Punk with a quick clothesline to Rock when they are back in the ring. Punk with a headlock on Rock to keep him grounded. Punk drops repeated knees to the head of Rock, hooks the leg and Rock kicks out after two. Punk goes back to the headlock. Rock fights to his feet. Rock with right hands, hits the ropes and Punk catches Rock with a heel kick to the jaw. Punk gets another two count off the pinfall. Punk with a suplex floating into the cover resulting in another two count. Punk goes back to the headlock keeping it grounded. Rock fights back to his feet, big right hand to Punk, another right, Punk with a boot in the corner, Punk springboards up and catches Rock with a flying clothesline. Another cover and Rock again kicks out. Punk again returns to the headlock. Rock again fights to his feet. Rock with right hands, blocks a boot and Rock unloads with rights. Punk responds with a high knee. Punk charges in and connects with a knee to the jaw. Punk with a clothesline to drop Rock. Punk goes up top, jumps and connects with a flying elbow from the top turnbuckle.

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