Ring of Honor Wrestling on Comet
January 16, 2016
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2300 Arena)
Commentary: Kevin Kelly, Mr. Wrestling 3
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then commentary welcomes us to the show. We go to the opening match.

The Addiction w/Chris Sabin def. ACH & Alex Shelley by pinfall when they pinned ACH with Celebrity Rehab.

Addiction continue the attack after, with Daniels even knocking out the ref. Before Daniels could use the ring bell hammer on Shelley, matchmaker Nigel McGuinness came out and suspended Daniels, who left fuming.

Mark Briscoe def. Adam Page w/The Decade by pinfall with Froggy Bow after Page was distracted by Whitmer yelling at Mr. Wrestling 3 on commentary, saying he was Steve Corino.

In-ring segment with Whitmer and Mr. Wrestling 3 where Whitmer demands he unmask to reveal himself as Corino, but Wrestling 3 says he isn’t Corino, but he knows Corino and he knows that Corino will soon be back to come after Whitmer because he will always be an evil man.

Ringside promo by Silas Young, saying that he is disappointed in the Boys for going back to Dalton Castle at Final Battle, but he wants them to make the right decision soon, or they will be sorry.

Main Event in a Philadelphia Street Fight: The Young Bucks def. Adam Cole & Michael Bennett w/Maria Kanellis & reDRagon by pinfall when they pinned Bennett after a Styles Clash by AJ Styles, who ran in to help the Bucks lay waste to Bennett & Maria after Cole & O’Reilly brawled to the back.

The Bucks & Styles celebrate their win to close the show.