ROH on Sinclair Results 9/14/13

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
September 14, 2013
Toronto, Canada (Maple Leaf Gardens)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see video of when Michael Bennett piledrove BJ Whitmer on the apron during their 1st Round ROH World Title match, causing a neck injury to Whitmer. We then see video of match-maker Nigel McGuinness, who says that ROH will continue to provide updates on Whitmer. Since Michael Bennett could continue, he was awarded the win and to advance in the tournament. ROH has elite athletes, but accidents do happen.

This week, we will see the final 2 1st Round matches in the ROH World Title Tournament, as well as the 1st quarter-final match from the August 3rd All-Star Extravaganza V show in Toronto.

We go to the opening match.

Ring of Honor World Title Tournament 1st Round Match: “Mr. ROH” Roderick Strong vs. Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven w/Truth Martini & The Hoopla Hotties (Scarlett Bordeaux & Seleziya Spark)

Before the bell, Nigel says that Hoopla Hottie Scarlett does not have the proper manager license, so she must sit by Nigel at ringside. Strong & Truth Martini shake hands before the bell. Scarlett tries to reason with Nigel, but to no avail. Chain wrestling early, then Taven regroups with the H.O.T. Back in, both go up & over, Strong hits a dropkick. BIG chops, backbreaker for a nearfall. More chops by Strong, Martini pulls at the leg. However, Strong with a roll-up for a nearfall. Dropkick, followed by a suplex for a nearfall. BTW, Hoopla Hottie Seleziya is being referred to as a bodyguard, to which Kevin Kelly on commentary compares her to Big Bubba Rogers. Ok….Taven sent into the corner. Again, Martini grabs the leg, allowing Taven to hit a springboard enziguri. Martini does a victory lap. Strong sent off the commentary table. Back in, Taven with right hands from the mount, taunts the crowd. Taven chokes Strong. Delayed vertical and a kip-up by Taven. Springboard corkscrew senton for a nearfall. Taven goes after the leg of Strong. Strong counters with a roll-up for a nearfall. Taven comes back with a dropkick for a nearfall. Taven chokes Strong again. Strong fights back. Taven pushes himself off the corner to avoid Strong, enziguri for a nearfall. Martini complains to Nigel about Scarlett. Sit-out gourdbuster by Taven. Taven heads up top, Strong gets the knees up off a moonsault. Taven runs into a boot. Chops by Strong. Strong with a sit-out clothesline, Black Tornado Slam for a nearfall. Running knee, running forearm, but Taven with a boot. Strong with a backdrop. Taven clotheslined to the outside, Strong with a baseball slide. Seleziya distracts the ref, Martini hits Strong with the Book of Truth. Nigel saw this, goes to talk to Martini. Taven goes to hit Strong with a boot, Nigel moves him out of the way, Taven hits Martini! Strong lifts up Taven torture-rack style, drops him across the apron. Strong gains a nearfall. Taven comes back with a spin kick. Taven runs into a boot and an enziguri. Cyclone Kick by Taven, followed by Angels Wings for a close nearfall. Taven heads up top, Strong stops him with an enziguri. BIG Superplex for a nearfall. Strong Hold, Taven to the ropes. Taven comes back with an Ego Trip variation. Taven heads up top, Air Taven for a close nearfall. Strong counters the Climax with 2 backbreakers.

Sick Kick, followed by the End of Heartache to advance Strong in the tournament.

Winner and advancing to the quarter-finals of the Ring of Honor World Title Tournament: Roderick Strong by pinfall (End of Heartache)


Ring of Honor World Title Tournament 1st Round Match: Brian Kendrick vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

Kendrick with shots to the leg of Steen to start. Steen tries to take down Kendrick, but he quickly gets to the ropes. Steen showing off some technical ability in the early going, uncharacteristic of him. Steen doesn’t go down off a shoulder tackle. Kendrick tries again to no avail, but then rolls up Steen for 1. Steen with a shoulder tackle and a dropkick. Kendrick to the outside. Kendrick takes his time to regroup. He gets back in, but then goes right back out. Steen goes after him and the chase is on. Steen avoids a plancha, Kendrick blocks the apron powerbomb. They fight on the apron, Sliced Bread #2 by Kendrick on the apron! Back in, Kendrick with a basement dropkick for a nearfall. Camel Clutch variation applied. Steen tries to break it, but Kendrick holds on. Steen then drops backward, driving his body weight onto Kendrick to finally break the hold. Strike exchange, Steen with a clothesline. Pumphandle Neckbreaker by Steen for a nearfall. Kendrick avoids a charge, hits a dropkick. Jawbreaker, Kendrick with a DVD from the corner for a nearfall. Steen blocks being suplexed back in the ring. Steen with a Sunset flip back in, Kendrick blocks a Sharpshooter. Kendrick counters a catapult in the corner, hits a 2nd Rope Tornado DDT for a nearfall. Steen blocks Sliced Bread #2, F-Cinq for a close nearfall. Kendrick slips out of the Package Piledriver, hits a superkick. Steen again avoids Sliced Bread, Sleeper Suplex for another close nearfall. Kendrick uses the ref as a shield to avoid the Cannonball. Low blow by Kendrick after the ref was shoved aside. Steen comes back with a Chokeslam, followed by this time the Cannonball.

Sharpshooter applied, Kendrick taps, Steen advances.

Winner and advancing to the quarter-finals of the Ring of Honor World Title Tournament: Kevin Steen by submission (Sharpshooter)


Back from commercial, we see video of how Adam Cole and Jay Lethal won their 1st Round matches a few weeks ago on ROH TV before the main event.

Main Event in a Ring of Honor World Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match: Jay Lethal vs. “The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole

Chain wrestling in the early going. Cole with a shoulder tackle. Exchange of takedowns. Lethal with a chop, then blocks La Magistral. Cole continues to utilize the side headlock, with many takedowns. Cole slips out of a back suplex, then blocks a hiptoss. Lethal hits a hiptoss, Cole avoids one dropkick, but does not avoid a second as Lethal connects for a 1 count. Backbreaker by Lethal for 1. Chops, forearm exchange. Back suplex by Lethal for a nearfall. Cole fights out of a chinlock, blocks a kick. Leaping neckbreaker by Cole for a nearfall. Snap suplex for another nearfall. Slam and a front elbow for another nearfall. Chinlock applied. Lethal counters a German with a roll-up for a nearfall. Lethal blocks a superkick, snapmare into a reverse DDT for a nearfall. Kondo Clutch applied. Lethal lifts Cole up with his legs, but Cole counters out into the Figure Four. Lethal gets to the ropes. Forearms by Cole. Cole drops to the outside, enziguri to Lethal. Lethal comes back with a springboard dropkick, then wipes out Cole with a tope suicida. Ref begins his 20 count. Both Cole & Lethal roll back in at 15. Staredown and a forearm exchange. Lethal with a flurry of strikes. Cole comes back with a Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Cole heads up top, Lethal stops him. Cole blocks a superplex, Sunset Bomb. Shining Wizard by Cole for a nearfall. Lethal slips out of a suplex. Lethal Combination for a nearfall. Lethal heads up top, Cole stops him. Lethal blocks a superplex, Cole knocked off. Cole avoids a dropkick, Lethal counters out of the Figure Four, inside cradle for a nearfall. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, Cole catches him off the handspring with a superkick. Brainbuster across the knee for a close nearfall. Lethal comes back with a jawbreaker, Cole with an O’Connor Roll for a nearfall. Lethal blocks a superkick, Cole with an enziguri. Lethal with 2 superkicks, heads up top. Hail to the King for a nearfall. Lethal can’t even lift up Cole. Cole played possum, though, superkick. Superkick to the back of the head by Cole, Lethal blocks the Florida Key, in-ring Lethal Injection for a close nearfall. They go up top, Cole slips out, superkicks the leg of Lethal. Cole up top. Super German!

Superkick, Florida Key to advance Cole to the semis.

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals of the Ring of Honor World Title Tournament: Adam Cole by pinfall (The Florida Key)