Wrestlers in Movies

Adam Copeland (Edge)
Bending the Rules (Nick Blades), Highlander: Endgame (Road bandit)

Afa Anoai
Body Slam (The Samoan), Mr. Nanny (Self)

Al Snow
Rudy (Football Player), The Genesis of Lincoln (Willie Joe Pepridge), Legend of the Red Reaper (Bad Ass Wrestling Demon), Agua Caliente (Joey Prego), VIViD (Detective Enrique ‘Rico’ Vasquez), Overtime (Raph), Cry for Blood (Titus), Calendar Girl (Dr. L. Cassidy), Underground Entertainment (Philosopher Al), Mountain Mafia (Charlie Hamilton), Hell House (Grim), The Legacy (Grim), Rose Colored Miles (Bruce Ashmore), The Still Life (Art Buyer), They’re Just My Friends (Big Al)

Andre the Giant
Conan the Destroyer (Dagoth), Trading Mom (Circus Giant), Micki + Maude (Self), The Princess Bride (Fezzik), Casse-tête chinois pour le judoka (Fighter)

Andrew Anderson
The Wrestler (2008 – Self), Sucker Free City (Fernando), Creepy Tales: Girls Night Out

Andrew Martin (Test)
Grindhouse (Nazi Boxer), Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf (Benjamin Jacobs),

Antonio Banks (MVP)
MacGruber (Vernon Freedom)

Antonio Inoki
The Bad News Bears Go to Japan (Self), Acacia

Austin Aries
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Bill Goldberg
Ready to Rumble (Self), Holly, Jingles & Clyde 3D (Gus), Minkow (Sax), Santa’s Slay (Santa), The Longest Yard (Battle), Looney Tunes: Back in Action (Mr. Smith), Universal Soldier: The Return (Romeo/UniSol 2500), The Kid & I (Self)

Billy Graham
Fist Fighter (Arm Wrestler), The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

Billy Robinson
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

Bobby Dempsey
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Booker Huffman (Booker T)
Ready to Rumble (Self)

Brian Heffron (Blue Meanie)
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Buff Bagwell
Day of the Warrior, Return to Savage Beach

Charles Ashenoff (Konnan)
Ready to Rumble (Self)

Charles Robinson
Ready to Rumble (Self), Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred (Referee)

Chris Jericho
MacGruber (Frank Korver), Albino Farm (Levi), Android Apocalypse (TeeDee)

Claudio Castagnoli
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Curt Hennig (Mr. Perfect)
Ready to Rumble (Self), Bad Guys (Wrestler)

Dalip Singh (The Great Khali)
The Longest Yard (Turley), Kushti (Karan Singh), MacGruber (Tug Phelps), Get Smart (Dalip)

Dallas Page (DDP)
The Lords of Salem, Vengeance, Pizza Man (Kryder/The Big cheese), Red & Blue Marbles (JP), Gallowwalker (Skullbucket), Bald (Huge Bruce), Driftwood (Captain Kennedy), Splinter (Detective Stiles), Hood of Horror (Jersey), Jack’s Law (Spider Benson), High Hopes (Sleezy Guy), The Devil’s Rejects (Billy Ray Snapper), The Scam Artist (Lenny), First Daughter (Dirk Lindman),

Dan Gable
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

Dan Severn
Rudy (Football Player), College Fright Night (Cop #1), Double Fury (Dan), Win by Fall (Coach Winters), Tetherball: The Movie (Dan), Minor League: A Football Story (Applicant #1)

Danny Hodge
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

Dick ‘The Bruiser’ Afflis
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

Dick Murdoch
The Wrestler (1974 – Self), Manhattan Merengue! (Bouncer), Paradise Alley (Wrestler)

Don Muraco
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

Douglas Crosby
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Dusty Rhodes
The Wrestler (1974 – Self), Paradise Park (Deputy Johnny Morton), Gold Raiders

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
Faster (Driver), Fast Five (Luke Hobbs), The Fast & Furious 6 (Luke Hobbs), Pain and Gain (Adrain Doorbal), G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Roadblock), Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (Hank), You Again (Air Marshall), The Other Guys (Christopher Danson), Why Did I Get Married Too? (Patricia’s Co-Woker), Tooth Fairy (Derek Thompson), Planet 51 (Captain Charles T. Baker – voice), Race to Witch Mountain (Jack Bruno), Get Smart (Agent 23), The Game Plan (Joe Kingman), Reno 911!: Miami (SWAT Member), Gridiron Gang (Sean Porter), Southland Tales (Boxer Santaros/Jericho Cane), Doom (Sarge), Be Cool (Elliot Wilhelm), Walking Tall (Chris Vaughn), The Rundown (Beck), The Scorpion King (Mathayus), Longshot (Mugger), The Mummy Returns (Mathayus)

Dylan Summers
The Wrestler (2008 – Necro Butcher)

Ed Leslie (Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake)
Thunder in Paradise I & II (Brutus), Mr. Nanny, McCinsey’s Island (Jet Skier #1), Santa with Muscles (Sumo Lab Assistant),

Ed ‘Wahoo’ McDaniel
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

Eddie Graham
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

Ernest Miller
The Wrestler (2008 – The Ayatollah), Blood and Bone (Mommie Dearest)

Gene Okerlund
Timemaster (Bob), No Holds Barred (Commentator #2)

George “The Animal” Steele
Ed Wood (Tor Johnson)

George Gray (One Man Gang)
Stay Tuned (Mr. Gordon)

Glenn Gilbertti (Disco Inferno)
Ready to Rumble (Self)

Glenn Jacobs (Kane)
MacGruber (Tanker Lutz), See No Evil (Jacob Goodnight)

Greg Gagne
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

H.B. Haggerty
The Wrestler (1974 – Bartender), Million Dollar Mystery (Awful Abdul), The Last Fling, Rad (Sgt. Smith), Hollywood Vice Squad (Tank), Micki + Maude (Barkhas Guillory), Return of the Rebels (Bear), The Big Brawl (Kiss), The Kids Who Knew Too Much (Louie), The Muppet Movie (Lumberjack), Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Tigerman #2), Deathsport (Jailer), When Every Day Was the Fourth of July (Casey), The One and Only (Captain Nemo), Mad Bull (Mr. Clean), Curse of the Black Widow (Marion ‘Popeye’ Sykes), Stunts (Redneck), Final Chapter: Walking Tall (Bulow), The Four Deuces (Mickey Navarro), Framed (Bickford), Earthquake (Pool Player), Foxy Brown (Brandi), Bogard (Moose), Decisions! Decisions! (Lars), Crosscurrent (J.P. Moose), Adam-12 (Dobish), A Dream of Kings (Turk), Paint Your Wagon (Steve Bull), P.J. (Ape)

Haystacks Calhoun
Requiem for a Heavyweight (Self)

Hulk Hogan
Gnomeo & Juliet (Terrafirminator – voice), Little Hercules in 3-D (Zeus), Muppets from Space (Man in Black), Assault on Death Mountain (Mike McBride), The Ultimate Weapon (Cutter), 3 Ninja: High Noon at Mega Mountain (Dave Dragon), McCinsey’s Island (Joe McGrai), Assault on Devil’s Island (Mike McBride), Santa with Muscles (Blake), Spy Hard (Steele’s Other Tag Team Member), The Secret Agent Club (Ray Chase), Thunder in Paradise I, II & III (Randolph J. ‘Hurricane’ Spencer), Mr. Nanny (Sean Armstrong), Suburban Commando (Shep Ramsey), No Holds Barred (Rip), Rocky III (Thunderlips), Zombie Hamlet (Self/Mr. Macbeth), Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Self)

James Hellwig (Ultimate Warrior)
Firepower (The Swordsman), Odd Jobs

Jason Reso (Christian)
Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf (Officer Pete Gallant), Shoot ‘Em Up (Senator’s Guard)

Jeff Jarrett
Head of State (Wrestler), Life with Mikey (Evil Eye)

Jerry “The King” Lawler
Girls Gone Dead (Sheriff Jackson Cole), Life with Mikey (The Lobotomizer), Man on the Moon (Self), Beyond the Mat (Self)

Jesse Ventura
The Drunk (Governor Littleton), Woodshop (Mr. Madson), The Ringer (Motivational Speaker – voice), Batman & Robin (Arkham Asylum Guard), Demolition Man (CryoCon), Ricochet (Chewalski), Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe (Abraxas), Thunderground (The Man), The Running Man (Captain Freedom), Predator (Blain), Major League II (Himself), Repossessed (Himself), No Holds Barred (Commentator #1), Stuck on You (Self), The Master of Disguise (Self), Joe Somebody (Self)

Jim Neidhart
Thunder in Paradise (Kowalski)

Jim Ross
Rollerball (Self)

Jimmy Hart
Thunder in Paradise (Jammin’ Jimmy)

Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka
The Half-Life Horror from Hell or: Irradiated Satan Rocks the World! (Shaman), Buffalo Bushido (Self), In Your Face (Self),

Joe Scarpello
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

John Cena
Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred (Fred’s Dad), The Reunion (Sam Cleary), Fred: The Movie (Fred’s Dad), Legendary (Mike Chetley), 12 Rounds (Danny Fisher), The Marine (John Triton)

John Minton (Big John Studd)
Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man (Jack Daniels), The Marrying Man (Dante), Shock ‘Em Dead (Offer Meak), Caged in Paridiso (Big Man), Hyper Space (Psycho), The Protector (Huge Hood), Micki + Maude (Big John Stud)

Johnny Valiant
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Jorge ‘Giant’ Gonzales
Thunder in Paradise I & II (Terremotto), Hercules in the Underworld (Eryz the Boxer)

Juventud Guerrera
Ready to Rumble (Self)

Ken Anderson
Dogs Lie (Yuri), Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia (MCPO Carter Holt)

Ken Shamrock
Beyond the Mat (Color Commentator), Virtuosity (Fighter)

Kerry Von Erich
Problem Child (Neo Nazi)

Kevin Foote
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Kevin Nash
Magic Mike (Tarzan), Rock of Ages (Body Guard), The Association (Gordon), The Newest Pledge (Merkhaus’ Dad), Monster Brawl (Colonel Crookshank), Almighty Thor (Odin), River of Darkness (Jayden Jacobs), DOA: Dead or Alive (Bass Armstrong), The Punisher (The Russian), Family Plan (Jackhammer Guy), Teenage Mutat Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (Super Shredder), Grandma’s Boy (Mover #2)

Kimberly Page
The 40 Year Old Virgin (Woman at Speed Dating), Monarch of the Moon (Dragonfly), Grayson (Selina Kyle/Catwoman), The Scam Artist (Sylvia Heinrich)

Kit Cope (Havoc)
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Kurt Angle
Drummer for the Mob (FBI Agent), Beyone the Mat (Coach Kamen), Death from Above (Thule), Warrior (Koba), River of Darkness (Sheriff Will Logan), Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (Wolfgang), Endgame (Brad Mayfield Det Bishop)

Larry Legend
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Larry Sweeney
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Lenny Montana
Pandemonium (Coach), Blood Song (Skipper), …All the Marbles (Jerome), Evilspeak (Jake), Below the Belt, The Big Brawl (John), Defiance (Whacko), The Jerk (Conman), Seven (The Kahuna), They Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way (Brick), Matilda (Hood #1), Fingers (Luchino), Patty (The Racketeer), The Funny Face of the Godfather (Saro), The Godfather (Luca Brasi), Change of Habit (Grocer)

Lord ‘Tally Ho’ Blears
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

Lou Albano
Stay Tuned (Ring Announcer), Hot Ice, No-one Is Safe (Frankie the Hat), 13th Grade (Self), Mafioso: The Father, the Son (Doc), The Undertaker’s Dozen (Lou Costanza), The Boys Behind the Desk, Complex World (Boris Lee), Body Slam (Capt. Lou Murano), Wise Guys (Frank ‘The Fixer’ Acavano)

Ludvig Borga
Die Hard: With a Vengeance (Roman)

Mark Calaway (The Undertaker)
Suburban Commando (Hutch)

Mark Henry
MacGruber (Tut Beemer)

Mark Hildreth (Van Hammer)
Ready to Rumble (Self)

Matthew Kaye (Matt Striker)
Wise Guys (Harry Jr.), Tezz (CO19 Officer), Big Fat Gypsy Gangster (Riot Officer), Wrestlemaniac (Self), The Child Saver (Marty)

Maven Bentley
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Michael Hayner
Ready to Rumble (Self)

Mike Tenay
Ready to Rumble (Self)

Nate Hatred
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Nathan Jones
Troy (Boagrius), Conan the Barbarian (Akhun), Muay Thai Giant (Barney Emerald), Asterix at the Olympic Games (Humungus), The Condemned (Petr), Fearless (Hercules O’Brien), The Protector (T.K.), Doom Runners (Vike), Jackie Chan’s First Strike (Hit Man)

Nick Papagiorgio
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Nicky Benz
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Nicole Bass
Private Parts (Self)

Oleg Aleksandrovich Prudius (Vladimir Kozlov)
Grindhouse (Nazi Boxer), 25th Hour (Russian Hood #1), April (Self)

Oscar Gutiérrez (Rey Mysterio Jr.)
Ready to Rumble (Self), Freddy vs. Jason (Jumper)

Ox Baker
The Big Brawl (Fighter), Escape From New York (Slag), Blood Circus (Russian Wrestler)

Paul E. Normous
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Paul Heyman
Rollerball (Self)

Paul Levesque (HHH)
Inside Out (Arlo Jane), The Chaperone (Ray Bradstone), Relative Strangers (Wrestler), Blade: Trinity (Jarko Grimwood)

Paul Wight (The Big Show)
MacGruber (Brick Hughes), Little Hercules in 3-D (Marduk), The Waterboy (Captain Insano), McCinsey’s Island (Little Snowflake), Jingle All the Way (Huge Santa), Reggie’s Prayer (Mr. Portola)

Perry Saturn
Ready to Rumble (Self)

Peter Gruner (Billy Kidman)
Ready to Rumble (Self)

Peter Maivia
You Only Live Twice (Car Driver)

Randy Savage
Bolt (Thug – voice), Spider-Man (Bone Saw McGraw), Ready to Rumble (Self)

Ray Stevens
The Wrestler (1974 – Self), Paradise Alley (Wrestler)

Reginald Lisowski
The Wrestler (1974 – The Crusher)

Ric Flair
The Wrestler (1974 – Self),

Rob Eckos
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Robert Remus
G.I. Joe: The Movie (Sgt. Slaughter – voice)

Roddy Piper
Fancypants (Smiley), Pizza Man (Roderick), Clear Lake (Wayne), The Portal (Homeless George), Alien Opponent (Father Melluzzo), Lights Out (Detective Callahan), A Gothic Tale (Narrator), Blind Eye (Fred Mears), Super Sweet 16: The Movie (Mitch), Honor (LT Tyrell), Shut Up and Shoot! (Yokum The Bartender), Costa Chica: Confession of an Exorcist (Luca McMurter), Domestic Import (Bronco Bill), Three Wise Guys (Pastor Roberts), Jack of Hearts (Detective Deeks), Last to Surrender (Nick Ford), Shepherd (Miles), Legless Larry & the Lipstick Lady (Legless Larry), Hard Time (Randy), The Bad Pack (Dash Simms), Dead Tides (Mick Leddy), First Encounter, Terminal Rush (Bartel), Marked Man (Frank Gibson), No Contest (Ice), Jungleground (Lt. Jacob ‘Jake’ Cornell), Immortal Combat (John Keller), Back in Action (Frank Rossi), Tagteam (Rick McDonald), The Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage (Maurice Steiger), They Live (Nada), Hell Comes to Frogtown (Sam Hell), Buy & Cell (Cowboy), The Highwayman (Preacher), Body Slam (Quick Rick Roberts), The One and Only (Leatherneck Joe Brady)

Ron Killings
The Wrestler (2008 – Self)

Sam Fatu
Body Slam (Tonga Tom), Highlander (Professional Wrestler)

Scott Bigelow (Bam Bam)
Ready to Rumble (Self), Icebreaker (SWAT Team), Joe’s Apartment (Boss Construction), Major Payne (Huge Biker)

Sid Eudy (Sid Vicious)
Ready to Rumble (Self), Tears of Bankers (Sid), Death from Above (Herzog), River of Darkness (Jonah Jacobs)

Sika Anoai
Body Sla (The Samoan)

Stacy Kiebler
Bubble Boy (Working Girl), Dysfunctional Friends (Storm), A Drop of Love (Salesperson), Finding Pete (Mandy), The Comebacks (All-American Mom), Liberty Heights (Extra), Pecker (Blonde on Bus)

Stephanie Bellars (Gorgeous George)
Ready to Rumble (Self)

Steve Austin
The Package (Tommy Wick), Maximum Conviction (Manning), Tactical Force (Tate), Knockout (Dan Barnes), Recoil (Ryan Varrett), Hunt to Kill (Jim Rhodes), The Expendables (Paine), Damage (John Brickner), The Condemned (Conrad), The Longest Yard (Guard Dunham)

Steve Borden (Sting)
Ready to Rumble (Self), The Encounter (Nick), Everyday Life (Al), Shutterspeed (Riley Davis)

Terry Funk
Dark Star Hollow (Gabe), Guido (Duke), Marriage Retreat (Sam), Holyman Undercover (Tony), The Ringer (Frankie), Friday Night Lights (Fan), Road House (Morgan), Timestalkers (Bearded Cowboy), Over the Top (Ruker), Paradise Alley (Frankie the Thumper)

Tiger Chung Lee
Blind Fury (Casino Bodyguard #2), Mountain Mafia (Lee), Cage (Chang), Red Heat (Mongol Hippie) The Golden Child (Khan)

Tommy Lister Jr. (Zeus)
Room & Board (Moses), Cockroaches (Carl the Florist), Trophy (Billy Thomas), No Weapon Formed Against Us (Jackon Hines), Popcorn Ceiling (Bubba), Hillbilly Highway (Wilbert), K-11 (Detroit), Noah’s Ark: The New Beginning (Roaring Giant – voice), Silent No More (Blake), We the Party, Cornered (Cpt. Williams), Hopelessly in June (Pastor G), White T (Mad Rapper), The Preacher’s Family (Jackson Hines), First Dog (Big Mike), Lean Like a Cholo (Crazy Loc), Food Stamps (Reggie the Mail Man), The Lazarus Papers (Tiny Delaney), Holy Water (SixPac Jordan), Super Capers (Sarge), Unemployed, Monster Ark (Sgt. Gentry), The Dark Knight (Tattooed Prisoner), Terra Nova (Sewing Dude), The Hustle (Dog Thief), Tamales and Gumbo (Uncle Mark), Miss B’s Hair Salon (Mr. Biggs), The Grand (German’s Bodyguard), The Pink Conspiracy (The Duke), Bone Dry (Mitch), Ascension Day (Will), The Rimshop (Duncan), Hauntsville (Kaine), Lady Samurai (Big Luther), Who Made the Potatoe Salad? (Monster), One Night with the King (Hegai), Full Clip (Bumaye), Santa’s Slay (Gas Attendant), County General (Big Murder), The Rev (Tiny), Hair Show (Agent Little), Slammed (Bubba), Dracula 3000 (Humvee), A Night in Compton (Rainmaker), Blast (Smiley), El Padrino (T-Bone), Never Die Alone (Rockie), My Baby’s Daddy (Drive By), Vegas Vampires (Andrew Johnson), Hellborn (Smithy), Love Chronicles (Alfonso), Keepin’ It Real (A-Train Tranton), Confidence (Harlin), Austin Powers in Goldmember (Prisoner #2), The Wash (Bear), Soulkeeper (Chad), Out Kold (Sweet), The Duo (Tiny Lister), Little Nicky (Cassius), Shark in a Bottle (The Recruiter), Circus (Moose), Next Friday (Debo), The Cheapest Movie Ever Made, Stealth Fighter (Berg), Supreme Sanction (Lester), Butter (House), I Got the Hook Up (T-Lay), The Players Club (XL), Jackie Brown (Winston), Hoover Park, Criminal Intent (Cutlass Supreme), The Fifth Element (President Lindberg), Below Utopia (Tiny), The Good Bad Guy (Mobster #2), Street Corner Justice (Angel Aikens), Phat Beach (Tiny), Barb Wire (Bouncer), A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (Tyrone), White Cargo (Zeno), The Set Up (Leon), Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead (House), Friday (Deebo), The Kangaroo (Sadran), Don Juan DeMarco (Rocco Compton), Men of War (Blades), Immortal Combat (Yanagi), The Meteor Man (Digit), Posse (Obobo), Trespass (Cletus), Universal Soldier (GR55), Driving Me Crazy (Cubey), 9 ½ Ninjas! (Cutter), Talkin’ Dirty After Dark (Bigg), Secret Agent OO Soul, Chameleons (Luther), Think Big (Z), Homer and Eddie (Man in Bar with Gun), No Holds Barred (Self), The Night Before (Bartender), Prison (Tiny), Beverly Hills Cop II (Orvis), Extreme Prejudice (Monday), Warm Hearts, Cold Feet (Mack ‘Truck’ Jones), Glory Years, Wired to Kill (Sleet), Armed and Dangerous (Bruno), Blue City (Tiny), 8 Million Ways to Die (Nose Guard), Runaway Train (Black Guard)

Tony Schiavone
Ready to Rumble (Self)

Tyler Mayne
Compound Fracture (Michael), 247°F (Wade), Gunless (Jack), Halloween I & II (Michael Myers), The Devil’s Rejects (Rufus), Hercules (Antaeus), Troy (Ajax), Red Serpent, Black Mask 2: City of Masks, The Scorpion King (Barbarian Cheiftain), How to Make a Monster (Hardcore), Joe Dirt (Bondi), X-Men (Sabretooth), Bandit: Bandit Goes Country (Jake ‘Big Sky’ Olson)

Verne Gagne
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)

Vincent J. McMahon
The Wrestler (1974 – Self)