ROH on DA Results – 6/17/15 (BITW Contract Signing)

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Destination America
June 17, 2015
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Ted Reeve Arena)
Commentary: Kevin Kelly, King Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of

We see the usual intro, then commentary welcomes us to the show. Commentary hypes up the contract signing for the Best in the World PPV main event. We go to the opening match.

Before the match begins, BJ Whitmer grabs a mic. “Shut Up Whitmer” chants by the crowd, to which Whitmer says that this mic is a helluva lot louder than you guys are. Whitmer says to Colby Corino that 2 weeks ago, you came here out and you showed the world how much of a man you are, coming in within an inch of beating that big, goofy bastard, MOOSE, but I don’t think your father gets it, I don’t think he understands and I think he needs to see it…..again (looking at Steve Corino at commentary). So Colby, step up and take my spot in this match and seize the opportunity, Colby, seize the opportunity.

War Machine (“The War Beard” Hanson & Raymond Rowe) vs. The Decade (Adam Page & Colby Corino, subbing for BJ Whitmer)

Rowe & Page start, but Page quickly tags in Colby. Colby gets in Rowe’s face as Rowe yells at him, “you’re not ready.” Rowe motions Colby to his father at ringside, saying to talk to him, but Colby SLAPS ROWE!!! Rowe tags in Hanson, but Colby goes after him as commentary notes that Rowe didn’t want to do anything to Colby as he’s known him since Colby was 10 years old. Hanson catches Colby with the Fall Forward Side Slam. Rowe in, but Colby with forearms. Rowe piefaces Colby down, then yells at Whitmer to get in as Colby isn’t ready. Colby with more shots to Rowe, but they have no effect on him. Rowe with a backbreaker, gutbuster and a Doctor Bomb to Colby! Rowe throws Colby to his corner and yells at Page to tag in, but Page turns his back to him and drops off the apron. Whitmer yells at Colby to fight and show your daddy a man as he & Page have smiles on their faces of what they are doing. Rowe lifts up Colby as Hanson heads up top.

FALLOUT!!! 1-2-3!

Winners: War Machine by pinfall (The Fallout)

War Machine is not happy about how they had to win afterwards, as Corino looks on at commentary in disgust. Whitmer goes over to the commentary table with a smile on his face as Corino gets up and removes his suit jacket. Kevin Kelly has to hold Corino back from Whitmer as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Cedric Alexander is in the ring with a mic. Cedric says that around this time last year, I was considered the breakout star in 2014. Fast forward to present day, I’m no longer that breakout star. Right now, for Cedric Alexander, its do or die. I got to start picking up wins right now to prove to my family that this dream of being a pro wrestler is not a waste of time. Its time to win and the first person I challenge is the undefeated MOOSE!

MOOSE’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring for this impromptu match.

Cedric Alexander vs. MOOSE w/Veda Scott & Stokely Hathaway

Cedric slides under MOOSE’s legs early and hits a dropkick, but MOOSE does not go down. Cedric avoids a MOOSE dropkick, but MOOSE hits a slam. Cedric avoids a big splash, basement dropkick to the back of MOOSE’s head gets 2. Cedric runs into a back elbow as commentary notes that these two are friends. Cedric avoids a MOOSE charge, pulls down the top rope, sending MOOSE outside. MOOSE avoids a Cedric slingshot, Cedric lands on his feet. Cedric slips out of a MOOSE slam, sends MOOSE face-first off the ringpost. Back in, MOOSE catches Cedric off a springboard, but Cedric fights out of a wheelbarrow move with a back elbow. Cedric goes to the middle rope, but MOOSE with a BIG DROPKICK that knocks Cedric off the turnbuckles!


Back from commercial as Cedric avoids a MOOSE corner charge, hits a springboard clothesline. MOOSE rolls outside, Cedric with a head of steam, wipes out MOOSE with a flip dive! Back in, Cedric with back clubs and a right hand, MOOSE misses a clothesline, springboard Tornado DDT by Cedric gets a close 2. MOOSE blocks being lifted up, but Cedric with a spinning back kick. Cedric off the ropes, MOOSE catches him with the Pop-Up Lariat for a close 2. Dueling chants by the crowd. Strike exchange, Cedric gains advantage, hits another spinning back kick, but runs into a big right hand, a headbutt and an uppercut by MOOSE. MOOSE runs up the ropes, but Cedric crotches him. Four Concussions on Delivery by Cedric in the corner knocks MOOSE down! Referee checks on MOOSE, but MOOSE shoos him off. Two more Concussions on Delivery by Cedric! Cedric goes for another one, HIT STICK BY MOOSE, both men down! All of a sudden, Veda goes underneath the ring and grabs a wrench, then directs Stokely to distract the ref. Stokely does so as Veda throws the wrench to MOOSE. MOOSE shakes his head, saying he doesn’t want to use it, but Veda yells at him, “Do it! Do it!” MOOSE motions again that he doesn’t want to use the wrench, when all of a sudden, Cedric grabs the wrench from MOOSE and WAFFLES him in the head with it!

Referee turns around, 1-2-3! THE STREAK IS OVER!!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander by pinfall

Veda & Stokely are in shock at ringside as MOOSE has suffered his first loss in Ring of Honor. Cedric has a big smile on his face, celebrating his win, saying “whatever I have to do” and “I know I got what it takes now!” MOOSE falls outside as Stokely helps him up while we go to commercial.


Main Event in Ring of Honor vs. New Japan: “The Last Hero” ACH & #Reborn Matt Sydal (ROH) vs. “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi & “The Stardust Genius” Tetsuya Naito (NJPW)

No Code of Honor here, Tanahashi & Sydal start. Chain wrestling early, Sydal with an Indian Deathlock. Tanahashi with a shoulder tackle, but Sydal with a series of armdrags. Sydal avoids a running dropkick, hits a standing moonsault. Naito & ACH tag in. Crowd chants for ACH, Naito covers his ears. Chain wrestling, ACH with a forearm, tells Naito to bring it. Strike exchange, ACH gains advantage with a big chop. Naito comes back with a running dropkick. Naito with right hands in the corner, but misses a clothesline. ACH with 2 backflips and a dropkick, then mocks Naito’s eye pose. Another big chop by ACH, but Tanahashi with a shot from the apron. ACH knocks him off, but then Tanahashi pulls him outside and sends ACH into the barricade as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Tanahashi with a slam to ACH, then mocks his basketball dribble taunt. Tanahashi goes to the middle rope, but ACH avoids the senton bomb, both men down. Tanahashi stops ACH from making a tag, pulls him to his corner, Naito tags in. ACH fights back, but Naito with a side slam for 2. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on ACH. ACH fights out, but Naito with an enziguri. Sydal knocked off the apron, running dropkick by Naito sends him onto the apron. Naito sweeps out ACH’s leg, sitting him down, then hits a slingshot dropkick. Crowd chants for New Japan. They head up top, ACH blocks a superplex and knocks Naito off. ACH heads up top and hits the Dum-Dum Stomp to Naito. Sydal in, heads up top, seated senton to Naito. Naito misses a clothesline, rana by Sydal. Tanahashi with a shot from the apron, but Sydal catches him with a spin kick. Naito goes to the middle rope, NO HANDS RANA BY SYDAL gets a close 2. Sydal goes for a Standing Moonsault by Naito, but Tanahashi comes up behind him, grabs Sydal out of mid-air and hits a release German! Tanahashi in, misses a clothesline, Sydal hits a Sunset Split. ACH in, heads up top and leaps over Tanahashi. Rapid-fire leg and chest kicks by ACH, ending with a spinning back kick, reeling Tanahashi into the corner. Running forearm by ACH in the corner, followed by a big clothesline for a close 2. ACH goes for the Hero’s Grip, but Tanahashi blocks it. Leaping kick by Sydal, ACH this time hits the Hero’s Grip for another close 2. ACH avoids open-hand slaps by Tanahashi, incensing him, then ACH mocks Tanahashi’s air guitar. Tanahashi comes back with a Dragon Screw, Cloverleaf applied as Naito stops Sydal from getting in to break it up. Sydal gets free, leaping knee to Tanahashi breaks up the submission. Naito in, but Sydal uses his legs to send Naito outside. Sydal goes for an Asai Moonsault, but Tanahashi & Naito trip him up. ACH with a head of steam, AIR JORDAN WIPES OUT TANAHASHI & NAITO!!! Back in, Spring-In Swinging Flatliner by ACH to Tanahashi. Sydal heads up top, SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! 1-2……..NAITO BREAKS UP THE PIN!! Naito with a Tornado DDT to Sydal, Windmill Kick by ACH to Naito! ACH heads up top and goes for the Midnight Call, but Tanahashi gets his knees up! Tanahashi off the ropes, SLINGBLADE!!

Tanahashi heads up top, HIGH FLY FLOW!!! 1-2-3!

Winners: “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi & “The Stardust Genius” Tetsuya Naito by pinfall (High Fly Flow)

Tanahashi & Naito celebrate their win afterwards as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Ring of Honor matchmaker Nigel McGuinness is in the ring as we are ready to sign the contract for the main event of the Best in the World PPV. Nigel introduces first Ring of Honor Television Champion Jay Lethal to the ring. Lethal’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with Truth Martini. Nigel then introduces Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Briscoe to the ring. Jay’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, along with his brother, Mark.

Nigel says that the terms of this match have been agreed upon, now all it takes is to get your signatures on this contract. Now, I want to make this clear so there is no doubt, both the Ring of Honor World Title and Ring of Honor Television Title will be on the line with a one-fall, 60 minute time limit. Lethal signs the contract first, then Jay signs his name and the match is official. Nigel says that before both men leave, he wants to make it clear that not just the titles are on the line in this match, but this is the biggest match in Ring of Honor history. With that in mind, any final words?

Lethal says that there is one reason why he doesn’t flip this table over and put Briscoe down where he stands. That reason is I want you, no, I need you at your best. Because Friday Night, June 19th, New York City, live on PPV at Best in the World, I need you at your best, so there are no excuses when I prove to the world that I am the #1 man here in Ring of Honor. After June 19th, after Best in the World, you will have no business here and by signing that contract, you just made the biggest mistake of your life, just like your parents did, 31 years ago!

Mark holds Jay back and Jay grabs the mic as Lethal & Martini have smiles on their faces. Briscoe says to Lethal that he’s gonna keep it short and sweet. Friday Night, June 19th, when I get done whoopin’ yo ass, when I get done with you, boy, you gonna have to go back to being the Black Machismo, man!

Lethal removes his suit jacket and flips the table over. Briscoe & Lethal remove their shirts, get in each other’s faces and hold up their respective titles, trashing talk to one another. Lethal yells at Briscoe that the TV Title means everything because I have it, not that! I made this belt what it is! THAT belt has made you, I made this!

Lethal & Briscoe continue to stare each other down as the show closes.