A look at the 9/28 and 10/5 of Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network

Lucha Underground Results

The following has taken place on the last two episodes of Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network for September 28 and October 5:

* El Dragon Azteca Jr. won the opportunity for a match at revenge with Pentagon Dark, defeating Chavo Guerrero Jr. with Rey Mysterio Jr. as guest referee after Mysterio and Chavo got into it with one another.

* Black Lotus is planning on returning to the Temple to go after Pentagon Dark for breaking her arm at Ultima Lucha Dos, but she is coming with a series of masked ninjas, known as the Black Lotus Triad.

* After Prince Puma defeated Catrina and Mil Muertes’ underling, Sinsetro de la Muerte, Catrina killed him and sucked his soul away from him, then transferred it to Mil Muertes, saying that she wants Muertes to do the same to Prince Puma. Muertes then costs Puma a chance at the Lucha Underground Title by interfering in Puma’s match with Matanza Cueto and lays him out with Straight to Hell, allowing Matanza to retain the title with Wrath of the Gods.

* Dario Cueto put Cortez Castro, the crooked LAPD detective, in a match with Pentagon Dark, which Pentagon won and then broke Castro’s arm.

* Ivelisse saw her first action in Season 3, defeating Mariposa with the Desert Eagle, but then got laid out after by Mariposa and her brother, Marty the Moth. We then see after that Ivelisse has a new man in her life, the debuting Jeremiah, who is former NXT star and current indie star Sami Callihan. Jeremiah hears what happened earlier and says he is gonna go after them, but Ivelisse calms him down, saying after what happened before with Son of Havoc, she wants to keep her professional and personal lives separate.

* Johnny Mundo continues his quest at a title in Lucha Underground, wanting a Gift of the Gods Title shot against champion Sexy Star. Dario Cueto grants his request, but to Mundo’s Worldwide Underground partner, Jack Evans, since Evans pinned Star in a 8-Person Tag the week prior, leaving Mundo fuming.

* Cage went up 2-0 over Texano in their Best of 5 series for Dario Cueto’s Ultimate Opportunity.

* Finally, we see Killshot receive a burned note from someone from his miltary past that read, “You Left Me for Dead.”