No. 1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match
Jack Swagger vs. Kane vs. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho

Jack Swagger is out first with Zeb Colter. Swagger gets on the mic saying when he has the microphone he has the power and showers you with the truth. He said Zeb Colter speaks the truth and is a great American. Colter grabs the mic talking about Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase. He said Jefferson would be ashamed of what has become of our “once great nation.” Colter said tonight in this chamber, a real patriot, a real American will “win one for the good guys.”

Locked in the pods (in order) was Jack Swagger, Kane, Mark Henry and Randy Orton. The match will begin with Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho.

The bell rings and here we go. Bryan with a quick shoulder block and Jericho with a quick series of arm drags. Jericho with a headlock takedown to keep Bryan grounded. Bryan goes for the No Lock early and Jericho counters out of the attempt. Bryan counters out of a Walls of Jericho attempt as well. Bryan with big kicks to the chest of Jericho in the corner. Jericho with a series of chops. Bryan flips from the corner, Jericho sends him over the top rope, Bryan lands on his feet, tries to suplex Jericho to the floor, Jericho counters, attempts a back suplex, Bryan counters, Jericho with an elbow, Bryan pulls Jericho down and goes for another No Lock. Jericho with a catapult sending Bryan head first into the chain wall. Jericho tosses Bryan back in the ring and connects with a back suplex. Jericho with a cover and Bryan kicks out. Jericho with kicks to Bryan near the ropes. Jericho with a suplex bringing Bryan back in the ring. Time expires. Out first is Jack Swagger.

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