Punk hooks the leg and Rock again kicks out. They brawl to the outside and Punk starts clearing the spanish announce table. Rock drops Punk off the other announce table and tosses him back in the ring. Punk avoids a Rock Bottom and catches Rock with a huge kick to the head. Punk with a cover and Rock kicks out. They go back to the outside as Heyman argues with the referee. Punk tosses Rock up to the spanish announce table. Punk picks up Rock and gives him a Rock Bottom over the table. The table doesn’t break as Rock slides off. Punk returns to the ring as the referee continues his count. Rock is crawling back and gets back at nine. Punk unloads on Rock with big right hands and the referee pulls Punk off before reaching his five count. Rock with a samoan drop on Punk. Rock with a huge right hand to Punk. Punk with a right of his own. They exchange shots. Punk with elbows. Rock with a huge diving clothesline and follows with a big DDT. Punk with elbows to avoid a Rock Bottom. Rock falls down and Punk drops more elbows to the heaand body of Rock.

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