Ring of Honor Wrestling on Destination America
September 9, 2015
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2300 Arena)
Commentary: Kevin Kelly, King Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Show opens with a promo by ROH World & TV Champion Jay Lethal & Truth Martini. Martini says to Roderick Strong, our ROH Undisputed Champion is so unique that he’s gonna give you a multiple choice of how you want your ass beat. A) A punch in the face. B) A chop to the chest. C) A knee to the gut, or D) All the above.

Lethal says or Strong could just go back to the end of the line because as far as I’m concerned, Roddy, you had your chance, your chance is up, your time is done. For all I care, Cheeseburger deserves a shot more than do, but I tell ya what, you’d probably do a better job. Roderick Strong, don’t ever ask me for another shot after I destroy you tonight on the Championship Edition of Ring of Honor. Boy, you better get ready!

Roderick Strong says that he doesn’t claim to be Mr. Ring of Honor to pump up his ego. Every time he goes out there, he wrestles with his heart and his soul and his blood on the line. Jay Lethal, you’re great, but I’m just that much better. Tonight, when its all said and done and the bell rings this time, there will be a decisive winner and his name is Roderick Strong and I will be the 2-time Ring of Honor World Champion.

We see the usual intro, then commentary welcomes us to the show. We go to the opening match.

Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. The Addiction (“The Almighty” Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) (c’s) w/Chris Sabin

Big-time reaction for the Bucks in Philadelphia. Commentary notes that the winners of this match will defend against The Kingdom at the All-Star Extravaganza VII PPV on September 18. We see video from three weeks ago on ROH TV of the Addiction’s brutal attack on The Bucks. Pre-match intros for this match.

Bucks treat Daniels as the bell sounds to a little Superkick Party! Gutbuster/flipping neckbreaker/backbreaker combo to Kazarian. Alley-Oop Dropkick to Daniels. Sabin grabs Kazarian off a whip and pulls him outside. Daniels sends Matt outside, Nick sends Daniels outside. Nick spins out onto the apron, moonsault wipes out Daniels! Kazarian holds Nick for Sabin, but Nick ducks and Sabin accidentally superkicks Kazarian! Referee ejects Sabin from ringside. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Sabin tries to blow past the refs and come back to ringside, but the Bucks treat him to a Superkick Party! Back in, Daniels tries to beg off, but to no avail. Double hiptoss, double back handspring, double basement dropkick by the Bucks to Daniels. Backflip headscissors/running dropkick combo knocks Kazarian off the apron. Series of running corner clotheslines by the Bucks to Daniels. Nick sent onto the apron, but Matt nails Daniels with a superkick! Bucks go for the Assisted Draping Swanton to Daniels, but Kazarian pushes Nick off the turnbuckles and crashing down to the outside. Daniels pulls down the top rope, sending a charging Matt outside. Arabian Press by Daniels wipes out the Bucks! Back in, slingshot spike DDT by Kazarian to Matt for 2. Kazarian unloads with right hands from the mount to Matt as Daniels sends Nick into the barricade as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Daniels catches Matt with a dropkick, then unloads with right hands. Matt sent into Kazarian’s outstretched boot. Daniels goes onto the apron, Kazarian tags in, slingshot elbow drop by Daniels, followed by a slingshot leg drop by Kazarian. Kazarian mocks the Bucks and does a cocky pin attempt for only 1. Daniels in, gut shot to Matt. Front suplex into a gutbuster, followed by a series of elbow drops. Daniels then just walks across Matt. Front chancery applied, crowd wills on Matt, but Daniels has his feet on the ropes to give him extra leverage. Daniels switches to an inverted bearhug, but the ref catches him using the ropes. Running corner forearm by Daniels, but he runs into a boot by Matt. Matt leaps onto the top turnbuckle, Diamond Dust variation to Daniels.

Nick & Kazarian get the tags in. Kazarian misses a clothesline, big head kick by Nick. Running knee to Daniels on the apron, spinning back elbow to Kazarian, Triangle Dropkick knocks Daniels off the apron. Kazarian runs into a boot, then Nick spins onto the apron and leaps off, wiping out Daniels with a Tornado DDT! Kazarian eats a shoulder to the ribs, then Nick hits him with a slingshot facebuster for 2. Matt in, clothesline/enziguri combo by the Bucks in the corner, then a Cannonball/Enziguri combo to Kazarian. Assisted Draping Swanton, but Daniels breaks up the pin. Daniels avoids a windmill kick by Nick and drills him with a straight jab. Forearms by Matt to Daniels, but the Addiction catch Matt in a hiptoss, then alley-oop him into a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for a close 2. Matt sidesteps another Addiction double team, superkick to Kazarian! Daniels catches a superkick, standing Urnangi to Matt. Daniels goes for the BME, but Matt gets the knees up! Running corner knee by Nick to Daniels, but Kazarian sends him onto the apron, then slingshots Nick back in, where he catches him in mid-air with a Cutter. Superkick by Matt to Kazarian, all 4 men are down!

Daniels backdrops Nick outside, then catches Matt with a boot. Assisted Inverted Curb Stomp by Addiction to Matt from the ropes, then Daniels wipes out Nick with a tope suicida! Kazarian grabs Matt from the ground, then hurks him up into a Flatliner! Unique submission applied by Kazarian to Matt, but all of a sudden, the Kingdom run out and nail Daniels from behind! They put the boots to Daniels as Kazarian leg sweeps Matt. Jackknife Pin, but Matt back bridges out. Superkick by Nick to Kazarian, followed by the Buckle Bomb/Enziguri combo by the Bucks! Bucks go for the IndyTaker, but Nick instead decides to wipe out the Kingdom with an Asai Moonsault! Nick gets back on the apron, INDYTAKER TO KAZARIAN!! 1-2…MARIA PULLS OUT THE REFEREE!! Daniels stooges off Maria to the ref, while Nick goes onto the apron, running PK to Taven! Referee is with the Kingdom, allowing Daniels to come in with one of the ROH Tag Team Title belts and nail Nick in the head with it! Matt avoids a belt shot, superkick to Daniels! Matt has the belt, nails Daniels, nails Bennett with it, knocking him off the apron. Matt goes to nail Kazarian, but Maria hops up on the apron and snatches the belt away from Matt.

Matt goes to superkick Maria, but Kazarian grabs Matt, roll-up while hooking the tights for the win.

Winners and STILL Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions: The Addiction by pinfall (Roll-Up with tights)

Addiction slither out of the ring, celebrating their title retention. All of a sudden, Ring of Honor matchmaker Nigel McGuinness marches down to ringside with a mic.

Nigel says this is not gonna happen on his watch. Crowd chants for Nigel. Nigel says to Daniels that he is about tired with his actions. When you started this company, it was built on two things. The best, athletic competition in the world and a clean winner and a clean loser. You believed in that then and some of us still believe in that now. Which is why when I gave the Bucks a title shot tonight, I wanted to see a clear title match, but when you wankers came out here, pointing to the Kingdom at ringside, you ruined it. So, in my mind, I think the Bucks still deserve a title shot. But the question remains, when? You know what I’d love to do, I’d love to give the Bucks the Kingdom’s title shot at San Antonio, Texas at All-Star Extravaganza. But, as you well know, contractually, you are guaranteed a title shot on that night. So, I can’t give the Bucks your title shot, but what I can do is give them their own title shot. So, in San Antonio, All-Star Extravaganza, it will be The Kingdom taking on The Addiction taking on The Young Bucks in a Triple Threat Match for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles!

The Addiction and The Kingdom are left fuming about Nigel’s decision as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to the main event.

Main Event in a Death Before Dishonor XIII Return Match for the Ring of Honor World Title: “Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong vs. “The First-Generation Wrestler” Jay Lethal (c) w/The House of Truth

We see video from last week when Jay Lethal retained the ROH TV Title over Hanson. Pre-match intros for this match.

Dueling chants by the crowd as the bell sounds. Code of Honor adhered to, with neither man willing to let go. They slug it out early, sit-out clothesline by Strong, Chop, knee to the ribs, right hand by Strong in the corner. Lethal fights back, but misses a clothesline. Hiptoss and a cartwheel by Lethal, but Strong avoids the basement dropkick and grabs Lethal for the Strong Hold. Lethal blocks it and kicks Strong outside. Strong tries to get back in, but Lethal nails him with a sliding dropkick, sending Strong outside. Lethal with a head of steam, tope suicida wipes out Strong into the barricade! Lethal goes for another one, but Strong gets back in and hits Lethal with a dropkick that sends him all the way outside. Martini checks on Lethal outside as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as both men exchange chops on the outside. Strong with a right hand and a knee to the ribs, then sends Lethal into the barricade. We see replay of Strong’s big dropkick to Lethal earlier. Back to live-action as back in the ring, Strong only gets 1 on Lethal. Big chop by Strong as the crowd continues their dueling chants. Lethal blocks a back suplex with elbows, but Strong counters a suplex with a standing gourdbuster. Lethal avoids a running knee in the corner, then Martini distracts Strong, but Strong pulls down the top rope, sending a charging Lethal to the outside. Strong with a head of steam, but Dijak & Diesel catch him when he goes for the running through-the-ropes dropkick. Strong fends them off, then hits Lethal with an enziguri, but Lethal comes back with a superkick.

Lethal sends Strong into the barricade, then breaks the ref’s 20 count as Martini puts the badmouth on Strong. Big chop by Lethal, then he sends Strong off the apron. Lethal drapes Strong across the apron and hits an elbow drop to the back of the head. Back in, Lethal only gets 1. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Strong. Strong fights out, they exchange right hands. Lethal with an uppercut, but Strong with another big chop that knocks down Lethal. Lethal then comes right back, lifting up Strong and Snake Eyes him across the top turnbuckle. Strong with a chop, but Lethal goes downstairs. Strong sent off the turnbuckles, then Lethal with 10 punches in the corner, ending with the point of his elbow. Strong sent bouncing off the turnbuckles. Lethal gets 2. Back to the chinlock, as we see that Strong has been busted open above his right eye from the elbow by Lethal. Strong tries to get back to his feet, but Lethal drives him back down and gets 2. Back to the chinlock. Strong fights back, but Lethal sends him outside. Referee is with Lethal, allowing Dijak to stomp away at Strong outside. Lethal taunts the crowd as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Strong catches him in mid-air with a backbreaker! Crowd chants for Strong. Strong with a series of chops to Lethal in the corner, but runs into a boot. Lethal goes to the middle rope, but Strong pulls out his leg, catches Lethal in mid-air, but Lethal fights out of another backbreaker. Strong with a running knee to the ribs of Lethal in the ropes, then goes off each side and hits Lethal with a series of running forearms. Inverted Olympic Slam by Strong for 2. We see that the cut on Strong’s forehead has closed up. Lethal fends off Strong, then counters the Gibson Driver with a backdrop. Lethal avoids a leaping knee, superkick to Strong, followed by the Lethal Combination for a close 2. Right hand by Lethal, then he places Strong up top. Another right hand, but Strong fights back. Lethal heads up with Strong, but Strong blocks a superplex and throws Lethal off. Strong heads up top and does Lethal’s own Hail to the King for a close 2. Strike exchange from their knees, then when back on their feet. Strong shoves Lethal and motions for him to bring it. Lethal with more shots, but Strong fires back each time with a chop. More forearms by Lethal, but Strong with a leaping knee. Running knee by Strong in the corner, then he places Lethal up top. Strong heads up top with Lethal, Top Rope Superplex, Strong holds on, but Lethal surprises him with an inside cradle for a close 2. Another leaping knee by Strong, Lethal responds with another superkick! Lethal calls for the Lethal Injection, but Strong goes off Lethal’s blind side off the back handspring, SICK KICK!!! 1-2….LETHAL KICKS OUT!!


Back from commercial as Martini throws the Book of Truth into the ring. Referee sees it and goes to remove the book outside. This allows Lethal to grab the ROH TV Title belt, but Strong stops a belt shot with another leaping knee! Leaping knee knocks Diesel off the apron! Running through-the-ropes dropkick wipes out Dijak outside! Running corner knee by Strong to Lethal, but Lethal fights out of Death by Roderick, another superkick! Yet another superkick by Lethal, then he goes to choke Strong with his wrist tape, but the referee catches Lethal. Referee goes to remove the tape from the ring, but that allows Martini to pass Lethal the ROH World Title belt and Lethal nails Strong with it! LETHAL INJECTION!! 1-2…STRONG KICKS OUT!!! LETHAL IS IN SHOCK!!! Crowd chants for Strong. Lethal stares down Strong, who is trying pick himself up. Another superkick by Lethal, then he calls for the end.


Winner and STILL Ring of Honor World Champion: “The First-Generation Wrestler” Jay Lethal by pinfall (Lethal Injection)

Lethal & The House of Truth celebrate his title retention afterwards, then we see reDRagon make their way onto the rampway, staring down Lethal as they each have title shots against him at All-Star Extravaganza VII on September 18. Lethal holds up both title belts as the show closes.