniversary iPPV on March 2nd from Chicago Ridge, Illinois as Veda Scott interviews Roderick Strong, who smells Veda’s hair, saying it smells good.

Strong: “2 out of 3 falls and honestly, I don’t even know why Ring of Honor wants to put me in this match.” “But you know what, I’ll do you a favor and I’ll do all the Ring of Honor fans a favor and I’ll accept this match.” “Cause Michael Elgin, I’ve done it before and I have no problem beating you 2 straight falls.”

Back from commercial, ROH match-maker Nigel McGuinness is in the ring with a microphone.

Nigel: “Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, I would like to introduce the Ring of Honor World Television Champion, Adam Cole!”

The music of the champ hits as Cole makes his way to the ring.

“And also at this time, I would like to introduce, pro wrestling superstar, Matt Hardy!”

Hardy’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

“OK boys, now listen, the reason I’ve brought you both out there is because you both have come to me and you asked me both for the same match, with each other, albeit due to recent reasons.” “So I wanted to explain, to have you both out here at the same time, to tell you both, my decision.” “Matthew, you want this match because you believe that you beat him at Final Battle, therefore you have earned a title shot.” “Adam, you want this match because you believe you want retribution for the way that he beat you at Final Battle.” “So, I’m gonna make this real simple.” “Matt, I am not gonna give you a title match.”

Crowd boos at this while Hardy is shocked by Nigel’s decision.

“Yes, you beat him, but you had to kick him in the nuts to do it and that’s not how we do things in Ring of Honor and to be perfectly honest with you, Matt, you’re better than that.” “Now Adam, I understand you’re angry, I understand you want retribution, so I am gonna give you a match with Matt Hardy, but mark my words, it will not be for the Ring of Honor Television Championship because Matt, if you want a shot at the title, you have to earn it by winning it, clean in the middle of the ring, in this match.” “Is that OK?”

Hardy: “Well, with all due respect, Nigel, I’m gonna have to decline your offer because I have nothing else to prove to Adam Cole.” “I beat him clean in the middle of the ring, 1-2-3, with a textbook small package.” “I don’t know what match you were watching.” “As a matter of fact, I should be awarded the Television Title, that’s what should happen.” “You see, I have nothing to prove to this kid, I beat him already.” “I said I was gonna beat him and I beat him.” “So unless this little b***h wants to put the title on the line, or unless you put the title on the line, I’m done here, I have nothing else to prove.”

Nigel: “Nothing else to prove, Adam?”

Cole: “Let me make something really, really crystal clear, Mr. Washed Up.” “Anytime, anyplace and anywhere, you want a shot at my Television Championship, I have no problem putting the belt on the line.” “And Nigel, as a matter of fact, Nigel, not only I’m I asking, I’m insist that our next match-up is for the TV Title.”

Nigel: “Wait a second, wait a second, pump the brakes here, champion.” “When you sign on the dotted line with your contract here in Ring of Honor, did it say match-maker?”

Cole: “No.”

Nigel: “No, because when you sign on the dotted line, you weren’t the match-maker, I am the match-maker, I decide who wrestles who and for what.” “Does that make sense?” “So, when I say that this match is not gonna be for the Ring of Honor Television Title, it is not gonna be for that title.” “If you (Hardy) want that match, you have to prove it, prove it to me.”

Hardy: “Seriously?” “Why do I have to prove to you?” “My credientals don’t do it themselves?” “I am a former ECW World Champion, 8-time WWE Tag Champion, WWE United States Champion, I was the Cruiserweight Champion, hell, I even held the Hardcore Title.” “Every promotion I have went to, I have won a title.” “I deserve a match for the Television Title.” “I don’t understand your prejudice towards me.” “Wait, OK, I get it now, I see why you won’t give me a title match, Nigel, its because you’re jealous of Matt Hardy.” “You’re envious of Matt Hardy, I see the way you look at me right now, you got a bit of power, you think you can flex it.” “You’re envious of me because you’ve never had the career, or you never would have had the career that I’ve had.” “While I was on top in Madison Square Garden, you were wrestling in flea markets, armories, high school gyms.” “Me, on the other hand, I was on top.” “You’re jealous and envious of my popularity, of my life, of my bank accounts, of everything I have.” “Its all starting to make sense now.” “Yeah, you’re envious of the career I have and continue to have.”

Hardy pokes his finger at Nigel’s chest, but Cole slaps his hand down and grabs the mic.

Cole: “Don’t…you…dare!” “Nigel, I know you don’t need me to speak up for you, but this man has put more into this company than anybody else.” “He’s earned the respect of the fans, by putting his blood, his sweat, his tears, his years, into Ring of Honor.” “He’s earned the respect of every single person in that locker room.” “I have a question for you, Matt, is can you say the same?” “I’ll answer it for you, its a big….fat…..NO!” “So Matt, you feel that you need a reason to face me, without the Television Title on the line?” “OK, I’ll give you one.”

Cole nails Hardy with a right hand, then Hardy backs Cole into the ropes. The two fall to the mat, trading right hands as Nigel calls for security. Multiple referees and security come out to separate Hardy & Cole as the crowd chants “Let them fight.” Security gets Hardy out of the ring as Cole is still being held back by security as we go to commercial.


“Inside Ring of Honor”

The 1st topic is the Top Prospect Tournament, with the 1st round having been completed with this week’s show as Tadarius Thomas, Matt Taven, Silas Young & QT Marshall have advanced to the semi-finals. Kevin Kelly is joined by Truth Martini to talk about the 4 guys who have moved on. Martini says he knew Tadarius Thomas was gonna win and that he does moves that Martini has never seen before, Hoopla style. Martini says Silas Young is quiet & dangerous, kinda like what Kelly just did, insinuating that Kelly farted. Martini says QT Marshall has something, but his management is wrong. Finally, Martini says Matt Taven is controversial, but he likes that. However, Taven is missing a little something. Martini then takes off his shoes and pants off and says its time to give all his “Hoopla Hotties” what they have been waiting for. Its time to take your pants off.

The next topic is this weekend’s live event in Cincinnati, Ohio and the big-time main event announced for the show. It will be a 6-man elimination tag team match with NO TIME LIMIT as The Ring of Honor All-Stars (Davey Richards, Adam Cole & Michael Elgin) take on S.C.U.M. (Kevin Steen, Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs). We go to comments from Team ROH.

Richards: “You know Nigel, you call us the Ring of Honor All-Stars, you don’t know how right you are.” “See, if you look back to 2012, match I had with this guy (Cole), match I had with this guy (Elgin), well the stars kinda start adding up.”

Cole: “In Cincinnati, this is the 1st time the 3 of us are teaming up together and some people may think we have a disadvantage, that we may not all 3 be on the same page, but that’s the complete opposite case.” “All 3 of us wanna make sure we rid Ring of Honor of S.C.U.M.”

Elgin: “In the last year, I haven’t played so well with others, but S.C.U.M., if I’m going against you with anybody, I want these 2 at my side.”

Richards: “This is our 1st time tagging and let’s be honest, this is our last time tagging.” So boys, I say in Cincinnati, we go out with a bang.”

Also on the show this weekend will be Jay Lethal, Roderick Strong, Charlie Haas & The Briscoes.

Speaking of the Briscoes, the final topic is a new match announced for the 11th Anniversary iPPV on March 2nd as the Briscoes will defend the ROH Tag Team Titles against Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly, who won the gauntlet match last week on ROH TV to earn this title shot. We go to comments from Fish & O’Reilly.

Fish: “So now, what is it that you & I have managed to accomplish in our short time together?” “Well, we won the tag team gauntlet by beating none other than the American Wolves themselves and we move on to Chicago to take on #DemBoys.” “Now, could someone please show me the dictionary that shows “Dem” as an acceptable form of the English language?”

O’Reilly: “All joking aside, 8 title reigns is very impressive, Briscoes, but come Chicago, its gonna be 8 losses, cause we’re gonna send you back to the chicken farm, broken, defeated and retired.”

Next week on Inside Ring of Honor, more news on the 11th Anniversary and an update on the problems between Adam Cole & Matt Hardy.


Back from commercial, we see The Briscoes & C & C getting themselves pumped up in the locker room for the 8 man tag team main event later on in the show.

Backstage interviewer Veda Scott joins Kelly & Seltzer at the commentary table for our next match.

Women of Honor: “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena vs. “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif

Code of Honor adhered to before the bell sounds. Athena quickly hits a flying armbar takedown as the bell sounds. Athena charges, but MsChif avoids. MsChif misses a clothesline and Athena connects with a springboard turnaround crossbody for a nearfall. Athena goes for a clothesline, but MsChif catches her and then locks her in a unique standing submission hold, where MsChif has a chinlock while also pulling on Athena’s leg. MsChif hits a gutbuster for a 1 count. Athena charges, but MsChif catches her with a drop toe hold. MsChif then hooks Athena with her legs and goes backward into a unique pinning predicament for another nearfall. Athena comes back with a savate kick to the ribs, followed by a front kick to the head. Athena goes for a jumping roundhouse kick, but MsChif ducks and sweeps out Athena’s leg. MsChif then hits the Unhallowed Grace (Standing Moonsault) for another nearfall. MsChif with a back club, but Athena fights back with gut shots. Veda mentions on commentary that ROH is scouting the world for female talent for the Women of Honor in the months to come. Athena with a corner charge and connects with a handspring into a savate kick to the ribs. Athena with a snapmare and covers MsChif for a nearfall. MsChif then reverses a corner whip and Athena goes sternum first into the corner. MsChif then places Athena against the bottom turnbuckle and hits a series of double stomps to the back, using the ropes for assistance. MsChif gains a nearfall as Kelly congratulates Veda on being voted Pro Wrestling Illstartuated’s 2012 Rookie of the Year. MsChif with a corner whip, then charges, but Athena moves out of the way and nails MsChif with a roundhouse kick to the head from the apron. Athena heads up top and kicks MsChif away when MsChif when she tried to stop her. Athena then connects with the O-Face (Top Rope Diving Stunner) on MsChif. Athena goes for a cover, but MsChif gets her foot on the bottom rope before the count of 3.

Athena has words with the ref, then goes after MsChif, who is on the apron. Both exchange right hands now on the apron, then when MsChif does her infamous scream in Athena’s face, Athena answers with another savate kick to the ribs, followed by another kick sending MsChif back into the ring. Athena heads back up top, looking for the O-Face, but MsChif cuts her off. Athena fights back, but MsChif grabs her foot and pulls Athena off, then takes the same foot and traps it in the ropes. MsChif with a forearm and a boot, then traps Athena’s other leg in the ropes and nails her with a headbutt.

MsChif goes up to the 2nd rope, does her infamous scream and while Athena is trapped in the ropes, MsChif drives her down head-first with the Oblieration (Rope Trapped Pedigree) for the victory.

Winner: “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif by pinfall (Oblieration)

MsChif celebrates her victory as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Jay Lethal joins Kelly & Seltzer at the commentary table as its time for our main event.

Main Event in an 8-Man Tag: S.C.U.M. (Ring of Honor World Champion “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs, “The King of Old School” Steve Corino & “The Man Beast” Rhino) vs. Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions #DemBoys The Briscoes (Jay & Mark) & The C & C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander)

Mark draws the preverbial line in the sand, all 8 men begin brawling, the bell sounds and we are underway. Mark & Rhino are in the ring as Mark is nailing Rhino with some Redneck Kung Fu. Steen yells “Oh Canada!” at the camera, then sends Jay into the barricade where there was a Canadian flag over top of it. Mark with a baseball slide to Jacobs as the brawl is continuing all around the ring with all 8 men. Jay comes back by sending Steen into the barricade. In the ring, Coleman stomps away on Jacobs, then they go back out to the outside. There are extra officials out here for this match to maintain order. Jay sends Corino back into the ring and they stare each other down. Corino wants a handshake, but Jay will have none of it and sends Corino back to the outside. Jay then chokes Corino with a Confederate flag, then does the same to Steen. Rhino sends Mark into the barricade while Jay & Corino are back in the ring. Jay with a series of jabs to Corino, followed by a running boot to the head. Jay with a corner whip, but runs into a boot by Corino. Rhino is back in and he nails Jay with a TKO. Coleman comes in, but Rhino sends him to the outside.The brawl has subdued as everyone goes to their respective corners while Corino & Jay are the legal men. Corino with a right hand as Rhino screams “Who’s the man.” Jay is sent to the corner as Jacobs is tagged in. Jacobs & Corino hit stereo back clubs to Jay as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Jay is trying to fight back against Rhino while the crowd is willing him on, chanting loudly “Man Up.” Steen mocks their chants from the apron as Rhino regains the advantage, hitting Jay with a back club. Tag to Corino, who stomps Jay in the ribs. Corino with a shot to Mark that draws C & C in so SCUM can lay the double team in on Jay. Tag to Steen, who chokes Jay with his boot. Corino chokes Jay with his wrist tape, then it begins to break down until the refs are able to restore order. Jay tries to fight back, but Steen with a knee to the head. Steen sends Jay to his corner and kinds of forcefully tags in Corino, while having words with him for some reason. Corino chokes Jay on the ropes and Steen gets a cheapshot in while Corino is with the ref. Corino again taunts Mark on the apron while Jacobs pulls Jay back to SCUM’s corner. Steen comes in with no tag as the ref was with Mark & C & C, nailing Jay with more right hands. Steen with a corner whip, then knocks Alexander off the apron. Steen goes for a right hand, but Jay catches him and hits a Flatliner, sending Steen face-first into the middle turnbuckle.

Mark & Corino get the tags in, Mark avoids Corino and as Jacobs was coming in, Mark begins to pepper them both with some Redneck Kung Fu. Jacobs is sent to the outside, but Rhino comes in and nails Mark with a right hand. Rhino with more right hand as he taunts the crowd. Coleman comes in with right hands on Rhino, but Corino nails him from behind. Double whip, but Coleman rolls through a double clothesline attempt and nails both Corino & Rhino with a dropkick. Steen nails Coleman from behind, but Mark hits Steen with an Exploder Suplex. Tag to Alexander and C & C hit a leg sweep/spinning heel kick combination on Steen, but Corino breaks up the pin attempt. Mark sends Corino to the outside, while Rhino sends Coleman into the barricade. Everyone begins brawling again on the outside while back in the ring, Steen & Jay are going back and forth. Steen sends Jay to the outside and then while all 7 men are brawling on the outside, Steen heads up top and hits a SOMERSAULT SENTON, WIPING OUT EVERYBODY!!!

Steen is all fired up as he sends Alexander back in. Steen charges, but Alexander moves out of the way. Alexander charges, then goes to the apron when Steen tried to backdrop him over the ropes. Alexander with a right hand, then hits a springboard Tornado DDT on Steen, but Jacobs breaks up the pin attempt. Jay nails Jacobs, then the Briscoes call for the Doomsday Device. They set it up, but Corino throws Mark off the ropes and down to the outside while Jacobs hits Sliced Bread #2 on Jay. Corino then goes off the ropes and hits the Eternal Dream on Jay. Coleman comes in to help, but Rhino charges and drills Coleman with the GORE. Alexander with a springboard, but Rhino sidesteps him and Alexander crashes and burns.

Rhino setups Alexander for the Gore, but Steen comes in and hits Alexander with the Package Piledriver for the victory.

Winners: S.C.U.M. by pinfall (Package Piledriver)

Corino, Jacobs & Rhino can’t believe what just happened as Rhino was setting up the win with the Gore. Steen, after getting the win, quickly leaves and heads to the back, leaving the rest of S.C.U.M. in the ring in shock. S.C.U.M. then celebrates their victory as we go to credits.


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