Swagger goes after Jericho right away. Swagger then turns his attention to Bryan slamming him against the chain wall a few times. Swagger with a big knee to Bryan against the chain wall. Swagger then pushes the head of Bryan into the steel floor surrounding the ring. Jericho then starts going after Swagger with some big rights and elbows in the corner when Swagger returned to the ring. Jericho sends Swagger to the corner. Jericho charges and Swagger moves out of the way causing Jericho to hit the corner with force. Swagger grabs Jericho and sends him shoulder first into the chain wall. Swagger continues to send Jericho into the chain wall and then connects with a series of big knees to the gut. Swagger with big right hands to Jericho. Bryan then comes off the top turnbuckle nearby and takes out Swagger. Swagger screams out in pain as he took a nasty bump on the steel floor around the ring. Bryan with uppercuts on Jericho. Time expires. Out second is Kane.

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