ROH on Sinclair Results – 2/16/13 (Lethal vs. Jacobs)

ROH on Sinclair Results 2/16/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
February 16, 2013
Baltimore, Maryland (Du Burns Arena)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get to the show!

We see the usual intro, then Kevin Kelly & Caleb Seltzer welcome us to the show, from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Truth Martini joins Kelly & Seltzer as our opening match will be a semi-final match in the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament. Kelly hypes up tonight’s main event as Jay Lethal takes on SCUM’s Jimmy Jacobs, plus we will see footage from a fight that took place during the week at a car dealership.

We go backstage as Veda Scott interviews the 2 participants in our 1st semi-final match this week, QT Marshall & Tadarius Thomas. Thomas begins to speak, but Marshall cuts him off and says to at least pronounce his name correctly. Marshall says that Barrister RD Evans is overseas, handling very important business for himself. Thomas cuts him off and says Marshall obviously likes to talk, well he does his talking in the ring. Thomas says if Marshall wants lip service, knock himself out because that’s what I’m gonna do to you in that ring. Thomas leaves as Marshall says that he’d better walk away. Marshall says he is gonna win tonight, win the finals next week and then win at the 11th Anniversary to become your new Ring of Honor TV Champion.

2013 Top Prospect Tournament Semi-Final Match: “God’s Gift” QT Marshall vs. “T.D.” Tadarius Thomas

Code of Honor somewhat adhered to before the bell sounds. Marshall with a waistlock, but Tadarius with a standing switch. Marshall with his own standing switch, then takes down Tadarius amateur style before paint brushing him in the back of the head. Marshall taunts Tadarius, then backs him into the corner. Marshall goes for a right hand off the break, but Tadarius avoids it and then proceeds to slap Marshall across the face. Marshall charges, but Tadarius takes him down with a standing version of a drop toe hold. Tadarius follows up with an arm drag. Tadarius charges, but Marshall throws him overhead, however Tadarius lands on his feet on the middle turnbuckle. Marshall comes in, but Tadarius hits him with a back kick. Marshall charges, but Tadarius backflips over him and lands on his feet. Marshall misses a clothesline and Tadarius nails with one of his Capoeira kicks. Tadarius plays to the crowd, then hits Marshall with a chop as Marshall tried to nail him with a boot to the face. Marshall reverses a whip, but Tadarius holds onto the ropes. Marshall charges, but runs into a backflip kick by Tadarius as he goes out onto the apron. Tadarius slides under Marshall’s legs and goes off the ropes, but Marshall catches him coming in with a gut kick. Marshall setups for a powerbomb, but Tadarius back drops Marshall over the ropes and to the outside. Tadarius then with a head of steam, but fakes out Marshall as Marshall was getting out of dodge. Marshall charges, but Tadarius cartwheels over him, landing on his feet on the outside. Marshall comes back with a gut kick, then goes for snake eyes into the ringpost, but Tadarius slips out. Tadarius charges, but Marshall catches him and hits a spinebuster into the ringpost.

Marshall with a right hand, then instead of sending Tadarius into the barricade, he sends him back into the ring. Marshall then mocks the fans who slap their hands on the barricades before heading back in. Back in the ring, Marshall only gains a 1 count. Crowd chants “QT sucks” as Marshall with a right hand, followed by a slam and finally an elbow drop to the back. Marshall with a 2nd elbow, but instead of going for the trifecta, he walks across the back of Tadarius. Marshall taunts the crowd, but then Tadarius holds onto the ropes to block a whip. Marshall with another right hand, but Tadarius counters a whip and hits Marshall with a cartwheel style kick. Tadarius follows up with a spinning back kick to the gut and then another Capoeira kick to the head. Tadarius goes off the ropes, but runs into a savate kick to the gut by Marshall. Marshall with another right hand, then goes for another one, but Tadarius blocks the right hand with his own head. Tadarius with a savate kick to the head, but Marshall reverses a whip and nails Thomas with a back elbow. Marshall goes off the ropes, but Thomas with a Matrix move to avoid a clothesline, followed by nailing Marshall with another Capoeira kick.

Thomas goes off the ropes and hits the Slingblade for a nearfall. Tadarius charges and connects with a back elbow in the corner. Tadarius goes to the far corner and as Marshall follows him in, Tadarius hits him with a headstand kick. Tadarius charges, but Marshall catches him and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, followed right by a powerslam for a nearfall. Marshall goes for an Alabama Slam, but Tadarius hits him with a knee to the head. Marshall blocks a kick, but Tadarius comes back with yet another Capoeira kick to the head.

Tadarius then hits a Tiger Suplex on Marshall with a bridge for the victory.

Winner and advancing to the finals of the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament: “T.D.” Tadarius Thomas by pinfall (Tiger Suplex)

Tadarius celebrates his win as we go to commercial.


Before we come back from commercial, we see a hype promo for the 11th Anniversary iPPV as Veda Scott interviews S.C.U.M. Veda asks Kevin Steen for his thoughts on his match with Jay Lethal, but Steen replies with a No and walks off the set. Veda goes to Jacobs about he & Corino’s match with Coleman & Alexander on the show. Jacobs says that C & C can sing all the gospel music they want, you can pray to God and God might even be on your side, but that will do you no good. We are S.C.U.M., we beat the odds and we beat the gods. Corino then closes by saying that at Anniversary, its Good vs. Evil and EVIL….ALWAYS…..WINS!!!!

Back from commercial, Kevin Kelly intros us in to footage from earlier this week at the Liberty Ford car dealership in Baltimore as ROH COO Joe Koff & B.J. Whitmer were on hand to make an appearance, but things went array when Charlie Haas showed up. Kelly says the footage is “aggressive” and that viewer discretion is advised.

We go to the footage from the dealership as Koff & Whitmer introduce themselves to the owners of the dealership. Koff makes mention that Haas was originally supposed to be with him, but he was been detained elsewhere, so Whitmer is taking his place. They are about to get a tour of the dealership from the owners when in walks Haas, who apologizes for being late to Koff, but says Koff had him do something else. Koff says to Haas that he was late so Whitmer was nice enough to fill in. Haas starts getting angry, saying that after all he is done for ROH, that his time is not valuable enough. Koff tells Haas to leave, then Haas starts getting into it with Whitmer and sucker punches him with a left hand. Whitmer comes back with a right hand, sending Haas out the door of the dealership. Haas removes his jacket as Whitmer is daring him to fight. Haas avoids another right hand and nails Whitmer with multiple shots to Whitmer’s injured neck. Haas sends Whitmer off the trunk of one of the cars on the dealership, then sends Whitmer shoulder first into the same car, breaking out the glass of the back window. Haas then boots Whitmer in the head, causing a dent in the side of the car. Haas opens up the driver’s side door, puts Whitmer in the car and proceeds to kick the car door multiple times into Whitmer’s shoulder while Koff and other ROH officials are screaming at Haas that its enough. Haas sends Whitmer off the hood of the car while screaming Koff that this is on him. Haas then picks up Whitmer and hits the Outlaw Slam onto the hood and the windshield of the car. Whitmer is hurt as Koff is screaming at Haas to leave. Haas gives Koff the double bird, telling him to screw off as he finally leaves. Koff, the other ROH officials and people from the dealership check on Whitmer as the footage ends.

We now go to the next match.

Nick Westgate & Brian Fury vs. The C & C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander)

Code of Honor is adhered to as the bell sounds. Alexander & Westgate will start things off. Alexander with an armdrag, Westgate goes off the ropes, but Alexander catches him with a dropkick. Tag to Coleman as C & C hit a spinebuster/leg lariat combination. Fury comes in and charges, but Alexander with a dropkick to the knees, followed by Coleman with a leg drop to the back of the head. Fury & Westgate roll out to the outside, but Coleman nails them both with a springboard crossbody on the outside.

Alexander sets to dive, but does not see Rhino, who runs out to the ring, behind him because as Alexander sets to go off the ropes, he runs right into the Gore, GORE, GORE!!!, causing a disqualification.

Winners: The C & C Wrestle Factory by disqualification

Corino comes in and when Coleman tries to come in and help, Corino lays him out with a right hand that had a roll of quarters in it. Rhino taunts the crowd while Corino has a microphone. Corino says that since the day that we formed S.C.U.M., the mission has never changed and will never change. Evil is coming, I’m warning everyone, on March 2nd, from Chicago Ridge, on iPPV, evil is coming, honor dies and we will all live for RING…..OF…..SCUM!!!!

Backstage, Veda Scott interviews Silas Young about his semi-final match with Matt Taven. Silas says that Veda should address him properly, I am the last real man in professional wrestling. Silas says as far as Taven goes, he will have the same outcome as Adam Page. Silas says he will put Taven in the Stock Lock and Taven will either tap out or be broken. Plain & simple, Taven doesn’t have a shot.


Back from commercial, Veda Scott interviews Matt Taven about his match next with Silas Young. Taven says that he has been watching Silas for years and after seeing his 1st round match, he knows he’s in for a fight. However, Taven says he’s on a path to the finals and to the TV Title and Silas, you’re in my way.

Truth Martini re-joins the commentary table for our next match.

2013 Top Prospect Tournament Semi-Final Match: “The Last Real Man in Pro Wrestling” Silas Young vs. Matt Taven

Code of Honor is adhered to before the match, although in a cocky manner by Silas. Taven with a hammerlock, but Silas counters into one of his own. Taven counters with a drop toe hold, then floatovers into a side headlock. Taven with a wristlock, but Silas gets free with a headscissors. Silas with a side headlock takedown, but Taven quickly counters with his own headscissors. Silas rolls through, bridges out and goes to a half crab. Taven goes to his back, kicks Silas off, but Silas catches Taven in mid-air off a leapfrog. Silas goes for the Finlay Roll, but Taven counters into a Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Taven with an armdrag into an armbar. Silas backs Taven into the ropes and hits a gut kick, followed by a right hand. Taven then counters a corner whip and hits Silas with a rana. Taven goes for another armdrag, but Silas avoids it and Taven goes crashing to the mat. Taven comes back with a leg sweep for a nearfall. Taven with a pair of right hands, but then Silas reverses a corner whip. However, Taven goes up & over and rolls up Silas in an O’Connor Roll for a nearfall. Silas then charges and connects with a clothesline in the corner. Silas slaps Taven, but Taven fires back with right hands, causing Silas to get in-between the ropes to create some distance. The ref pulls Taven back, but in doing so, allows Silas to get a cheap shot to knock Taven down.

Silas with an elbow drop and a double sledge to the back. Silas uses his boot to rake the face of Taven, followed by another double sledge. Taven fights back with right hands, but Silas comes back with a knee to the gut. Taven reverses a whip and hits Silas with a pump kick that sends Silas to the outside. Taven goes for a crossbody off the apron, but Silas catches him in mid-air and drills Taven with a powerslam on the outside. Back in the ring, Silas gains a nearfall and he can’t believe Taven kicked out. Silas with an inverted curb stomp, then goes for a full nelson, but Taven sends Silas face-first off the top turnbuckle. Silas misses a clothesline and Taven with a pair of right hands. Silas reverses a whip and sends Taven onto the apron when he tries a headscissors from an up & over position. Taven avoids a right hand, but Silas avoids a shoulder to the ribs and nails Taven with a knee to the head, knocking Taven down to the outside. Silas with a head of steam and goes to dive, but Taven moves out of the way, although Silas stops himself and goes to the apron. Taven then hits a springboard enziguri, knocking Silas off the apron.

Taven goes to the middle rope and hits Silas with a moonsault on the outside. Taven heads up top and goes for Air Taven (Frog Splash), but Silas moves out of the way. Silas with a pair of right hands, followed by a knee to the gut. Silas with a whip and catches Taven coming in with a back suplex into a backbreaker.

Silas goes for his clothesline from a backbreaker position, but Taven ducks and rolls up Silas for the victory.

Winner and advancing to the finals of the 2013 Top Prospect Tournament: Matt Taven by pinfall (Roll-Up)

Taven celebrates his win while Silas cannot believe it. Next week in the finals, it will be Tadarius Thomas vs. Matt Taven.


“Inside Ring of Honor”

The 1st topic is what happened at the recent “Defy or Deny II” live event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last month when Matt Hardy defeated B.J. Whitmer, only after Whitmer’s tag team partner, Rhett Titus, threw in the towel after Whitmer was locked in Hardy’s Ice Pick submission hold, doing more damage to Whitmer’s already injured neck. After referees and Nigel McGuinness came out to check on Whitmer, Hardy made his case once again to Nigel about getting a TV Title shot against Adam Cole. This brought out Adam Cole and he & Hardy began to go back & forth, brawling with one another. Referees pulled back Cole, but that allowed Hardy to nail Cole with the TV Title belt upside the head. Hardy then left and stole the TV Title by taking it with him while Cole came to.

We go to comments from an irate Adam Cole.

Cole says that he didn’t think that this side of himself, this pi**ed off side could ever exist, but congrats Matt Hardy, you son of a b***h, you brought it out. Cole says what Hardy did when he hit him with his TV Title belt, a belt that means everything to me and you took it away. Cole says Hardy proved beyond a shadow of doubt, that he is nothing more than a fraud. Cole says Hardy continues to live in the past, living off his legacy, when he used to matter. Newsflash Matt, nobody cares about you! Cole says that he can promise Hardy this, the next time they meet, he will make people care about Hardy when he rips him, limb from limb!

Next week, we will find out match-maker, Nigel McGuinness’s decision about if he will make the re-match between Hardy & Cole for the TV Title or not, based off recent events.

Speaking of Nigel, he was doing video for ROH’s YouTube channel about the show in Milwaukee when Charlie Haas interrupted him with a proposal, a proposal about Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team challenging the Briscoes one more time for the ROH Tag Team Titles. Nigel 1st declined, but Haas says he would bet his team on this match. Nigel then accepted, but if WGTT lose and don’t win the titles, Haas & Benjamin can never team again in ROH.

So, the match is made for the March 2nd edition of ROH TV as the Briscoes defend the ROH Tag Team Titles one more time against Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, but if Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, they can never team again in ROH. We go to comments from #DemBoys.

Mark says the Briscoes have a full plate, not only are they defending against Fish & O’Reilly, who he says have been teaming for like 5 minutes and the Briscoes will school them. Jay then chimes in and says not only that, but we also got Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. Jay says he hates to break up such a superstar tag team, but the Briscoes are the best tag team in the world and Haas & Benjamin have barked up the wrong tree. Mark says we got history, but we gonna make history by breaking up your team, but don’t worry, we got a job for y’all shoveling up chicken manure and picking up dead chickens on the chicken farm.

Next week will be the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament as Tadarius Thomas faces Matt Taven. Plus, the final hype for the 11th Anniversary iPPV on Inside Ring of Honor!


Back from commercial, Veda Scott interviews Jimmy Jacobs about his match next with Jay Lethal. Jacobs says he is a highly evolved creature. For the past decade in ROH, the Zombie Princess has thrived & survived evolution. So, when tragedy strikes, like losing the ROH Tag Team Titles, I don’t roll over and die. Jacobs says he becomes more dangerous. Jacobs says he doesn’t know why Kevin Steen is giving Jay Lethal a title shot, he can throw him a bone, but I’ll pick him dry. I will break Jay Lethal tonight, not because Kevin wants me to him, but because I like hurting people. Jacobs shows off his infamous spike as we go back to the ring.

Steve Corino joins the commentary table for our main event.

Main Event in a Grudge Match: “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jay Lethal

Code of Honor not adhered to as the bell sounds. Lethal charges, but Jacobs avoids him. Jacobs rolls out to the outside, but Lethal goes out after him, hitting with a series of right hands. They exchange right hands until Lethal with a gut kick, followed by sending Jacobs into the barricade. Lethal with more right hands, but then Jacobs sends Lethal into the barricade. Jacobs goes for a chop, but Lethal moves and Jacobs’ hand hits the ringpost. Lethal with a chop, but Jacobs with a double sledge when they get back in the ring. They exchange some more right hands until Lethal with a chop. Lethal with a whip, but Jacobs holds onto the ropes. Lethal charges, but runs into a back elbow. However, Lethal comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then places Jacobs against the middle rope. Lethal goes off the ropes, slides out to the outside, then hits Jacobs with a dropkick. Lethal motions about winning the ROH Title, but Jacobs comes back with a headscissors that sends Lethal head-first into the barricade. Jacobs grabs a chair from the front row and sits Lethal down on it. Back in the ring, Jacobs sets a head of steam and goes for a dive, but Lethal moves and Jacobs goes crashing into the steel chair. Both men are down as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Jacobs with a neckbreaker on Lethal for a nearfall. They exchange right hands and chops until Jacobs with a knee to the gut. Jacobs with a whip, but Lethal sidesteps a back drop attempt with a front kick to the head. Jacobs reverses a whip, but Lethal comes back with a flying forearm. Lethal with a leg lariat, followed by a scoop reverse DDT. Lethal calls for the Lethal Injection, but Jacobs with an O’Connor Roll on Lethal for a nearfall. Lethal then hits the Lethal Combination for a close nearfall. Lethal can’t believe it as he has words with the ref about the count. Lethal setups Jacobs and points to the corner. Lethal heads up top, but leaps over a charging Jacobs. Lethal with a superkick, then goes for the Lethal Injection, but Jacobs counters it in mid-air with a backstabber. Jacobs then hits Sliced Bread #2, but Lethal is able to kick out. Jacobs now can’t believe it as he hits Lethal with left & right forearms in the corner. Jacobs places Lethal on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him. Jacobs goes for a top rope rana, but Lethal holds onto the ropes and Jacobs crashes down to the mat. Jacobs again cuts Lethal off and bites him, but Lethal comes back and lifts up Jacobs out of the corner, connecting with a Death Valley Driver.

Lethal heads back up top and hits Jacobs with Hail to the King for the victory.

Winner: Jay Lethal by pinfall (Hail to the King)

After the match, Rhino & Corino rush out to ringside. Rhino sets Lethal up for the Gore, but Caprice Coleman runs in to make the save. Coleman with right hands, but Rhino reverses a whip and Corino grabs onto Coleman’s leg. Rhino then drills Coleman with the Gore, GORE, GORE!!!!

Corino tells Rhino to hit the Gore on Lethal as Jacobs holds onto Lethal’s leg. Rhino is about to charge when all of a sudden, Kevin Steen runs out and stands in front of Rhino & Lethal, preventing Rhino from hitting Lethal with the Gore. Steen extends his hand to Lethal, but Lethal rolls out of the ring in shock of what he is seeing as we go to credits.