Ring of Honor Wrestling on Sinclair “Road Rage Edition”
May 16, 2015
Hopkins, Minnesota
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, King Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then commentary welcomes us to the show and talks about tonight’s main event.

We see video highlighting the rivalry between Adam Page & ACH. Ring announcer Scarlett Bordaeux then introduces the combatants for the opening match.

Adam Page def. ACH in a Grudge Match by pinfall after a low blow.

Afterwards, Page got in ACH’s face, demanding he adhere to the Code of Honor, but ACH takes him down and the two begin brawling. Multiple attendants come out to break the two up. They get Page out of the ring, but then ACH gets a head of steam and wipes them all out with a Foxbury Flop! Page scurries to the back with a smile on his face.

We see video of the reveal of the Knights of the Rising Dawn and the Addiction’s ROH Tag Team Title win a few weeks ago.

Backstage promo with ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal & Truth Martini, plugging Lethal’s new DVD. During the interview, Lethal gets upset every time Martini goes to bring up Jay Briscoe’s name.

We see video on the history between the Briscoes & War Machine from last summer, with their feud never having a conclusion due to Raymond Rowe’s motorcycle accident. Briscoes cut a promo talking about their long-awaited return match in tonight’s main event.

Main Event: The Briscoes def. War Machine by pinfall when Jay pinned Hanson with the Jay Driller.

Afterwards, the two teams adhere to the Code of Honor as the show closes.