ROH on DA Results – 10/7/15 (Okada vs. Strong)

Ring of Honor Wrestling on Destination America “Road Rage edition”
October 7, 2015
Brooklyn, New York (MCU Field)
Commentary: Kevin Kelly, King Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of

This week, we will see 2 matches from the August 22nd “Field of Honor” live event at MCU Field in Brooklyn, New York.

Prince Nana joins commentary for this match.

From Field of Honor: The Time-Splitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA) vs. #DemBoys The Briscoes (Jay & Mark)

This is Shelley’s first match back since being injured during New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament in June. “Man Up” chants for the Briscoes before the match. Code of Honor before the bell. KUSHIDA & Jay start. Jay goes downstairs, followed by a headbutt and an uppercut. Mark in, uppercut by Jay, Russian Leg Sweep by Mark for 2. Mark stomps away at KUSHIDA in the corner. Jay in, more shots downstairs to KUSHIDA. Running boot for 2. Mark in, knocks Shelley off the apron. KUSHIDA avoids a Briscoes doubleteam, spinning headscissors to Jay, wheelbarrow bulldog to Mark. KUSHIDA peppers Mark with jabs, but Mark stops the fastball punch. Shelley in, drop toe hold/basement dropkick combo by Time-Splitters to Mark, followed by a punt kick by KUSHIDA to Mark’s arm. Jay peppers Time-Splitters with jabs, but KUSHIDA comes back with a kneelift.

Time-Splitters begin making frequent tags working over Mark’s arm. Mark then counters Shelley, sending him into KUSHIDA, who accidentally drives Shelley’s arm across his own shoulder, thinking that its Mark’s arm he’s doing it to. Mark with a big boot to Shelley. KUSHIDA takes down Mark, Fujiwara Armbar applied. Shelley in, but he’s upset about what KUSHIDA did. More frequent tags by the Time-Splitters, continuing to work over Mark’s arm. Double suplex by Time-Splitters on Mark for 2 while Jay has words with the ref about the constant double-teaming. Shelley with the 10 punches to Mark in the corner, then knocks Jay off the apron with a double sledge off the ropes. Jay tags back in, jawbreaker by Mark, clothesline by Jay.

Uppercut by Jay, front chancery applied. Mark in, knee strike and a chop to Shelley. Jay in, stomps away at Shelley as we see that the knee strike by Mark broke through Shelley’s mouth guard he was wearing and also broke some teeth of his as he is bleeding from the mouth. Back elbow by Jay for 2. Chinlock applied, Shelley fights out, but Jay with another running boot. Mark in, Shelley avoids a Briscoes double team, wipes them out with a running bulldog/clothesline combo.

KUSHIDA in, springboard tomahawk chop to Mark. KUSHIDA with shots to the Briscoes, then ducks as Jay accidentally hits Mark with a running boot. Kicks to the arm of Jay by KUSHIDA, followed by a back handspring elbow. Backflip Kick to Mark sends KUSHIDA onto the apron, then he catches him with an enziguri, but Jay stops KUSHIDA from another springboard with a forearm. Jay charges, but KUSHIDA pulls down the top rope, sending Jay outside. Shelley wipes out Jay with a running knee off the apron. Dropkick to the knees of Mark by KUSHIDA, followed by a moonsault for 2. KUSHIDA fires up as Shelley sends Jay off the ringpost outside. Mark fights back on KUSHIDA with forearms and chops. Jay with a big boot to Shelley outside, Mark with Redneck Kung Fu to KUSHIDA, but KUSHIDA responds with the fastball punch. Soccer kick to the arm, then the tilt-a-whirl takedown into the Hoverboard Lock, but Jay breaks up the submission. Jay with shots to Shelley’s injured mouth, but the Time-Splitters with the dropkick to the knees/running neck grab/cartwheel dropkick combo to Jay, with KUSHIDA doing a little “You Can’t See Me” to Jay. Crowd chants for KUSHIDA. Enziguri/Shotgun Knees combo by Time-Splitters to Mark in the corner, followed by a Top Rope Splash/Standing Moonsault combo for a close 2. Shelley in, Time-Splitters go for the I-94 (Sliced Bread/Powerbomb combo) on Mark, but Jay stops it. Jay gets Shelley in the Tree of Woe, Mark sends KUSHIDA into Shelley. Avalanche by Jay to KUSHIDA, followed by a clothesline to Mark. Mark grabs Shelley from the corner. Redneck Boogie by the Briscoes for a close 2. Jay in, Mark sends KUSHIDA outside. Jay goes for the Jay Driller on Shelley, but Shelley slips out. Shelley with a chop to the throat, but Jay comes back with a rolling elbow. Jay goes for the Jay Driller again, but KUSHIDA stops it with a Step-Up Enziguri. KUSHIDA slips out of the Urnangi Suplex by Mark, but Mark gets it on the second try.

Superkick by Shelley to Mark, but third time is the charm for Jay as he finally hits the Jay Driller on Shelley for the win.

Winners: #DemBoys The Briscoes by pinfall (Jay Driller)

Briscoes celebrate their win afterwards, Code of Honor adhered to afterwards by all 4.


Back from commercial, we see highlights of the Gauntlet Match that saw Watanabe win and earn a TV Title shot. He gets his shot against champion Jay Lethal next week on ROH TV.


Back from commercial, ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness joins commentary for the next match.

Main Event from Field of Honor: “Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong vs. IWGP Champion “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada

Crowd chants for Okada before the match. Code of Honor adhered to before the bell. Dueling chants now by the crowd as the bell sounds. Strong goes to work on Okada’s arm early. Strong takes Okada down into an armbar. Okada comes back with a snapmare, followed by a running sliding dropkick. Okada applies his unique Abdominal Stretch variation, Strong gets to the ropes. Strong goes up & over, slips out of a slam, catches Okada with a dropkick for only 1.

Big chops by Strong in the corner, back suplex for 2. Suplex by Strong, chinlock applied. Okada fights out, but Strong with another dropkick for 2. Series of shoulders to the ribs by Strong in the corner, followed by more chops. Okada fights back, but Strong grabs him from the turnbuckles, powerslam for another 2. Back to the chinlock, Okada gets to the ropes. Strong sends Okada outside. More chops by Strong, Okada fights back, but Strong then BACK SUPLEXES OKADA ONTO THE BARRICADE AND INTO THE CROWD!!! Referee stops his 20 count and goes outside to see if Okada can continue. Strong grabs Okada, more chops. Strong lifts up Okada, hot-shots him ribs-first across the barricade! Referee begins his 20 count, Okada back in at 8, Strong instantly on the attack with stomps. Back to the chinlock. Okada fights out, but Strong with a knee to the ribs. Okada slips out of a slam, neckbreaker to Strong.

Back elbow by Okada, but Strong instantly cuts him off with a knee to the ribs, but Okada responds with a DDT. Okada kips up, but Strong catches him off a running corner back elbow. Okada fights out, but Strong with a big chop. Strong off the ropes, Okada catches him with the one-man flapjack for 2. Slam by Okada, then he heads up top. Okada leaps over a charging Strong, Strong catches him with a boot, then the toe enziguri and the inverted Olympic Slam for 2. Throwing Gourdbuster by Strong, but Okada catches him off a corner charge, places him up top, Too Awesome Dropkick sends Strong off the turnbuckles and crashing down outside! Okada goes after Strong from the apron, but Strong sweeps the leg out, grabs Okada in mid-air, BACKBREAKER ONTO THE APRON!! Back in, Strong gets a close 2. Crowd now chants for Strong. Okada with a knee strike to get out of another gourdbuster, grabs a charging Strong and hits the Emerald Frosion across the knee, both men down, referee begins his 10 count.

Both men back up at 7. Strike exchange, Strong with chops, Okada with uppercuts. Olympic Slam by Strong. Running corner knee strike, running corner forearm. They head up top, Okada knocks Strong off, but Strong comes back with an enziguri. Strong heads back up top, Top Rope Superplex to Okada for a close 2. Strong Hold applied, Okada thinks about tapping, but is able to reach the ropes to force a break. More chants by the crowd for Strong. Okada slips out of a suplex, goes for the Rainmaker, but Strong avoids it. Series of forearms and a back elbow by Strong, but Okada catches him with the Too Awesome Dropkick! Okada goes again for the Rainmaker, but Strong counters it with a leaping knee! Two more leaping knees by Strong, then he lifts up Okada, DEATH BY RODERICK!! Strong off the ropes, SICK KICK!!! 1-2…..OKADA KICKS OUT!!!! STRONG CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Okada grabs Strong from out of nowhere, TOMBSTONE!! Strong goes for another leaping knee, but Okada grabs him in mid-air, ANOTHER TOMBSTONE!!! Okada fires up! Okada goes for the Rainmaker, then grabs Strong again when he tries to counter with another leaping knee, High-Angle German!

Okada holds on, RAINMAKEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! 1-2-3!! WOW!!!

Winner: IWGP Champion “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada by pinfall (Rainmaker)

Multiple referees check on both men afterwards. When they get to their feet, Code of Honor is adhered to by both men. Strong raises Okada’s hand and leaves as Okada gives him an ovation, then celebrates his win as the show closes.