Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair (Global Wars Edition #2)
July 12, 2014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Ted Reeve Arena)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

This week is a special “Road Rage” edition looking at matches from the Global Wars iPPV on May 10th in Toronto featuring the stars of New Japan.

From Global Wars: “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. IWGP Intercontiental Champion “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura & Jado

Big reaction for Nakamura. HUGE reaction for Liger. BIG reaction for Tanahashi. Tanahashi & Nakamura start. Chain wrestling early. Springboard crossbody and a series of arm drags by Tanahashi into an armbar. Commentary compares Tanahashi to John Cena. Nakamura messes around with Tanahashi and takes him down. Jado in, series of chops to Tanahashi. Tanahashi sidesteps a backdrop and Jado with a Flair Flop. Liger in, sends Jado to the outside. Liger with a baseball slide on Jado. Liger sends Nakamura to the outside and hits him with a baseball slide as well. Liger poses for the crowd. Running Palm Strike to Jado back in the ring. Liger & Jado head up top, but Jado with a low blow while the ref was distracted.


Back from commercial as Nakamura does the shaky boot deal to Liger in the corner. Nakamura runs into an elbow by Liger. Jado shoves Tanahashi off the turnbuckles. Liger avoids a double team and sends Nakamura into Jado, then hits Nakamura with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Tanahashi in, back elbows to both Nakamura & Jado. Flying Forearm to Nakamura, Dragon Screw to Jado. Slam to Nakamura, Tanahashi heads to the middle rope. 2nd Rope Senton for a nearfall. Tanahashi avoids a head kick, but Nakamura with a back heel kick. Nakamura places Tanahashi across the top rope and hits a running knee to the ribs for a nearfall. Nakamura knocks Liger off the apron and hits a reverse suplex on Tanahashi. Nakamura goes for the Boma-Ye, but Tanahashi catches him with a dropkick to the knees. Nakamura with an enziguri, tags in Jado. Jado with a kneelift, then locks Tanahashi in the Crossface while Nakamura keeps Liger at bay. Tanahashi is somehow able to get to the ropes. Nakamura kicks Liger to the outside. Jado with a corner clothesline, Nakamura with a big boot, Jado with a back suplex on Tanahashi for a nearfall. Jado with a draping DDT, but Liger breaks up the pin. Nakamura sends Liger again to the outside. Tanahashi avoids a Punt Kick, Liger hits Jado with a Palm Strike. Nakamura with a one-legged dropkick to Liger. Tanahashi with a dropkick to Nakamura, sending him to the outside. Liger then leaps off the apron and wipes out Nakamura with a crossbody! In the ring, Tanahashi runs into an elbow by Jado, but comes back with the Slingblade.

Tanahashi heads up top, HIGH FLY FLOW!!! 1-2-3!!

Winners: “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jushin “Thunder” Liger by pinfall (High Fly Flow)

Tanahashi & Liger celebrate their win as the crowd chants “Please Come Back” & “New Japan.”


We see video highlighting the Bullet Club.

From Global Wars: IWGP Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & IWGP Tag Team Champion “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson vs. “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada & Gedo

We join this match in progress as Anderson with a leg lariat to Gedo for a nearfall. Anderson toys with Gedo, but Gedo comes back with a big right hand. Anderson stops Gedo from making a tag, but Gedo hits a crossbody, both men down.

Okada in, back elbow and a boot to Anderson. Styles sent to the outside. DDT to Anderson, Okada kips up. Front slam, then a slingshot senton from the apron by Okada. Anderson avoids a charge, flying kick to Okada. Anderson goes for a powerbomb, but Okada counters with an Emerald Frosion across the knee. Okada heads up top and hits a big elbow drop. Okada signals for the Rainmaker, but Anderson avoids it. Okada blocks the Gun Stun, but Anderson counters another Rainmaker attempt and hits a leaping neckbreaker. Styles in, springboard forearm to Okada. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Okada slips out. Okada with a big forearm, but Styles with a series of strikes. Styles off the ropes, but Okada catches him with the Picture-Perfect Dropkick. Gedo in, knocks Anderson off the apron. Back body drop, a jawbreaker and a DDT to Styles for a nearfall. Anderson nails Gedo from behind, but runs into a boot, followed by a boot from Okada. Series of running back elbows by Okada & Gedo, followed by a Flapjack by Okada to Styles. Gedo with a basement superkick to Styles for a nearfall. Gedo with jabs to Styles as Anderson sends Okada into the ringpost on the outside. Styles hits the Pele Kick on Gedo, then Anderson hits the Gun Stun!! Styles hits BLOODY SUNDAY on Gedo as Anderson holds Okada.


Winners: IWGP Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & IWGP Tag Team Champion “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson by pinfall (Styles Clash)

We see video of a recent tryout camp conducted by ROH & New Japan.


From Global Wars in a Triple Threat Match for the IWGP Jr. Tag Titles: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) (c’s) vs. The Forever Hooligans (Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero) vs. Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA)

Good reaction for the Hooligans. Very good reaction for Time Splitters, especially for Shelley. Good reaction for the Bucks. “New Japan” chants by the crowd before the bell. Crowd also chants for Shelley, who is returning to ROH after a 4-year absence. Shelley & Matt start. “Welcome back” chants for Shelley. Commentary mentions that the cast has been removed from the right hand of Matt, who suffered a broken hand in February. Chain wrestling early. Shoving match ensues, then Shelley with a forearm and a chop. Shelley sidesteps a back drop attempt, Koslov blind tags in. Koslov with an uppercut to Matt, but Matt with a shot to the throat. Nick in, but Koslov with an armdrag. Another armdrag, Koslov sent onto the apron. Nick avoids a springboard, but then Koslov makes Nick put on the brakes. Koslov wants a handshake, but instead arm whips Nick down. Koslov with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Romero in, but Nick avoids a Hooligans double team and tags in KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA with a shoulder tackle, does a cartwheel and hits an armdrag. Romero avoids another armdrag, but KUSHIDA with a dropkick. KUSHIDA fights out of the Hooligans’ corner and hits a rana on Romero. Time Splitters ping-pong Romero with right hands back-and-forth. Shelley in, double chop by the Time Splitters on Matt. Nick springboards in, but Time Splitters catch him with a double gut kick and a double kick to the back. Double back elbows to Romero, then Time Splitters catch Koslov coming in. Koslov sent into Romero in the corner. KUSHIDA with a running high knee, then Time Splitters with a Poetry in Motion variation to the Hooligans in the corner. Koslov sent to the outside, La Magistral by Shelley to Romero for a nearfall. Shelley with a chop, but Koslov pulls him out to the outside. Romero then leaps off the apron and nails Shelley with a flying knee.

Back in, Koslov with a suplex to Shelley and asks for the Russian Beret. Kodak Kicks and the running double stomp by Koslov, but KUSHIDA breaks up the pin. Romero in, basement dropkick to Shelley. Front chancery applied. Crowd wills on Shelley.


Back from commercial as Romero knocks KUSHIDA off the apron, then Shelley with a back drop to Romero, but can’t make the tag. Bucks come in as Nick with a running knee to Shelley in the corner. Assisted Shirnaui by the Bucks and a basement running knee by Nick on Shelley for a nearfall. Koslov in, but Nick sends him to the outside. Matt runs into double boots by Shelley. Nick is sent onto the apron, but Shelley avoids a charge by Matt, causing Nick to enziguri his own brother!!

KUSHIDA in, springboard kick to Nick and a double Koppo Kick to the Hooligans, knocking them off the apron. Backflip Kick to Matt sends KUSHIDA onto the apron. Enziguri, then KUSHIDA with a springboard dropkick, sending Matt to the outside. KUSHIDA sets to dive, but Nick trips him up. Matt charges in, but KUSHIDA moves and Matt knocks Nick off the apron! Enziguri and a backbreaker by KUSHIDA to Matt. KUSHIDA heads up top, but then wipes out the Hooligans on the outside with a crossbody off the top! Shelley heads up top and the Time Splitters hit a Frog Splash/Standing Moonsault combo on Matt, but Matt just BARELY kicks out! Time Splitters go for a Super Shirnaui/Powerbomb combo on Matt, but Koslov breaks it up and sends Shelley to the outside. Hooligans send Nick into KUSHIDA, then hits the Battering Knees on them both! Koslov gourdbusters Matt on the ropes, then Romero with a springboard dropkick, but Shelley breaks up the pin. Time Splitters sends the Hooligans to the outside. Time Splitters go for stereo planchas, but the Hooligans move out of the way. Matt with a dropkick through the ropes on Time Splitters, then Nick wipes out the Time Splitters with a Tornillo!! Koslov now with a head of steam and wipes out everybody with a flip dive! Hooligans call for the Contract Killer, but Matt slips out. Koslov with an enziguri on Matt, but Nick with a spinning back elbow to Koslov. Koslov avoids a Windmill Kick and hits a big forearm, but runs right into a SUPERKICK!! Nick avoids a Romero enziguri, but Romero with a back heel kick. Matt slips out of a Shirnaui by Romero, SUPERKICK TO ROMERO! Time Splitters with an inverted atomic drop/dropkick to knees combo on Matt. Shelley holds Matt in a chinlock, then KUSHIDA with a cartwheel into a dropkick. Shelley goes for a Shirnaui, but Matt catches him in Tombstone position. SIX SECOND ABS BY THE BUCKS!!! Hooligans & Bucks exchange strikes. Hooligans hit big forearms on the Bucks. Romero slips out of a double back suplex by the Bucks, then does a Spidey move in the ropes, but the Bucks treat him with a SUPERKICK PARTY, sending Romero to the outside!! Koslov avoids the Bucks in the corner and springboards, SUPERKICK PARTY BY THE BUCKS!!!


Winners and STILL IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks by pinfall (More Bang for your Buck)

“That was awesome” chants by the crowd afterwards as the Bucks celebrate their title retention to close the show.