Kane goes after Swagger right away landing a series of rights and uppercuts. Bryan with a big dropkick to Swagger in the corner. Kane tosses Swagger over the top rope. Swagger screams out in pain when he connects on the floor. Bryan with a roll up attempt on Kane. Kane kicks out and gets up surprised. Kane points to the Wrestlemania sign saying it is all about that tonight. Bryan wants a hug. Kane says no. Bryan slaps Kane. Kane responds with big uppercut. Bryan drops Kane to the corner and connects with a corner dropkick to the head. Bryan with kicks to the chest of Kane. Kane avoids the big shot to the head, Bryan attempts a No Lock, Kane with a side slam and Bryan kicks out after two. Kane goes up top and Bryan cuts him off. Jericho is back in and has Bryan on his shoulders. Kane comes off the top rope and clotheslines Bryan off the shoulders of Jericho. Swagger runs in and covers Bryan for two. Time expires. Out third is Randy Orton.

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