Big Show breaks the hold and tosses the bucket Ricardo had at ringside at him. Big Show breaks up a Del Rio comeback, lifts Del Rio up on his shoulders looking for a powerbomb and Del Rio counters out with a huricanrana. Big Show falls out of the ring and Del Rio connects with a suicide dive. Both men are down. The referee starts the count. Del Rio returns to the ring. Big Show barely gets back in at nine. Del Rio off the top rope with a seated senton. Big Show kicks out after two. Big Show catches Del Rio with a chokeslam, cover and Del Rio finds a way to kick out after two. Big Show calls for the knockout punch and Del Rio rolls out of the ring. Big Show grabs Del Rio and tosses him back in the ring over the top rope. Del Rio counters another chokeslam attempt, attempts a roll up, Big Show lifts Del Rio up and Del Rio brings him back down with a quick DDT. Big Show gets a shoulder up after two. Del Rio with a kick to the head of Big Show in the corner. Big Show again powers out after two. Del Rio again gets the armbar locked in. Big Show is in the middle reaching for the ropes.

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