Lucha Underground Results

Lucha Underground Results 2/10/16

Lucha Underground (Season 2, Episode 11: “Bird of War”)
Boyle Heights, CA (The Temple)
April 6, 2016
Commentators: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Report by: Jason Namako of

Show opens with a video recap of Matanza Cueto destroying Pentagon Jr. last week.

Backstage vignette with Dario Cueto taunting Vampiro in the bathroom about taking his meds to remain stable. Dario leaves and Vampiro does take them.

We go to Captain Vasquez’s office as she rips Officer Reyes & Joey Ryan for not nabbing Dario Cueto yet for his crimes. Ryan says that he & Reyes will be in the Trios Tournament and will continue to get the evidence they need to bring down Dario.

Lucha Underground Trios Champion Ivelisse def. Kobra Moon by pinfall with the Desert Eagle (Running Code Red).

We go to a vignette on Killshot about his military background, saying he’s had 37 confirmed deaths and he was told they are were bad people. We see him in action on the battlefield. Killshot talks about his fellow men that were lost in battle and now, he fights a different kind a war, he fights to forget.

Backstage vignette where Famous B walks up to Mascarita Sagrada and gives him his business card, saying he can make him famous. It transitions to the Mack talking with Sexy Star, saying that Dario Cueto put him in a Trio with Marty the Moth and Mariposa, asking Sexy to come out with him for moral support. Sexy declines, as Mack says that someday, those two will have to pay.

The question mark is spraypainted again on the Lucha Underground sign a top the Temple.

Trios Tournament First Round Match: The Crew & Joey Ryan def. Marty the Moth, Mariposa & The Mack to advance when Ryan pinned Marty after the Crew hits him with the Shatter Machine and Mack turns on Marty with a Stunner.

Afterwards, Marty & Mariposa attack Mack until Sexy Star runs out and clears the ring, showing that she is no longer scared of Marty & Mariposa. Mack & Sexy stand tall while Marty & Mariposa flee.

We go back a top the Temple roof where Rey Mysterio Jr., El Dragon Azteca Jr. & Prince Puma form a Trios team for the Trios tournament, featuring Puma speaking for the first time.

Main Event for the Lucha Underground Title: Matanza Cueto (c) w/Dario Cueto def. Fenix by pinfall to retain the title with Tour of the Islands.

Afterwards, Matanza continues the attack on Fenix until the lights go out and Catrina appears a top the Temple steps. When they come back on, Mil Muertes is there and he sends Matanza packing from the ring. Dario keeps Matanza back with his key, while Catrina keeps Mil back with the Rock of Death as these two monsters stare each other down. Fenix gets back up, but Muertes lets him live and leaves as the show closes.