ROH on Sinclair Results – 6/7/14 (Defy or Deny 3)

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair (Second to None Edition #4)
June 7, 2014
Baltimore, Maryland (William J. Myers Pavillion)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see the usual intro, then go to the opening match.

The Decade (“The Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer & Adam Page) w/TD Thomas vs. War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe)

Page & Rowe start. Page breaks clean off a lock-up and Whitmer chastises him for that. Another lock-up and this time Page with a slap. Rowe takes down Page and hits a chop and a forearm in the corner. Hanson in, knee to the ribs and a Northern Lariat for a nearfall. Side slam by Hanson for a nearfall. Rowe in, gut shot, chop and a forearm in the corner. Belly-to-Belly, but Whitmer gets a kick in from the apron. Whitmer in, hits a series of chops. Rowe fights back, but Whitmer applies a front chancery. Page in, but Rowe sends him into the corner. Page with a drop toe hold, but Rowe comes back with an elbow. Rowe runs into a boot, then Page with a missile dropkick off the top for a nearfall. Whitmer in, stomps away at Rowe.


Back from commercial as Rowe fights back on Whitmer, but Whitmer sends him into the corner. Page in, unloads with right hands. Whitmer in, slaps Rowe, but Rowe fights back with forearms. Strike exchange, then Whitmer with a slam. Page in and heads up top, but Rowe catches him with a urnangi. Hanson in, back body drop to Page. 2 clotheslines in the corner, followed by a Bronco Buster. Hanson with a right hand to Whitmer on the apron, but Page with an enziguri. Hanson then comes back with a powerslam. Whitmer comes in and nails Rowe with a knee. Hanson avoids Whitmer with a cartwheel and hits a big clothesline. Page comes back and hits a standing shooting star press to Hanson for a nearfall. Rowe in, hits a Belly-to-Belly to Whitmer.

War Machine hit the Fallout (Back Suplex/Top Rope Leg Drop combo) on Page for the win.

Winners: War Machine by pinfall (The Fallout)


Back from commercial, Veda Scott & Ramone make their way to the ring, holding the #NewStreak sign, currently sitting at 113-0. Veda says that it is time for the most critical moment of your week. It is time for an update on the New Streak. It will not be defended tonight because RD Evans is on an important diplomatic mission to Swaziland because he is the current Swazi Heavyweight Champion. The Romantic Touch music hits and he makes his way to the ring, brandishing a rose. Veda says that she is glad that he is here. Seeing that rose guitar solo, she has been so busy promoting the New Streak and litigating that she hasn’t had a chance. Touch says that Veda has been so busy that she forgot about Veda Time. He hands her this rose and he says that if she takes that rose and eleven other roses and stood in front of a mirror, she would be looking at the twelve most beautiful things in the world. Veda says that she never hears anyone say anything that nice about her, especially Ramone. Touch says that if it came down to breathing or loving her, his last breath, would be “I Love You”. Veda says that she is here and he is here and people say that she needs to follow her heart. She tells Touch to close his eyes and let’s do this. Veda then kicks Touch down low. Veda tells “Rhett” that the New Streak might be 113-0, but he will never have a chance with her in a million years.

We see a video package highlighting the first Future of Honor student show back in April.

“Brutal” Bob Evans joins commentary for the next match.

Future of Honor Showcase: Team Benchmark (Bill Daly & Will Ferrara) & Zizou Middoux vs. J.Diesel, Moose & Vinny Marseglia

Middoux & Diesel start. Middoux instantly hits a forearm, followed by 2 backbreakers. Ferrara in, hits a series of kicks. Diesel fights back, hits a corner clothesline and a fallaway slam for a nearfall. Marseglia in, hits a schoolboy driver on Ferrara into the corner. Ferrara comes back with a running back elbow in the corner. Marseglia avoids a charge, running forearm for a nearfall. Daly blind tags in, slaps Marseglia. Daly with a slam, followed by a fist drop for a nearfall. Team Benchmark work over Marseglia, but he comes back with a back suplex into a slam on Ferrara. Moose & Middoux get the tags in. Moose with a series of headbutts, then backdrops Ferrara to the outside. Moose with a dropkick to Daly, sending him to the outside. Diesel then leaps off the apron and wipes out everyone with a clothesline! Marseglia heads up top and wipes out everyone with a somersault senton!

Middoux gets back in, but he runs into a Spear by Moose for the win.

Winners: J.Diesel, Moose & Vinny Marseglia by pinfall (Spear)


Back from commercial, Michael Elgin joins commentary for the main event.

Main Event in Defy or Deny 3 (If Briscoe or Jacobs win, they earn a ROH World Title shot. If Cole wins, whomever he pins last can never get a ROH World Title shot as long as Cole is champion): “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs vs. Mark Briscoe vs. Ring of Honor World Champion “The One” Adam Cole

Briscoe goes after Cole early. Jacobs attacks Briscoe, but Briscoe fights back on him. Jacobs & Briscoe then go after each other in the ring, while Cole watches from the apron.


Back from commercial as we see Cole watching Jacobs & Briscoe go after each other from the barricades. Briscoe with a running dropkick through the ropes on Cole, followed by a springboard dropkick on Jacobs. Briscoe sends Cole into the barricade multiple times, followed by a suplex on the floor! Back in, Jacobs goes for the Inward Ace Crusher on Cole, but Cole catches him with a superkick for a nearfall. Cole goes for a superplex on Jacobs, but Briscoe pulls him off. Briscoe with a Northern Lights, but Jacobs breaks up the pin with a back senton off the top for a nearfall. Jacobs goes for another Ace Crusher on Cole, but Cole counters with a lungblower. Cole goes for the Florida Key, but Briscoe stops him and hits a Backdrop Driver. Jacobs hits the Contra Code on Briscoe, followed by the Spear for a nearfall. Jacobs locks in End Time on Cole, but Cole counters out with the Brainbuster across the knee. Briscoe with a running dropkick on Jacobs, then heads up top and hits Froggy Bow. Cole superkicks Briscoe, then pins Jacobs to eliminate him.

Jimmy Jacobs has been eliminated via pinfall (Cole pin)


Back from commercial as Briscoe & Cole exchange strikes. Cole takes advantage, enziguri and a Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Briscoe comes back with the cartwheel DVD, then heads up top, but Cole crotches him. Briscoe blocks a superplex, then hits the Froggy Bow, but Cole gets his foot on the bottom rope. They go outside and Briscoe hits an elbow drop off the apron onto Cole! Back in, Briscoe gains a nearfall. Cole slips out of the Cut-Throat Driver, but Briscoe avoids the Florida Key. Cole comes back with a superkick to the back of the head.

Florida Key for the win.

Mark Briscoe has been eliminated via pinfall (Florida Key by Cole)

Winner: Adam Cole

Cole celebrates his win afterwards, then Elgin gets into the ring. Elgin grabs a mic and says that the ROH World Title belt is gonna look real good around his waist as the show closes.

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