ROH on Sinclair Results 8/10/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
August 10, 2013
Providence, Rhode Island (RI Convention Center)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see a video package from last month on ROH TV when Mike Bennett attacked Cheeseburger, then turned on his trainer, Brutal Bob Evans, proclaiming that the Prodigy is dead.

“Brutal” Bob Evans vs. Michael Bennett w/”The 1st Lady of ROH” Maria Kanellis

Bennett instantly hits Bob with a superkick that sends him to the outside. Bennett hits Bob with a clothesline off the apron. Bob is sent into the barricade and Bennett hits a running boot. Same thing occurs a second time, but then Bob counters a powerbomb with a back drop. Bob sends Bennett into the barricades multiple times, but then runs into a boot by Bennett. Bennett charges, but Bob BACK DROPS HIM ON THE APRON! Bob then hits a series of clotheslines. Back in, Bob with an avalanche in the corner. Bennett is placed on the turnbuckles and Bob with right hands. Bennett is sent onto the apron, but comes back with a dropkick from the outside to Bob in the ring. Bennett stomps away, followed by a back elbow. Bennett with a superkick for a nearfall. Bob blocks another superkick and hits a chokeslam, followed by a shoulder tackle for a couple of nearfalls. Bob heads up top, but Bennett avoids a top rope leg drop.

Box Office Smash, followed by the Photo Finish by Bennett for the victory.

Winner: Michael Bennett by pinfall (The Photo Finish)

Afterwards, Bennett stands over Bob and Maria hands him an ROH contract. Bennett goes to sign it, but Cheeseburger runs in. Cheeseburger goes for a missile dropkick, but Bennett sidesteps him. Bennett hits Cheeseburger with a piledriver. Nigel has words with Bennett as he leaves the ring.


Back from commercial, Maria joins Kevin Kelly on commentary for our next match.

Women of Honor: “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif vs. “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks

MsChif with shots to the ribs, then sends Brooks off the ringpost. Panic Attack for a nearfall. Muta Lock applied, Brooks gets to the ropes. Brooks with a Northern Lights Suplex and a German Suplex for a couple of nearfalls. Brooks with a clothesline, but MsChif avoids a second one. MsChif avoids a boot in the corner and hits a headbutt after placing Brooks in the ropes.

Obliteration for the victory.

Winner: “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif by pinfall (Obliteration)


“Inside Ring of Honor”

Silas Young says that 16 men are vying for the chance to be the World Champion. He sees a bunch of boys trying to be men. He sees a bunch of boys trying to be Silas Young. One by one, they are all going to fall by the wayside. Whether you love him or hate him, when it is all said and done, he will not be called the Last Real Man in Wrestling, but the World Champion.

Next week is the 100th episode of ROH TV. Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal will host the show and look back at some of the best matches from ROH TV.


Main Event in the “Honor Personified” 6-Man Tag: “The Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer & The American Wolves (“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & “The Sicilan Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa

Code of Honor before the bell with Davey also hugging Steen. Whitmer and Ciampa will start. Shoulder tackle by Whitmer. Both exchange arm drags, we have a stalemate. Edwards and Steen in. Steen backs Eddie into the corner, clean break. Same thing with Eddie backing Steen into the corner, also a clean break. Steen with a shove, Edwards with a big chop. Elgin tags in, while Steen goes to the outside in pain. Edwards with a shoulder tackle, but Elgin does not move. Edwards with chops, but Elgin with a back elbow. Edwards with a chop, but Elgin with a shoulder tackle.


Back from commercial as Davey is now in with Elgin, but Elgin has him up in the delayed vertical. This goes on for a minute before Elgin drops him down. Whitmer comes in, but Ciampa cuts him off, lifts up Whitmer in his own delayed vertical, which lasts for a bit before Ciampa drops him down. Edwards in, but Steen cuts him off. Steen goes for a delayed vertical, but Edwards reverses into a suplex. Davey avoids Elgin in the corner and Edwards with a chop. Running forearm, followed by a suplex for a nearfall. Exchange of forearms, then Elgin with an enziguri. Edwards goes to the apron and Elgin goes for the deadlift superplex. Richards comes in and stops Elgin with an enziguri. Richards knocks Steen off the apron, then hits a Sunset Flip powerbomb on Elgin for a nearfall. Elgin comes back with a boot, then lifts up both of the Wolves and hits a Samoan/Fallaway combo. Whitmer and Steen get the tags and Steen with chops. Whitmer with a boot, but runs into the Steen pop-up powerbomb for a nearfall. Sharpshooter applied, but Edwards breaks it up with chops. Steen hits Edwards with a Codebreaker, while at the same time, hitting Whitmer with a back senton. Steen heads up top and goes for the Steenton Bomb, but Whitmer gets the knees up. Elgin sends Davey onto the apron, but the Wolves with a sandwich kick to Steen in the corner. Front-Plex by Edwards to Steen, followed by Davey with a missile dropkick for a nearfall.


Back from commercial as Ciampa is now in there with Richards and peppers him with forearms. Richards comes back with the barrage of chest kicks. Running kick to the chest, Edwards in. Edwards with the Kobashi chops, but runs into a boot. Ciampa to the turnbuckles, Edwards with an enziguri. Ciampa slips out of the Chin Checker, but Edwards rolls through into the Achilles’ Lock. Elgin goes to break it up with boots, but Edwards holds on. Richards comes in and locks Elgin in the Ankle Lock. Steen goes to break it up, but Whitmer comes in and hits Steen with a Flatliner into a Koji Clutch. Steen counters out into the Sharpshooter while Elgin & Ciampa counter out of the Wolves’ submissions into a Crossface. The Wolves reverse out into stereo nearfalls, but Steen breaks it up. Elgin and Whitmer hit clotheslines on each other, but neither go down. Elgin with a Cactus clothesline that sends he & Whitmer to the outside. Richards does the same to Steen. Edwards and Ciampa are left in the ring. Slap exchange, followed by a boot exchange. Superkick by Edwards, but Ciampa with a lariat that turns Edwards inside out. Whitmer in, he & Ciampa trade chops. Whitmer with a powerslam, followed by the spinning Fisherman/Fisherman combo for a nearfall. Ciampa comes back with a jawbreaker, but the Wolves hit him with the Alarm Clock. Superkick by Edwards, Saito by Whitmer for a nearfall. Davey heads up top, hits the double stomp, Elgin breaks up the pinfall. Richards with kicks to Ciampa, but Ciampa blocks the Alarm Clock. Ciampa with a knee strike, followed by an Air Raid Crash for a nearfall. Elgin with a Buckle Bomb to Richards, followed by a running knee by Ciampa and the Cannonball by Steen. Go Home Driver by Steen to Edwards, but Whitmer breaks up the pinfall. Ciampa and Whitmer block each other’s suplex attempts until they suplex each other to the outside. Richards slips out of the Buckle Bomb, but as Edwards comes in, Elgin lifts him up and POWERBOMBS HIM TO THE OUTSIDE! Forearm exchange by Elgin and Richards. Superkick and a German by Davey, but Elgin pops up! Elgin blocks a flying armbar, but Richards reverses out of the Tombstone and the Wolves with the Tombstone/kick combo for a nearfall. Ankle Lock applied, but Elgin gets out with an enziguri. Backfist, Buckle Bomb! Richards with a roundhouse, another backfist by Elgin! Richards gets out of the Buckle Bomb, hits another kick! Elgin comes back with the Rainmaker!


Winners: “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & “The Sicilan Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall (Revolution Elgin Bomb)