Lucha Underground Results – 5/25/16 (Cage vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. for the Gift of the Gods Title, Trios Title defense, more on Cuerno-Muertes and Vampiro-Pentagon stories)

Lucha Underground results

Lucha Underground Results 2/10/16

Lucha Underground (Season 2, Episode 18: “Enter the Mundo”)
Boyle Heights, CA (The Temple)
May 25, 2016
Commentators: Matt Striker & Vampiro
Report by: Jason Namako of

Show opens with another vignette with Pentagon Jr. and Vampiro in Vampiro’s temple, with Pentagon beginning to show the will to fight back against his master.

Joey Ryan def. Mascarita Sagrada w/Famous B and Brenda by pinfall with a Tornado DDT.

Vignette on Taya.

King Cuerno vignette backstage where we see that he still has the coffin of the presumed dead Mil Muertes from the Graver Consequences Match two weeks ago.

Gift of the Gods Title: Cage def. Chavo Guerrero Jr. (c) to win the title by pinfall with Weapon X. Afterwards, Cage announces he is immediately cashing in the title to face Matanza Cueto for the Lucha Underground Title next week.

Vignette backstage where we see that Johnny Mundo has laid out Fenix and will now replace him in the trios team with PJ Black and Jack Evans in tonight’s main event. We also see that Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro arrested Mr. Cisco to continue the story of them being undercover cops wrestling in Lucha Underground in the attempt to bring down Dario Cueto.

Main Event for the Lucha Underground Trios Titles: Jack Evans, PJ Black and Johnny Mundo w/Taya def. Rey Mysterio Jr., Prince Puma and El Dragon Azteca Jr. (c’s) to win the titles by pinfall when Mundo pinned Azteca after Evans hit Azteca with a chair.

New champions celebrate their title win as the show closes.