WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio (c) w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Big Show

The bell rings and Big Show immediately goes after Del Rio with some big body shots. Del Rio fights back with a kick and body shots of his own to Big Show. Big Show with big chops to the chest of Del Rio. Del Rio attempts some knees and Big Show drops him with a big forearm to the back. Del Rio counters a big boot and drops the knee of Big Show off his shoulder. Del Rio with repeated kicks to the face of Big Show when he tries to fight back to his feet. Del Rio with a quick superkick on Big Show that results in a two count. Big Show responds with a big spear when Del Rio comes off the ropes. Del Rio gets a shoulder up after two. Big Show with a quick clothesline pulling Del Rio into his forearm. Big Show with a superkick of his own catching Del Rio during a comeback attempt. Big Show with a corner splash on Del Rio and Del Rio kicks out after two. Del Rio immediately responds locking Big Show in an armbar. Big Show is reaching for the ropes, Ricardo is pulling the bottom rope out and Big Show instead gets his boot on the bottom rope to break it up. Big Show catches Del Rio in a bear hug.

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