ROH on Sinclair Results 6/15/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair (Road Rage Edition)
June 15, 2013
Richmond, Virginia
Report by: Jason Namako of

This is a special “Road Rage” edition of the show this week, where we will see matches from the May 18th Relentless show in Richmond, Virginia. We go to the ROH studios and our host is Steve Corino. Corino says that someone must have given Kevin Kelly the wrong directions to the studio. Corino says he hopes the fans enjoy this show while they last because the ship is sinking. Everyone is jealous because they will bow down to the next and last ROH Champion, the greatest human being known to man, Matt Hardy. At Best in the World, SCUM will win the TV & Tag Team Titles when Rhett Titus, Cliff Compton & Jimmy Jacobs bring home the gold to SCUM. Corino finally says he hopes that the 6 men in our 1st match injure themselves.

We go to our 1st match in progress.

From the Relentless DVD Taping in a 6-Man Tag: Jay Lethal & The C & C Wrestlefactory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander) vs. Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven & Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly)

O’Reilly with a spinning back kick and a standing curb stomp, but Lethal catches the rolling elbow, LETHAL COMBINATION!!! Lethal heads up top, Taven crotches him. Fish knocks Lethal to the outside. Coleman charges, Taven nails him with an enziguri. Alexander knocks Taven off the apron, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker/sliding kick combo by reDRagon. Leg Lariat/RegalPlex combo, ALEXANDER KICKS OUT!!!! Alexander gets out of Chasing the Dragon, Fish pulled out by Coleman. Running dropkick by Alexander to O’Reilly.

OVERTIME by C & C!!!! 1-2-3!!

Winners: The C & C Wrestlefactory & Jay Lethal by pinfall (Overtime)

C & C & Lethal celebrate their victory while reDRagon complains to the referee about the cadence of his count.


Back from commercial, we go to a promo from BJ Whitmer. Whitmer says he hopes that Jay Briscoe earlier today looked deep inside himself and asked what the ROH World Title means to him. The ROH World Title means more than being the best, it means my redemption from years of self-destructive behavior. If that title means to you, Jay, that you are the best, tonight, I walk out the new ROH World Champion.

Back in the ROH Studios, Corino, in a mocking voice, says he will not say what the ROH management wants him to say. He talks about truth and the truth he has talked about will come true at Best in the World when SCUM wins the ROH TV & Tag Titles and finally, Matt Hardy defeats Kevin Steen. Matt Hardy will then win the World Title and last of all, SCUM will defeat ROH in Steel Cage Warfare and he will take Nigel McGuinness’s job as matchmaker. Corino says he has waited 11 years to kill ROH and his prophecy will come true. His spiritual son will be World Champion and they will sit in their kingdom of heaven to look down upon the bodies they have vanquished.

We go to our next match.

From the Relentless DVD Taping in a Grudge Match: “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

Jacobs goes right after Steen in the rampway and the fight is on!!!! Steen sends Jacobs into the barricade not once, but twice. Steen then sent into the barricade. Jacobs charges, but Steen moves and Jacobs goes HEAD-FIRST into the barricade!! Again, Jacobs sent into the barricade. Steen gets in Corino’s face, but then sends Jacobs in the ring. Steen clotheslines Jacobs to the outside. Once again, Jacobs sent into the barricade. Back in, Jacobs chokes Steen with a chain and the ref has no choice but to call for the bell.

Winner: Kevin Steen by disqualification

Jacobs continues to choke Steen as referees and security come out to break it up. Steen gets back up and clotheslines Jacobs. Steen throws Jacobs to the outside and then begins attacking the refs and security. Jacobs sent into the barricade yet again and then Steen grabs a chair. Cliff Compton comes out, but Steen goes after him. Steen goes after anyone who gets in his way with the chair. Referees try to calm Steen down. Steen gets a mic and says to Jacobs that with their history, it would end in a DQ. After 8 years trying to prove you are a man, you get back in here and we do this, No DQ, till one of us can’t stand anymore!!! Steen threatens the referees as Corino discusses things with Jacobs. Referee gets a call from Nigel McGuinness and the ref rings the bell!!!

No DQ: “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

Steen throws a ringside attendant onto all of SCUM!!!


Back from commercial, Steen sends Titus and Compton packing, then nails Jacobs repeatedly with a shoe!!! Steen gets back in, but Jacobs crotches him on the ropes!! Jacobs charges, SPEAR ON THE APRON!!! Steen sent into the barricade multiple times. Jacobs chokes Steen, then sends him again into the barricade. Back in, Jacobs with a series of double stomps to the ribs of Steen. Jacobs pulls at Steen’s face, then drives him face-first off a chair multiple times. Jacobs wedges the chair in the corner, but Steen fights back. Jacobs bites Steen, then sends him back-first into the wedged chair. Jacobs with another Spear, but Steen kicks out!!! Crowd chants for Steen as Jacobs wraps Steen’s hands and throat with the chain, then begins choking him. Steen sent to the outside, Jacobs with a head of steam and takes out Steen with a tope suicida!!! Jacobs goes to the apron, but Steen catches him with a gut shot. APRON POWERBOMB!!! Back in, Steen heads up top. STEENTON BOMB, JACOBS KICKS OUT!!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Steen goes for the chair, but Jacobs leaps on him and applies a sleeper. Steen drives him into the corner to get out, but Jacobs avoids the Cannonball. INWARD ACE CRUSHER, STEEN KICKS OUT!!! Jacobs sets up the chair, measures Steen. Steen blocks the Contra Code. Jacobs with forearms, Steen crotches Jacobs on the turnbuckles, places him in a Tree of Woe. Steen charges, CANNONBALL!!! Steen goes back over to Jacobs. Jacobs grabs Steen, CONTRA CODE, STEEN KICKS OUT!!! Chairshot to the back of Steen, then to the back of the leg. Another shot to the back, then Jacobs goes to the outside. Jacobs gets a piece of the barricade and brings it into the ring. Steen, though, grabs the chain and wraps it around his fist. Jacobs sets up the barricade, STEEN NAILS JACOBS WITH THE CHAIN!!! Jacobs counters F-Cinq into End Time!!!! Steen gets out, F-CINQ, JACOBS KICKS OUT!!! Steen sets up the barricade, calls for the end, but Jacobs trips him up and Steen is driven onto the barricade!!! Jacobs has a chair, but Steen avoids chairshots. Low blow to Jacobs!!

Steen lifts up Jacobs, PACKAGE PILEDRIVER ON THE BARRICADE!!!! 1-2-3!!!

Winner: “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen by pinfall (Package Piledriver onto a barricade)

Steen celebrates his victory, then grabs a chair. Steen sets up the chair and lifts up Jacobs, F-CINQ ONTO THE CHAIR!!! Corino stares down Steen as he leaves while Jacobs is left in a heap.


Back from commercial, we find out that next week’s episode of ROH TV will be a special “Life & Times of the Briscoes” episode.

Its time for our main event.

Main Event from the Relentless DVD Taping for the Ring of Honor World Title: “The Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer vs. Jay Briscoe (c)

Pre-match intros for this match. Mark Briscoe joins Dembrowski at the commentary table as Corino left ringside after the Steen-Jacobs match. Code of Honor before the bell sounds. BJ backs Jay into the corner, Jay shoves him off. Jay backs BJ into the corner, breaks clean. BJ goes to work on the arm. Jay gets out, applies a side headlock. BJ gets out, top wristlock, followed by a side headlock takedown. Jay with a headscissors, BJ gets to the ropes. Jay with a side headlock, no one goes down off a shoulder tackle. Drop toe hold by Jay surprises Whitmer. “Man Up” chants for the champ. Amateur takedown by BJ, keeps hold of Jay, Jay gets to the ropes. Top wristlock by Jay, BJ counters with a hammerlock. Back elbow by Jay to get out. They go nose-to-nose and lock-up. It goes to the outside, then they break. Chop exchange on the outside, BJ with the advantage. Jay sent to the barricade, explodes out and nails BJ with a big boot!!! BJ sent head-first off a chair. BJ sent into the barricade. Jay working over BJ’s back, BJ sent again hard into the barricade, almost breaking it. Crowd continues to chant for the champ. Headbutt, BJ sent back in. Jay yells “the champ is here”. Jay charges, runs into a back elbow. Jay comes back with a forearm, BJ catches him with a spinebuster. BJ stomps away, followed by a chop. Back elbow for a nearfall. Commentary mentions Whitmer’s last title shot was against Samoa Joe almost 10 years ago. Backbreaker by BJ for a nearfall. Chops, but Jay gets his boot up. Discus forearm for a nearfall. Jay continues to work over BJ’s back. Dueling chants now by the crowd. Uppercuts by Jay, then stomps away at BJ in the corner. Jay chokes BJ with his boot. Headbutt, followed by a back elbow for a nearfall. More shots to the back of BJ, BJ comes back with a leg lariat. Jay sent to the outside, BJ with a head of steam, TOPE SUICIDA!!!


Back from commercial, chinlock applied by BJ as the crowd continues the dueling chants. Jay fights out, begins peppering BJ with jabs. BJ comes back with chops. BJ side-steps a back drop, forearm exchange. BJ slips out of a DVD, snap slam for a nearfall. BJ gets set, Jay avoids a charge, back elbow. Blockbuster out of the corner for a nearfall. BJ comes back, running boot to the head, dragon suplex, Jay kicks out!!! Spinning Fisherman’s/Fisherman’s combo, Jay kicks out again!!! Jay blocks a German by holding onto the ropes. Jay grabs BJ, BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX OVER THE ROPES AND THROUGH A TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!! Referees check on BJ as he landed head and neck-first through the table. Jay tells the refs to get away as he picks up BJ and sends him back in. Jay with a cover, BJ KICKS OUT!!!! Hangman’s Neckbreaker, BJ KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! BJ is trying to shake the cobwebs off and get feeling back in his hands and arms. Jay goes for the Jay Driller, BJ backs Jay into the corner. Running boot by Jay, JAY DRILLER!!! 1-2………..BJ KICKS OUT YET AGAIN!!!!!! Jay cannot believe it!!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd as BJ picks himself back up. Jay runs into a boot, but tries for the Jay Driller again. BJ counters out, roll-up, but Jay just barely kicks out!!! EXPLODER!!!! 1-2……..JAY KICKS OUT!!! Crowd now chants for BJ as commentary mentions that Jay is bleeding from the nose. BJ goes again for the Exploder, Jay fights out with elbows to the head and neck. Another running boot, but BJ gets back up!! Yet another running boot, but BJ won’t go down!! 3 more boots, but BJ still won’t go down!!! A 4th running boot and finally BJ goes down. BJ starts to stir, but Jay hits him with yet another running boot!!! Referee pleads with BJ to stop, but BJ won’t. A 6th running boot by Jay, then locks in a Dragon Sleeper with a body scissors!!!

Referee checks BJ, who passes out from exhaustion and calls for the bell.

Winner and STILL Ring of Honor World Champion: Jay Briscoe via referee stoppage

Referees come out to check on BJ as Jay celebrates his title retention. Multiple wrestlers come out from the back to check on BJ, who has opened his eyes. Crowd chants for BJ while Mark checks on his brother. Jay walks off as the wrestlers help BJ to his feet. Jay and BJ shake hands and embrace in the center.

We see a video hype package for Best in the World as we go to credits.