ROH on Sinclair Results – 5/25/13 (Strong vs. Ishimori)

ROH on Sinclair Results 5/25/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
May 25, 2013
Toronto, Ontario, Canada(Ted Reeve Arena)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino
Report by: Jason Namako of

We see the usual intro, then we go right to the opening match.

Colin Delaney vs. Mark Briscoe

Adherence to the Code of Honor before the bell sounds. Delaney with right hands to start, but Mark fights back with one of his own, followed by a shoulder tackle. Delaney with a leapfrog, but Mark blocks a hiptoss and takes down Delaney with a Fireman’s Carry into an armbar. Mark blocks another hiptoss and then counters a rana attempt with a spinebuster. Mark with a belly-to-belly suplex that sends Delaney to the outside. Mark with a baseball slide dropkick between the top and middle ropes, sending Delaney into the barricade. Mark throws a chair in the ring and hits some clubs to Delaney. Mark suplexes Delaney on the apron, followed by a headbutt knocking him back down to the outside. Mark sends Delaney into the barricade before sending him back in the ring. Mark with a suplex for a nearfall. Delaney comes back with a spinning back elbow, but Mark with a forearm. Delaney then with a Pele-style kick, followed by a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Delaney chokes Mark in the ropes, followed by a series of elbows in the corner. Delaney runs into an elbow by Mark, but comes back with a leg lariat. Mark slips out of a suplex attempt and begins hitting some Redneck Kung Fu. Delaney comes back with a kick from the apron, followed by skinning the cat back in to hit a back senton for a nearfall. Mark hits a shoulder to the ribs, followed by a springboard chop. Mark with some more Redneck Kung Fu, followed by a big boot. Mark runs into a boot by Delaney, but connects with the cartwheel Death Valley Driver.

Mark heads up top and hits Froggy Bow for the victory.

Winner: Mark Briscoe by pinfall (Froggy Bow)


Back from commercial as Nigel McGuinness is in the ring with Mark Briscoe as well as ROH Champion Jay Briscoe. Nigel says he has thought about it over the last week and now, he will make it official. June 22nd in Baltimore, Maryland, Best in the World, it will be brother vs. brother, Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe for the ROH World Title.

We then hear the music of the American Wolves as they make their way down to the ring. Davey Richards says that Nigel is half right, at Best in the World, it will be brother vs. brother, but it will be Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards. Davey says he didn’t come out to pick a fight with the Briscoes, we have fought many times before and we’ll do it again, but when it comes to Best in the World, we’re the two who made it famous.

Steve Corino then leaves the commentary table and has a mic. Corino gets in the ring and says this is ridiculous. I have no beef with the Wolves or Mark Briscoe, but I have beef with you, Nigel. You had the opportunity to re-write a wrong, but you put your hands on me at Border Wars. Are you a management man or a coward? Corino says he could have called Human Resources and complained about an unsafe working environment, but I didn’t, because I’m a classy guy. I’ll admit, you surprised me, you gave the title shot to Mark Briscoe? He lost to Kevin Steen back in Asheville in March. You gave a title shot to Eddie Edwards? And you gave a title shot to Davey Richards? Corino says he doesn’t care who winds up as champion after Best in the World is gonna have to defend against my best friend, the wrestling icon, the Jesus Christ of Pro Wrestling and the next & last ROH Champion, MATT HARDY!

Corino starts to poke his finger at Nigel and this causes Jay to take a swing at Corino, but Corino ducks and Jay accidentally nails Davey. Eddie goes after Jay & Mark goes after Eddie and the fight is on between the Wolves & the Briscoes. Multiple referees come out to separate the two teams while Michael Elgin comes out and observes the whole thing from ringside as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to a pre-taped interview with Veda Scott. Veda says normally she has questions, but now, she has answers, answers about MsChif. You spit in my face, you tried to intimidate me, and you tried to blind me, why? Because you think you can, because you thought I wouldn’t fight back. You think my inexperience is a target on my back, you think I’m a nobody. All that means, MsChif, is that I have everything to win and nothing to lose. Yes, I will fight, I will never stop fighting. Now, you have to decide who really has the target on their back. Nigel McGuinness, you know I can do this, give me a chance to prove myself, you know I’m a wrestler. Put me in the ring with MsChif, let me show you, show her, show the whole world that Honor Lives in Veda Scott and that no one will underestimate me again.

We go to our next match, but without Steve Corino at the commentary table.

Women of Honor: Cherry Bomb vs. “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif

Adherence to the Code of Honor before the bell sounds, but as the bell sounds, MsChif with a series of gut shots. Cherry then comes back with a spinning head scissors. Cherry with a drop toe hold, followed by an Oklahoma Roll for a 1 count. Cherry avoids a clothesline and rolls up MsChif for a nearfall. Cherry with another roll-up for another nearfall. Cherry with 2 armdrags, but MsChif blocks a 3rd and hits some headbutts. MsChif with 2 short-arm clotheslines, followed by a back club. MsChif then locks Cherry in a Camel Clutch in the ropes. MsChif with knees to the back, but then Cherry fights back. MsChif chokes Cherry in the ropes, followed by a chop. MsChif with knees to the ribs, followed by a sit-out tree slam. Cherry comes back with a jawbreaker, but MsChif with a step-over facebuster for a nearfall. Cherry tries to fight back, but MsChif locks her in a standing submission hold of sorts before dropping her down for a nearfall. MsChif goes for another cover, but Cherry counters it into Anger by Beauty, however MsChif gets to the ropes. Cherry with a sliding lariat, but then MsChif avoids a charge and hits a kick. MsChif charges and connects with Panic Attack for a nearfall. MsChif begins disrespectfully kicking at Cherry, but Cherry fires up, however MsChif kicks her low. MsChif with chest clubs, but then Veda Scott runs out and hops up on the apron. Veda hot-shots MsChif across the top rope, then Cherry Bomb connects with a missile dropkick off the top.

Cherry with a Death Valley Driver for the victory.

Winner: Cherry Bomb by pinfall (Death Valley Driver)

MsChif can’t believe that she lost afterwards as Veda is happy about what she did as we go to commercial.


“Inside Ring of Honor”

On June 1st, ROH debuts with a live event in San Antonio, Texas. One of the matches on the show is with a hometown boy of San Antonio as ACH takes on Jay Lethal. We go to comments with ACH.

ACH says he cannot begin to say how excited he is to wrestle against one of his idols, Jay Lethal. But that is the icing on the cake because on June 1st, I get to wrestle in front of my hometown of San Antonio. I get to show Jay Lethal who I am and why ACH is pure motivation.

We begin to see a promo spot for Best in the World with Nigel McGuinness when Kevin Steen interrupts Nigel. Steen asks Nigel about his re-match for the ROH World Title. Nigel says that back at Border Wars, it was Steen not holding up his end of the bargain that made sure that SCUM got a title shot before you. I’m not entirely sure your head is in the right place, I’m not entirely sure, actually, that you aren’t still with SCUM. Steen says if Nigel thinks that he is still working with SCUM, how about this? Put every single SCUM member in the ring with me over the next few months and I’ll show you I’m not working with them and to get a title re-match. Nigel says if Steen can get the job done, he will get his title re-match.


Back from commercial, we go to a pre-taped interview with Roderick Strong. Strong says that for months, he has been asking Nigel McGuinness for competition and that’s exactly what he has given me. Ishimori from Japan, you are just the competition I was looking for. Ishimori & I are no strangers to each other in Japan, but now, you are in ROH against Mr. ROH himself, Roderick Strong. Nigel, thank you.

Nigel McGuinness joins Kevin Kelly on commentary for our main event.

Main Event in a ROH vs. NOAH Showcase: “The Messiah of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong (ROH) vs. GHC Jr. Champion Taiji Ishimori (NOAH)

Adherence to the Code of Honor before the bell sounds. Strong goes to work on the arm, but Ishimori counters. Strong counters out and regains control. Strong takes Ishimori down, but Ishimori reverses and goes to a hammerlock. Strong with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle. Ishimori with a leapfrog, followed by an armdrag and a dropkick that sends Strong to the outside. Ishimori with a fake move, then dropkicks Strong off the apron as he was trying to get back in the ring. Strong avoids a baseball slide, but Ishimori avoids a chop and hits one of his own. They exchange chops until Strong with a knee to the gut. Ishimori puts on the brakes before being sent to the barricade, then lands on his feet when thrown onto the apron. Ishimori with a back kick, but Strong stops him from heading up top. Strong with a leaping kick, then back suplexes Ishimori on the apron. Strong with a big chop as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Strong with shoulders to the ribs, followed by a backbreaker for a nearfall. Strong with a chinlock as the crowd wills on Ishimori. Ishimori fights out, but Strong with a knee to the ribs for a nearfall. Strong with a grounded abdominal stretch with a facelock. Ishimori tries to fight out, but Strong with a drop toe hold and shots to the kidneys. Strong places Ishimori in the ropes, then hits a running shoulder to the ribs for a nearfall. Strong with a reverse bearhug, but Ishimori fights out. Strong catches him, though, and hits 2 backbreakers, followed by throwing Ishimori into the corner for a nearfall. Strong with a chop, but runs into a boot by Ishimori. Strong goes for a powerbomb, but Ishimori counters it into a DDT. Ishimori with a handspring into a kick that sends Strong to the outside. Ishimori with a head of steam and takes out Strong with a flip dive. Crowd chants “ROH” as Ishimori gets back in the ring, as well as Strong. Ishimori with Shotgun Knees in the corner, a front slam and finally a headstand into a double stomp off the top for a nearfall. Ishimori heads up top, but Strong stops him with an enziguri. Ishimori blocks a superplex and hits Meteora for a nearfall. Ishimori motions for the end and goes for a pumphandle, but Strong gets out. Strong with a backbreaker variation, followed by a running knee and a charging forearm in the corner. Strong with an Olympic Slam for a nearfall. Strong goes for a half-nelson backbreaker, but Ishimori counters into a crucfix for a nearfall. Ishimori goes for a handspring, but Strong catches him into a backbreaker. Strong then locks in the Strong Hold. However, Ishimori is able to reach the bottom rope to force a break. Crowd chants for Ishimori as he stops Strong from lifting him up and hits a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall. Strong counters a Tombstone attempt and gets him on his shoulders, but Ishimori counters back into the Tombstone position and hits a Tombstone Lungblower. Ishimori with a Shining Wizard for a close nearfall. Crowd chants “this is awesome” as Ishimori heads up top. Strong avoids the 450 Splash and hits 2 enziguris, followed by the Death by Roderick for a close nearfall. Strong goes for the Gibson Driver, but Ishimori counters and stacks Strong on his head with a rana, but Strong kicks out!!! Crowd chants “ROH” as they meet in the center and trade forearms with Ishimori gaining advantage. Strong comes back with a leaping knee strike, but Ishimori avoids the End of Heartache and hits a basement superkick, followed by a spinning roundhouse kick, but Strong again kicks out!!! Ishimori heads up top, but Strong stops him. Strong heads up with him and goes for a superplex, but Ishimori stops him and gut-busters him on the top turnbuckle.

Ishimori then hits the 450 Splash for the victory.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori by pinfall (450 Splash)

Ishimori & Strong shake hands and embrace as the crowd chants “that was awesome” while we go to credits.

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