WWE Backlash Results – 6/14/20 (Edge vs. Randy Orton in the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever)

WWE Backlash Results

WWE Backlash Results
June 14, 2020
Orlando, Florida
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show hyping up all the matches we’re going to see tonight on WWE Backlash.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks are interviewed backstage. They’re asked if they lose the titles will their friendship be over. They are offended by the question. Bayley says Kayla Braxton will look in the mirror and realize how stupid that was later tonight.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley (c’s)

The bell rings. It’ll be Nikki Cross, Bayley, and Billie Kay starting the match. Kay yells at Alexa Bliss, so Cross forearms her down. Cross throws forearms at Kay and Bayley until they whip her down by the hair. Bayley punches Kay before running her into Peyton Royce. Sasha Banks tags in, but Cross tags Bliss in. Bliss forearms Banks back. All three teams are in a standoff. Banks, Bliss, and Royce are legal. Royce knocks Bliss down and rolls Banks up for a two count. Banks clubs Royce and hits a springboard arm drag for a two count. Banks avoids a leg trip. Banks tries to avoid a Gory Special with a roll-up, but Royce drops down. Bliss kicks Banks and takes Royce down. Royce turns Bliss over and picks up a two count.

All three teams get in the ring again and standoff. A brawl breaks out. Bliss slaps Royce and Banks before tagging Cross in. Royce quickly hits Cross with a spin kick for a two count. Bayley tags in, but the referee doesn’t see it. She re-tags and legally enters. Cross takes Bayley down, but Kay breaks up the pin. Kay and Bayley team up to double-team Cross. They then turn on each other. Kay suplexes Bayley and poses. Bayley and Kay fumble through a spot before Banks knees Kay in the head. Bayley covers, but Cross breaks it up. Cross fights back, and all three women get taken out.

Bliss tags in and clotheslines Bayley and Royce. Bliss dropkicks Bayley down before hitting double knees on Royce. Bliss immediately transitions into a Thesz Press on Bayley. Bliss takes Banks and Royce down with the press as well. Bliss knocks Kay off the apron and hits a double cross-body block on Royce and Bayley. Banks tags in, but Royce hits a cross-body block off the apron onto the other competitors.


Royce elbows Banks in the face, and the IIconics hit the Magic Killer. Bliss and Cross quickly hit The IIconics. Bliss and Cross hit Royce with a double-team flapjack. Kay drags Cross out of the ring, and they clunk heads. Bliss hits Twisted Bliss on Royce. Banks immediately rolls Bliss up for the win.

Winners by Pinfall and still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Sasha Banks and Bayley

WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman drives up to the WWE Performance Center.

Video Package: Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

Sheamus quickly hooks a side headlock and takes Hardy down before ripping at his face. Hardy fights up and applies a waistlock. Sheamus backs him to the corner, but Hardy hooks a side headlock. Sheamus tries to whip Hardy off, but Hardy cinches in the side headlock. Sheamus quickly knees him and talks trash in the corner. Sheamus kicks him before ripping at his fishnet shirt. Sheamus sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Hardy dropkicks him in the knees and stomps at the leg. Hardy hits a slingshot splash and continues to club the back. Hardy backs up, and Sheamus pops up with a clothesline. Sheamus shouts an insult at the crowd.

Sheamus uppercuts Hardy down and chokes him on the ropes. Sheamus rips at the shirt again and sends him into the ropes, but Hardy holds on. Hardy drops him on the apron and dropkicks him to the floor. Hardy dives off the steel steps and clotheslines Sheamus down. Hardy bounces Sheamus off the commentary table and removes the top half of the steel steps. Hardy thinks about it and puts it down. Hardy gets in the ring and clubs Sheamus before trying for a suplex. Sheamus blocks it, powers Hardy to the corner, and viciously elbows away at him. Sheamus then gives him a front suplex that clips Hardy’s leg on the ring post. Hardy falls to the apron and clutches his leg. Sheamus lifts Hardy up and hits a swinging sidewalk slam. Sheamus goes to the second rope and hits a diving knee drop for a near fall. Sheamus shouts at the crowd before digging his boot into Hardy’s throat. Sheamus drags him into the ring and hits a pair of Irish Curse Backbreakers for another near fall. Sheamus applies a chin lock, but Hardy fights up and hits a jawbreaker. Sheamus quickly floors him with a vicious knee to the face for a near fall.

Sheamus shouts at Michael Cole on commentary. Sheamus goes back to the chin lock on Hardy. Hardy fights up, sends Sheamus sternum-first into the turnbuckles, and hits a back suplex. Hardy starts to punch away at him and hits the ropes, but Sheamus wipes him out with a clothesline. Sheamus jumps off the top rope, but Hardy avoids it. Hardy connects with Whisper in the Wind. Hardy takes Sheamus, hits a double leg drop, and splashes him for a two count. Hardy sets up for a Twist of Fate, but Sheamus rolls him up for a two count. Hardy hits a mule kick, but Sheamus soon sends him into the ropes. Hardy hits a modified Sling Blade and starts going to the top rope. Sheamus cuts him off and climbs to the top rope. Hardy punches him off and goes for a Swanton Bomb. Sheamus sweeps the feet, and Hardy falls onto Sheamus. Sheamus connects with White Noise for another near fall!


Sheamus grabs Hardy’s legs and stomps the midsection. Sheamus then applies the Irish Cloverleaf. Hardy screams in pain, but he makes it to the bottom rope for the rope break. Sheamus kicks Hardy in the back a few times. Sheamus sets him up on the apron and hits the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán. Hardy collapses in pain. Sheamus lifts Hardy, but Hardy slides off and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Hardy drops Sheamus with the Twist of Fate! Hardy follows up with a Swanton Bomb, but Sheamus gets a foot on the bottom rope before the three count!

Hardy catches Sheamus going outside and dives off the barricade, but Sheamus Brogue Kicks him out of mid-air! Sheamus gets him in the ring and connects with another Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Sheamus

The Miz and John Morrison are talking about being co-Universal Champions. Kayla Braxton says whoever scores the win is the SOLE Universal Champion. They look shocked and pretend to be ok with it. Otis comes up and says he may cash in if they win tonight. Mandy Rose says they won’t be Universal Champion for long.

Video Package: Raw Women’s Championship

Raw Women’s Championship
Nia Jax vs. Asuka (c)

Asuka opens up with some punches, but Jax quickly stops her. Asuka goes for a sleeper hold, but Jax powers her off. Asuka tries for an arm bar, but Jax head-butts her off. Asuka kicks her back and bounces her off the turnbuckle. Jax swats her away, but Asuka quickly applies an octopus stretch. Asuka viciously bends the arm back, but Jax somehow powers out. Jax lifts her up, but Asuka goes for a takedown. Jax quickly avalanches her down. Jax backs up and avalanches Asuka in the corner before throwing Asuka across the ring. Jax connects with a scoop slam for a two count.

Jax stretches Asuka on the ropes for a few moments. Asuka punches her back and charges, but Jax hits a one-armed spinebuster for a near fall. Jax applies a cobra clutch, but Asuka fights up. Asuka goes for a guillotine, but Jax lifts her up and hits a jackhammer for a near fall. Jax cannot believe it. Asuka viciously backhands her and strikes away at her. Asuka gets out of a Samoan Drop and goes for a roll-up, but Jax doesn’t go down. Jax goes for a cannonball, but Asuka moves. Asuka hits a sliding knee for a near fall. Asuka soon takes her down and hits a hip attack to the face for a near fall. Asuka kicks away at the chest, but Jax counters into a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall.

Jax angrily backs up and charges, but Asuka takes her over the top rope. Asuka then catches her with an arm bar at ringside. The referee counts them out.

Double Count-Out
Asuka remains Raw Women’s Champion

Asuka angrily comes off the apron with a hip attack to Jax.

MVP is backstage talking about wanting lots of champagne for Bobby Lashley’s championship celebration. Lana walks up and says this is the greatest night in Lashley’s career. It’s because of her that he’s been successful. MVP says he’s not the person she should be having this conversation with. He didn’t tell her to stay backstage. Maybe she should have this conversation with her husband. She’s scared to hear what Lashley will tell her. MVP has to go tend to the new WWE Champion.

Video Package: WWE Universal Championship

The Miz and John Morrison make their way to the ring. Before one of them becomes the WWE Universal Champion, they want to show a music video that’s sweeping the nation.

Music Video: Miz and Morrison perform “Hey Hey Ho Ho.” Braun Strowman’s music interrupts the video.

WWE Universal Championship – Handicap Match
The Miz and John Morrison vs. Braun Strowman (c)

It’ll be Strowman starting against The Miz. Miz tags John Morrison in and gets a cheap shot in on Strowman. Morrison avoids some shots from Strowman before Miz tags in. Miz quickly goes to ringside and is stalling. Morrison distracts Strowman, and Miz attacks from behind. Morrison tags in, and they hit a double-team dropkick. Morrison gets dropped on the apron, so he kicks him back. Strowman grabs him by the throat and throws him. Miz tags in, and he looks terrified. Miz snaps Strowman off the top rope and big boots him. Strowman doesn’t feel it. Miz tries to beg him off and looks for a tag, but Morrison is still recovering. Strowman kicks Miz back and whips him into Morrison, who just got back on the apron. Strowman then throws Miz out of the ring. Strowman sets up for a shoulder block train, but Miz and Morrison get in the ring. Morrison kicks Strowman off the apron. Miz knocks Strowman back, and Morrison hits a corkscrew plancha.

Strowman is in the ring with Miz. Miz kicks him in the face and covers, but Strowman kicks out at one. Miz goes for a sleeper hold, but Strowman powers Miz to the corner. Morrison blind tags in and chop blocks Strowman. Morrison elbows away at Strowman before kicking away at him. Morrison kicks Strowman and tags Miz. Miz and Morrison hit a double-team DDT, but Strowman kicks out. Miz and Morrison do their dance before Strowman chops and boots Miz before knocking Morrison off the apron. Strowman throws Miz across the ring and charges, but he hits the ring post shoulder-first when Miz moves. Morrison hits a kick, a springboard kick, and a knee that misses by a country mile. Miz tags in and attacks Strowman. Morrison tags in, and Miz hits Strowman with a Skull Crushing Finale. Morrison covers, but Miz pulls him off. Miz reconsiders and puts Morrison on top of Strowman.

Strowman knocks Morrison out of the ring and chokeslams Miz. Strowman wipes out Morrison before hitting a Running Powerslam for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and still WWE Universal Champion: Braun Strowman

Video Package: AJ Styles becomes the WWE Intercontinental Champion on SmackDown by defeating Daniel Bryan

WWE Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles says he’s having a championship celebration on SmackDown.

Video Package: WWE Championship

WWE Championship
Bobby Lashley w/ MVP vs. Drew McIntyre (c)

Before the match begins, Lashley blindsides McIntyre and applies the Full Nelson! Lashley takes him down and applies a body scissor. Referees run down and pull Lashley off. McIntyre looks furious. McIntyre demands the match start.

The bell rings, and Lashley powers McIntyre to the corner and shoulders away at him. McIntyre is still wearing his ring jacket. Lashley hits a release vertical suplex for a one count. Lana is shown watching backstage. Lashley charges McIntyre, but McIntyre kicks him and begins punching. Lashley quickly takes him down for another one count. Lashley rips McIntyre’s jacket off and knees him in the back before applying a reverse chin lock. Lashley keeps McIntyre grounded and chokes him with his boot. Lashley scoops McIntyre up, but McIntyre slides off and clotheslines him out of the ring. McIntyre drives him into the barricade a few times. Lashley lifts him up, but loses his footing and nearly drops McIntyre on his head! McIntyre tucked his chin at the last second and avoided disaster. Lashley then lifts McIntyre up and drives him into the ring post.

Lashley gets McIntyre in the ring, but McIntyre rolls back outside and is crawling around. Lashley follows him out and charges, but McIntyre catches him with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex that should’ve sent Lashley into the timekeeper’s area, but they misjudged the distance. McIntyre powers Lashley up and suplexes him on the floor. They get in the ring and exchange punches. McIntyre chops Lashley’s chest before having a whip to the corner reversed. McIntyre pops out with a clothesline before kicking him in the face. McIntyre goes to the top rope and hits a diving clothesline. MVP is running around shouting advice at Lashley. McIntyre kips up and lifts Lashley, but Lashley slides off. Lashley charges, but McIntyre hits a spinebuster for a near fall. McIntyre kicks Lashley in the face and charges, but Lashley hits a one-armed spinebuster for a one count!

Lashley sends McIntyre into the ring post shoulder-first and slams him down for another one count. MVP is going crazy at ringside. Lashley goes for a Full Nelson, but McIntyre fights it. Lashley bounces McIntyre off the top turnbuckle before punching him in the back of the head. McIntyre counters into an inverted Alabama Slam for a near fall. Lashley gets to his feet and looks woozy. McIntyre snaps him off the top rope and tries for a diving clothesline, but Lashley counters into a crossface. McIntyre fights up and turns Lashley over, but Lashley counters into an ankle lock. McIntyre gets out and applies a Kimura Lock. Lashley gets to the ropes to break it.

McIntyre hits Lashley with a superplex, and the paid crowd of WWE trainees chants, “Fight forever.” Lashley counters a Claymore Kick into a Spear for a near fall. Lana all of a sudden marches down to the ring and gets on the apron. McIntyre hits Lashley with a Glasgow Kiss that knocks him into Lana, who falls into MVP. McIntyre follows up with a Claymore Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and still WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre

Bobby Lashley angrily gets up and walks past his wife with MVP. Lana looks flabbergasted.

We go out to the parking lot to see The Street Profits and the Viking Raiders brawling in the parking lot. Erik is put through Braun Strowman’s windshield. They all run in fear. The two teams then resume brawling backstage. They grab weapons, but agree to put them down. Eventually Angelo Dawkins spears Ivar through a glass door. Ivar hallucinates eating turkey legs. They then decide not to fight anymore.

All of a sudden a bunch of people drive up on motorcycles. One of them is Akira Tozawa. He says in Japanese, “Anything you can do, we can do better.” The Viking Raiders and Street Profits huddle for strategy and mention they have to fight ninjas… but they’ll do it together. They morph into the Viking Profits. Tozawa takes a big gulp. They all want the smoke. The ninjas run up prepared to fight. The Viking Profits then annihilate the ninjas. Ivar is slammed onto one of the ninjas through a car windshield. They are filming this like an old Bruce Lee movie. All four men jump in the air and join fists while triumphant music plays.

Tozawa is still standing and begging for more ninjas. There is a really tall ninja standing there. Ivar uses the Force to pull a turkey leg to him for strength. The ninja takes a sword out, and Ivar is scared. Erik wants to go after him, but they hold him back. They get on top of a WWE Production Truck and run away. Ivar runs out of breath and has to catch up. All of a sudden, The Street Profits and Viking Raiders start brawling again. Dawkins bulldogs Erik off the truck. Ivar then knocks Ford off the truck. Air Ivar then hits a senton into the dumpster full of garbage. They’re all down.

Ivar starts remembering all the women that have told him he’s cute through the weeks. Referee Jessika Carr comes up and says their match is next. Then she says Ivar is cute while Erik… not so much. They then realize there is something alive in the dumpster.

Preview: Undertaker: The Last Ride

The commentators talk about how Edge vs. Randy Orton will have tons of production value added to it.

Video Package: Edge vs. Randy Orton

Randy Orton vs. Edge

As they make their entrances, they pipe in crowd noise from an arena. The old Madison Square Garden microphone drops from the ceiling, and Howard Finkel does their introductions.

Charles Robinson is dressed as an old school referee with the bowtie. They lock up and tussle around the ring for position. Orton takes him down and jacks his jaw. Orton applies a side headlock, but Edge whips him off, leapfrogs him, and hits two arm drags. Edge goes for a third, but Orton puts the brakes on. Edge looks embarrassed. Edge applies a side headlock and hits a takeover. Orton rolls him over for a one count. Orton applies a head-scissor and cinches it in. Edge fights out and goes for a headlock, but Orton slithers away. Orton has been one step quicker throughout the match.

Edge applies a side headlock, but Orton backs him into the ropes. Orton whips him off, and they crisscross before Orton trips him. Edge slides out of the ring and is completely embarrassed. Orton looks like he’s enjoying himself. Edge gets in the ring, and they lock up again. Orton takes him down, but Edge slides out of the ring. Orton tries to follow, so Edge tricks him getting in and out of the ring. Edge eventually big boots him down at ringside. Edge gets him in the ring, but Orton takes him down. Edge soon catches him with an arm drag and applies an arm bar. Orton fights up and lifts Edge up, but Edge applies more pressure to the arm, so Orton drops him. Orton eventually fights up and stomps Edge’s foot to get out. Orton sends him to the corner, but Edge slingshots and hits a head-scissor takeover that sends Orton out of the ring. Edge goes to the top rope, but Orton gets on the apron and punches him. Orton sets up for a superplex to the floor, but Edge holds on and head-butts him off. Orton gets up, but Edge head-butts him down. Edge then hits a diving clothesline to take Orton down on the apron! Orton is busted open!


The arena crowd noise is chanting, “This is awesome.” Edge attacks Orton’s wound and gets him in the ring. Edge tells Orton not to back off and punches away at him. Edge knees him in the midsection. Edge knees him again and takes him down with a crossface. Orton tries to surprise him with an RKO, but Edge avoids it. Edge goes for the head and arm submission, but Orton gets to the ropes. Orton then crushes Edge with his headlock backbreaker.

Orton goes outside and drives Edge into the plexiglass. Orton continues to drive Edge into the barricades and slams his head into the ring steps. Orton bounces Edge off the commentary table before hitting a back suplex on it! Orton gets Edge in the ring and picks up a near fall. Orton cinches in a chin lock, and Edge is fading away. Edge fights up and punches out. Orton quickly shoves Edge into the corner, and Edge collapses to the mat holding his neck. Orton looks up to the sky and goes for the Three Amigos. Edge blocks the third suplex and hits the Three Amigos in tribute to Eddie Guerrero.

Both men are down. They roll over and punch each other in the midsection. They punch each other from their knees. They get to their feet, and Edge chops away at him. Orton then dropkicks him out of the ring. Orton slithers out of the ring and stalks Edge. Orton grabs Edge’s arms around the ring post and pulls Edge throat-first into the turnbuckle connector. Edge gets on the apron, and Orton grabs him. Orton drags him up to the top rope and clubs the back. Orton takes some time and hits a big superplex. Orton grips his shoulder for a few moments and covers for a near fall.

Orton uppercuts Edge and sends him into the ropes. They each hit the ropes for a running cross-body, but they had the same idea and wipe each other out. Edge pulls himself up and elbows Orton back before hitting a pendulum kick. Edge goes to the top rope, but Orton cuts him off. Orton goes for the draping DDT off the top rope, but Edge gets down and hits the Edgecution! Edge slowly rolls Orton over and covers for a near fall! The piped in crowd noise chants, “This is awesome!” Edge hits a high knee lift and knees him in the face. Edge hits a running forearm for another near fall. Edge goes to the top rope and hits a diving cross-body block for a near fall.

Edge charges, but Orton rolls him up. Edge kicks out and applies a crossface. Edge gets his arm under Orton’s chin and tries to choke him out. Orton rolls him over for a two count. Edge goes for another takedown, but Orton counters into an Olympic Slam for a near fall. Both men struggle to get up. Orton gets up and sends him into the ropes, but Edge hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall! Orton cannot believe that Edge keeps coming back. Edge charges, but Orton gives him a back body drop over the top rope. Edge slowly pulls himself up at ringside. Orton grabs him and pulls him up to the apron. Orton crushes him with a draping DDT, and Edge looks like he’s out! Orton looks down at his former friend and begins stalking him. Edge pushes off an RKO attempt and goes for an Unprettier, but Orton goes for another RKO. Edge pushes him off and hits an Edge-O-Matic for a near fall!

Edge looks at Orton with disdain. Edge sets up in the corner and waits for Orton. Orton leapfrogs the Spear and goes for a powerslam, but Edge puts the brakes on. Edge hits the Unprettier, which is Christian’s move, for a near fall! Another “This is awesome” chant gets piped in. Edge gets up, but Orton lifts him up and hits a snapshot on the top rope. Orton kicks Edge in the midsection and connects with a Pedigree, but Edge kicks out! Orton cannot believe the referee’s count. A “Fight forever” chant gets piped in. Edge quickly grabs Orton and hits a Rock Bottom for a near fall.

Another “This is awesome” chant fires up. Edge sets up for a submission, but Orton kicks him away. Edge avoids a clothesline and goes for a backslide. Orton fights it, but Edge drops down for a near fall. Orton immediately gets up and uppercuts Edge down. Orton goes for another draping DDT, but Edge snaps him off the top rope. Edge hits a sunset flip for a near fall. Edge rolls him up a few times for more two counts. Orton then drops Edge with an RKO, but Edge somehow kicks out! Orton cannot believe it. Orton has a disgusted look on his face and backs up, signaling for a Punt. Orton charges, but Edge cuts him in half with a huge Spear! Edge gets to his feet and looks intense. Edge connects with a second Spear… but Orton kicks out!

Edge is absolutely stunned. Orton pulls himself up and reverses a whip to the corner. Edge springboards off the ropes, but Orton drops him with an RKO out of mid-air! Orton covers… but Edge kicks out! Orton picks Edge up, but Edge surprises him with a head and arm attempt. Orton catches him with a low blow when the referee wasn’t looking and crushes Edge with a Punt for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Randy Orton

Orton rolls over and tells Edge to tell Beth, Ruby, and Lyric that Uncle Randy says hi. Orton celebrates big time as the show ends.

Quick Match Results

— Sasha Banks and Bayley def. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, and The IIconics to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
— Sheamus def. Jeff Hardy
— Asuka vs. Nia Jax goes to a Double CO; Asuka remains Raw Women’s Champion
— Braun Strowman def. The Miz and John Morrison in a Handicap Match to retain the WWE Universal Championship
— Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Lashley to retain the WWE Championship
— Randy Orton def. Edge

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