Lucha Underground Results – 10/19/16 (Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes in the main event, another spin of the Dial of Doom)

Lucha Underground Results

The following took place on the 10/19 episode of Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network:

* Prince Puma refused help from Vampiro prior to his match with Mil Muertes in the main event.

* Dario Cueto’s Dial of Doom to see who would face his brother, champion Matanza Cueto, for the Lucha Underground Title, landed on Killshot, who was unsuccessful in winning the Lucha Underground Title from Matanza as Matanza beat him with Wrath of the Gods. Afterwards, an unknown man from Killshot’s past came in, shocking Killshot by his appearance and eventually beat down Killshot, saying the same thing that Killshot got in a letter a few weeks back, “You left me for dead.”

* Before the next match, Dario Cueto announces the return of Aztec Warfare for the Lucha Underground Title in 4 weeks and he is making his brother Matanza entrant #1 to give him a real challenge. Dario then made a Triple Threat Match between Trios Champions Drago, Fenix and Aerostar to determine who would get in Aztec Warfare as entrant #20, while the losers wouldn’t be in the match at all. Drago went on to beat Fenix and Aerostar to become entrant #20, pinning Aerostar with his running Blockbuster-style DDT. Afterwards, we would see Kobra Moon come up to Drago backstage and say that he’d better win for “their tribe”, but Drago says he doesn’t belong to “their tribe” anymore.

* We see another vignette for the impending arrival of the White Rabbit faction.

* Johnny Mundo finally gets his shot at the Gift of the Gods Title and Sexy Star after he came into Dario Cueto’s office and handed him back his briefcase containing $100,000 that Mundo stole from Cueto all the way back on the very first episode of Lucha Underground, only the briefcase contained $94,373 that Mundo said he had to use some to pay off someone because of some internet photos. Dario grants Mundo a title shot against Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods Title.

* Prince Puma gets revenge on Mil Muertes by defeating him in the main event with the 630, then motions to Catrina after that her death is coming.

* Finally, Rey Mysterio Jr. goes to meet up with Chavo Guerrero Sr. to let him know that he has to get rid of Chavo Guerrero Jr, Chavo Sr’s son, because Lucha Underground is not big enough for the both of them. Chavo Sr. respects Mysterio’s request, saying that the Guerrero dynasty will not end with his son and that if Mysterio has to get rid of Chavo, then so be it.