Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair
January 3, 2015
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Larry Mercer welcomes us to the show. This will be a year-in-review show for the year 2014. Mercer mentions the guys who returned for ROH in 2014, including AJ Styles, Chris Hero, Christopher Daniels, Matt Sydal and Alex Shelley. 

From the 2/1 ROH TV: “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong

Loud “Welcome Back” chants for AJ on his entrance. Code of Honor before the bell. Strong with an amateur takedown, but AJ takes him down with a top wristlock. Strong counters with a hammerlock, but AJ reverses out and takes down Strong. Strong counters out with a headscissors, but AJ gets free and applies a side headlock. AJ switches to a chinlock. Strong tries to get to his feet, but AJ takes him back down. Strong back AJ into the corner and shoves him. Strong says that AJ is in his ring. “I’m not Sting, I can actually wrestle.” AJ quickly takes down Strong with a double-leg takedown, then says if you wanna wrestle, let’s wrestle then. AJ blocks Strong from taking him down and takes down Strong again with a double-leg. Strong gets free as the crowd chants “this is wrestling.” Strong with a gut kick, then applies a side headlock. Strong with a shoulder tackle, then mocks AJ. Roll-up for a nearfall. AJ with a gut kick and a chop. Leapfrog, followed by the Phenomenal Dropkick that sends Strong to the outside. AJ with a head of steam and DRILLS Strong with a baseball slide!


Before we go back to the match, we go to a promo from Jay Lethal. Lethal says that next week on ROH TV, a Triple Threat has been signed for the ROH TV Title. Now, I love walking around with a smile on my face, but its been a little hard to lately, especially with the people in this Triple Threat. Because you got me, you got Matt Taven and you got the newly-crowned TV Champion Tommaso Ciampa. Now, try and follow this story, because its giving me a little bit of trouble. Now on one side of the coin, you got Tommaso Ciampa. Tommaso, you & I have a bit of history, you got hurt in one of our matches, you’re all mad and back for revenge, but I’m not going anywhere, Tommaso, I’m right here. On the other coin, you got Matt Taven. Surrounds himself with beautiful women and people who think for him so he doesn’t have to do it for himself and we are also in the middle of this war, Taven, that you are about to lose, but that doesn’t matter because there is only one thing that matters and that’s me re-capturing the ROH TV Title.

Back to the match as AJ with a pumphandle gutbuster on Strong. AJ pulls Strong’s head to his chest, but Strong fights out. Strong with gut shots, but AJ with some back clubs. AJ gets his boots up off a charge, then goes to springboard, but Strong catches him in mid-air with a dropkick. Strong goes to the outside and sends AJ into the barricade. AJ sent again into the barricade. Strong goes onto the apron with AJ, but AJ slips out of a back suplex and knocks Strong off the apron with a forearm. AJ goes for another baseball slide, but Strong catches him with a wheelbarrow into a half-nelson backbreaker onto the apron! Back in, Strong gains a nearfall. Strong applies a reverse bearhug as the crowd with dueling chants for both men. AJ fights out with back elbows, but Strong with a back club. AJ slips out of another back suplex, then both men collide with one another in mid-air as both went for crossbodies! AJ with a clothesline and a back elbow. Spin kick, then AJ sent onto the apron. AJ with a forearm, then hits the springboard flying forearm. Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker for a nearfall.


Back from commercial as AJ motions for the Styles Clash, but Strong counters with a Sunset Flip. AJ rolls through it and tries again for the Styles Clash, but Strong kicks him off. Strong with a knee to the ribs, then hits an Olympic Slam. Running knee and a running forearm in the corner, followed by the Urnangi Backbreaker for a nearfall. Strong goes for Death by Roderick, but AJ slips out. Standing switch, but AJ with a back elbow. AJ goes for the Phenomenon, but Strong blocks it. AJ runs into a boot, then Strong with a enziguri. Strong misses a clothesline and AJ this time hits the Phenomenon for a nearfall. AJ heads up top, but Strong stops him. Big chop, then Strong heads up with AJ. Top Rope Superplex for a nearfall. “This is wrestling” chants by the crowd. AJ counters the Gibson Driver with a kick, then avoids a charge and hits the Pele Kick. BLOODY SUNDAY BY AJ!! 1-2…………STRONG KICKS OUT!!! “ROH” chants by the crowd. AJ goes for a springboard, but slips and lands on Strong with a knee to the head. AJ is limping as he goes to the middle rope. AJ goes for an Avalanche Styles Clash, but Strong slips out and hits an enziguri. Strong brings out AJ with a backbreaker, then hits Death by Roderick, but now its AJ who kicks out! Strong cannot believe it. Strong with forearms, but AJ with forearms of his own. Strong with a leaping knee, but AJ avoids a discus forearm, then takes down Strong and locks him in the Calf Killer. Strong spins over and pins AJ for a nearfall. Forearm exchange, then a chop exchange. AJ with a series of strikes, ending with a spinning backfist. AJ misses a big forearm and Strong goes off the ropes and DRILLS AJ with the Sick Kick! 1-2………….AJ KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Strong is in shock. Strong goes for the End of Heartache, but AJ counters out with a rana. Strong with another leaping knee, but AJ turns him inside out with a discus clothesline!

AJ hits the Styles Clash (with Strong landing right on his head) for the win.

Winner: “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles by pinfall (Styles Clash)

We go back to Mercer. Mercer says ROH said goodbye to Kevin Steen in 2014.

From the 8/16 ROH TV in the Farewell Match of Kevin Steen in Ring of Honor: “The King of Old School” Steve Corino vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

HUGE reaction for Steen, with tons of streamers that Steen makes snow angels with during his entrance. Steen throws all the streamers onto himself, with commentary calling him the “Streamer Monster.” Before the match, Steve Corino has ring announcer Bobby Cruise do a custom introduction, a play-off of when Cruise did that for Corino back in 2003. Cruise announces that tonight, we acknowledge the career of an ROH star that will venture into the great unknown and like many before him, he will carry the ROH spirit with him wherever he goes. However, this man is fighting someone who has a different cause, one more day in the sun. 67 championships, 4 world titles, 13 countries and NO convictions! Weighing in at 253 pounds, the King of Old School, Steve Corino! Cruise then announces Steen to a HUGE reaction from the crowd.


Back from commercial, both men adhere to the Code of Honor as the bell sounds. Corino then with a right hand. More right hands by Corino, then he & Steen exchange strikes and slug it out, hockey fight style. Corino gains advantage, but then Steen catches him with a back elbow. Corino goes to the apron and hits a right hand, but Steen knocks him off the apron with a dropkick. Steen with a head of steam, but Corino moves out of the way, causing Steen to put on the brakes. Steen goes to the apron, but Corino takes out his legs with a clothesline, sending Steen to the outside. Corino sends Steen into the barricade. Steen fights back, but Corino sends him again into the barricade. They brawl on the outside, then Steen sends Corino into the barricade. Steen breaks the ref’s 20 count, then grabs an El Generico mask from a fan. “OLE” chant by the crowd, then Steen charges at Corino and DRILLS him with a running Yakuza Kick! Another running Yakuza Kick by Steen to Corino against the barricade! Back in, Corino peppers Steen with jabs, followed by a bionic elbow. Corino does some Dusty Rhodes-style dancing, then goes to do Colt Cabana’s Flying A-Hole in the corner, but Steen moves out of the way! Steen with a chop and a back club, but Corino catches him, locking Steen in an Abdominal Stretch. Corino lifts up his thumb for the Thumb in the Bum, but Steen gets free and hits a Codebreaker. Steen then does Colt Cabana’s Flying A-Hole in the corner, followed by charging in and hitting Corino with the Cannonball for a nearfall. Corino blocks an Irish whip, then hits a STO. Corino with a series of forearms, but runs into a boot. Steen sends Corino to the outside, but Corino pulls him out with him. Steen goes for the Apron Powerbomb, but Corino slips out. They brawl again on the outside, then clothesline each other at the same time, both men down. Commentary mentions that ROH founder Cary Silkin flew in for this show just to see this match. Ref continues his 20 count and both men just BARELY get back in by the count of 20 as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Steen & Corino exchange strikes again, then Corino with 2 big forearms. Northern Lights Bomb by Corino for a nearfall. Corino drops the straps off his singlet and heads up top, but Steen pulls him off onto the apron. Steen with a front kick, then hits a draping DDT for a nearfall. Steen heads up top and hits the Steenton Bomb for a nearfall. Steen goes for the F-Cinq, but Corino slips out. Corino blocks a German and hits the Colby Shock for a nearfall. Corino goes for a clothesline, but Steen blocks it and hits an enziguri, then this time hits the F-Cinq, but Corino kicks out! Steen can’t believe it! “Kill Steen Kill” chants by the crowd. Steen is reluctant, but goes for the Package Piledriver on Corino, but Corino counters out with a backdrop. Superkick by Corino, Steen avoids another clothesline, but Corino hits a left-arm lariat. Corino hits the Eternal Dream, but Steen kicks out! “You still got it” chants by the crowd for Corino. Corino places Steen up top and goes up with him, but Steen hits a series of headbutts. Corino calls for a Super Brainbuster, but Steen hits a Super Fisherman’s Buster for a nearfall. Steen calls for the end and goes again for the Package Piledriver, but Corino counters out with a jackknife pin for a nearfall. They clothesline each other at the same time multiple times, then Corino with another superkick. Corino off the ropes, but Steen catches him with the Pop-Up Powerbomb!

PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!!! 1-2-3! #ThanksSteenThanks

Winner: “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen by pinfall (Package Piledriver)

Afterwards, Steen helps Corino up and they embrace. Steen raises Corino’s hand, then Jimmy Jacobs gets in the ring. Jacobs smiles and leaps into Steen’s arms as the former members of SCUM embrace and raise each other’s hands.


Back from commercial, Mercer mentions the wrestlers who titles in 2014. reDRagon with the Tag Titles, Jay Lethal with the TV Title, Michael Elgin and Jay Briscoe with the World Title.


Back from commercial, Mercer mentions the forging of the relationship between ROH & New Japan in 2014, with 2 supershows in Toronto and New York City. We see video highlighting those shows. Mercer says the 2014 ROH Match of the Year came from these shows, we go to it now. 

Fan-Voted 2014 ROH Match of the Year, from the 5/17 ROH & New Japan “War of the Worlds’ iPPV for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles: reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) w/UFC Fighter “Filthy” Tom Lawlor (ROH) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) (c’s) (New Japan)

Code of Honor before the bell, although Lawlor as words with the Bucks. Lawlor goes to leave, but the Bucks kick the ropes to crotch him. Fish sent to the outside, then the Bucks with a double back elbow and a wheelbarrow/spinning back kick combo to O’Reilly. Gutbuster/spinning neckbreaker combo by the Bucks to O’Reilly. Bucks send Fish into O’Reilly in the corner, then Nick with the handspring back rake to both of reDRagon. Bucks knock reDRagon off the apron, then Matt with a dropkick through the ropes to them. Nick with a head of steam and wipes out reDRagon with a corkscrew plancha! Matt heads up top, but Lawlor gets on the apron and shakes the ropes to crotch Matt! O’Reilly gains a nearfall. Fish in, gut shot to Matt.


Back from commercial as O’Reilly runs into a boot by Matt, then a back elbow. Fish in, but Matt sends him to the outside. Running apron kick by Nick to Fish, but then Lawlor pulls Nick off the apron, preventing Matt from making a tag. Running forearm in the corner by O’Reilly to Matt, followed by a Regalplex for a nearfall. Matt avoids a reDRagon double team and backdrops Fish to the outside, then hits a springboard Diamond Dust to O’Reilly.

Nick & Fish tag in. Nick with 2 clotheslines, followed by a springboard dropkick that knocks O’Reilly off the apron. Fish with a gut kick, but Nick with a spinning back elbow. Nick sent onto the apron and hits a knee strike to Fish, then leaps off the apron and wipes out O’Reilly with a Tornado DDT! Nick with a shoulder to the ribs of Fish from the apron, then hits a slingshot facebuster for a nearfall. Crowd chants for the Bucks. Nick with right hands to Fish, then pulls down the top rope, sending Fish to the outside. Fish avoids an apron moonsault and drives Nick into the barricade. Matt with a Spear to Fish, then as O’Reilly goes for the running dropkick off the apron, Nick catches him in mid-air with a superkick! Back in, the Bucks with a springboard splash/standing moonsault combo to Fish for a nearfall. Matt in and the Bucks with the Buckle Bomb/Enziguri combo to Fish in the corner! Bucks go for the Indy-Taker, but O’Reilly pulls Nick off the apron! Fish gets out of the Tombstone from Matt and locks in the Ankle Lock, but Matt counters with a victory roll for a nearfall. Matt with a spinning back kick to Fish, but O’Reilly with his rapid-fire strikes to Matt. Matt avoids a leg sweep and Nick with a basement superkick to O’Reilly! Bucks place Fish on O’Reilly in Tombstone position, then double superkick his knees out, causing O’Reilly to Tombstone his own partner, followed by the Bucks treating O’Reilly to a SUPERKICK PARTY!! 1-2……FISH KICKS OUT! BUCKS CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Crowd again chants for the Bucks. Bucks go to treat Fish to a Superkick Party, but O’Reilly moves him out of the way. O’Reilly throws his mouthpiece at Matt, then catches a superkick and sends Matt’s foot into Nick. O’Reilly then with a Dragon Screw to Nick, while at the same time, Nick is forced to do a Dragon Screw to his own brother! O’Reilly goes out to the apron and wipes out Nick with the running apron dropkick! Fish runs into double boots by Matt. Matt heads up top, but O’Reilly grabs his foot. Fish with a forearm, then heads up top with Matt. Fish DOES THE DEAL TO MATT, but MATT KICKS OUT!! O’Reilly in as reDRagon calls for Chasing the Dragon on Matt. Matt slips out of the O’Reilly Brainbuster and Nick with a windmill kick to Fish. O’Reilly with a spinning back to Nick, then begins Axe & Smash, but Matt stops the Smash portion with a superkick. Bucks go for the Buckle Bomb & Enziguri combo on O’Reilly, but Fish sweeps out Nick’s leg on the apron and O’Reilly counters the Buckle Bomb with a front guillotine choke. Nick with a shot to Fish on the outside, then heads up top and BREAKS UP THE SUBMISSION WITH A 450 SPLASH ON O’REILLY!! 1-2…..O’REILLY KICKS OUT!! Nick with a head of steam and wipes out Fish with a plancha! Bucks go for More Bang for your Buck on O’Reilly, but O’Reilly gets the knees up on Nick’s 450 Splash, then catches Matt off the moonsault into a Triangle Choke! Matt flips over to counter with a Jackknife Pin, the same way the Bucks won the titles in March, but O’Reilly kicks out! O’Reilly catches a superkick and hits a spinning back kick, followed by Axe & Smash and a Brainbuster, but MATT KICKS OUT! Fish wipes out Nick on the outside, then reDRagon hit Chasing the Dragon on Matt, but MATT KICKS OUT AGAIN!!

ARMageddon applied on Matt by O’Reilly as Fish stops Nick from breaking it up, MATT TAPS, NEW CHAMPIONS!!

Winners and NEW Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions: reDRagon by submission (ARMageddon)

reDRagon celebrates their title win as the show closes.