Rock connects with a Rock Bottom on Punk. Rock with the cover and Punk barely kicks out after two. Heyman is trying to hype up Punk at ringside. Punk rolls out and Rock follows. Rock tosses Punk back in the ring. Heyman is arguing with the referee on the ring apron. Referee bump as Rock takes out the referee. Punk with a GTS on Rock in the ring. Punk covers and the referee is down. The crowd chants the pinfall count. Heyman is standing over the referee yelling at him to get up. Another referee runs down to check on the downed referee. Punk is yelling at the second referee to get in the ring. Rock counters a second GTS attempt. Rock with a spinebuster on Punk. Rock goes for the People’s Elbow and connects. Rock hooks the leg, the referee slides in and Punk kicks out! Punk grabs the ankle of the referee and the referee seems to roll his ankle. Punk with a kick to the head of Rock. Heyman grabs the WWE Championship belt and hands it to Punk. Heyman picks up Rock from the ring apron, holds his arms and Punk takes out Heyman with the title when Rock moves. Rock with a Rock Bottom on Punk. Rock hooks the leg, the first referee returns and counts the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE Champion: The Rock

After the match, The Rock looks up at the Wrestlemania 29 sign and is handed the WWE Championship from the referee. We see a replay of the finish. Back live, The Rock gets up on the turnbuckle and holds the WWE Championship up high celebrating his win.

WWE makes it official with a graphic. The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship will take place at Wrestlemania 29 in New Jersey at Metlife Stadium.

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