Lucha Underground Results – 4/13/16 (Rey Mysterio Jr., Prince Puma & El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Cage, Johnny Mundo & Taya headlines)

Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground Results 2/10/16

Lucha Underground (Season 2, Episode 12: “Three’s a Crowd”)
Boyle Heights, CA (The Temple)
April 13, 2016
Commentators: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Report by: Jason Namako of

Show opens with a look at the origins of the Gift of the Gods title, utlizing the seven Aztec Medallions, from Season 1, plus a look at the rivalry between Cage and Johnny Mundo, Matanza Cueto winning the Lucha Underground Title and the beginnings of the Trios Contenders Tournament last week.

Backstage, Dario Cueto forces Cage, Johnny Mundo and Taya to be partners in the Trios Tournament and they will compete tonight.

We go inside the Temple where commentary welcomes us to the show. We go to the opening match.

Killshot def. Argenis by pinfall with the JML Driver (Wheelbarrow One Winged Angel).

Backstage, El Dragon Azteca Jr. walks up to Black Lotus, who is guarding outside Dario Cueto’s office and she confirms that Matanza killed El Dragon Azteca, but that she had no choice but to help Dario. Lotus says that they will get their revenge, but just not yet, because Matanza is too powerful and her plan is to stay close to the Cuetos.

In Dario Cueto’s office, he talks to new luchador, Daga, about the seven Aztec Medallions that create the Gift of the Gods Title. Dario says that Daga will face Texano in his Lucha Underground debut tonight for one of those medallions.

For Aztec Medallion #1: Texano def. Daga by pinfall with the Sit-Out Powerbomb to earn the first of the seven Aztec Medallions.

We go to Mil Muertes’ lair with Catrina, who tells him that the Disciples of Death are back and wish to beg for Muertes’ forgiveness. Muertes tells them to rise and Catrina tells them to leave, saying they will not fail again. Next week, they will be one step closer to winning back the Trios Titles and you will be Lucha Underground champion again. However, Matanza is unlike anyone you’ve ever faced before, more aggressive than the earthquake that made you. Muertes angrily yells out.

Main Event in a Trios Tournament First Round Match: Rey Mysterio Jr., Prince Puma & El Dragon Azteca Jr. def. Johnny Mundo, Cage & Taya by pinfall to advance when Puma pinned Mundo with the 630 after Cage turned on Mundo by laying him out with a Discus Clothesline. Babyfaces celebrate their win afterwards.

Show ends with Dario Cueto talking to his brother, Matanza, at his cage, about Matanza’s title defense next week against Mil Muertes. Dario says that Matanza must stay locked up because he is most valuable to him. Next week, make me proud and bring death to the dead. Matanza shakes the cage in anger as the show closes.

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