A video package runs hyping The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family tonight.

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

Dean Ambrose breaks free from The Shield first before the match can even get started. A huge brawl breaks out and The Shield clears the ring of The Wyatt’s right away. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns calm down Ambrose. The bell now officially rings to get things going.

We start with Seth Rollins and Erick Rowan. Rollins counters Rowan being tossed in the air hitting a dropkick to the corner. Quick tag to Roman Reigns who kicks Rowan in the corner. Quick tag back to Rollins who gets in a few kicks. Rowan quickly pushes Rollins away and takes him out with a huge shoulder tackle. Rowan drags Rollins to the corner and tags in Luke Harper. Tag to Bray Wyatt who works over Rollins with some big uppercuts and elbows. Tag to Roman Reigns. Wyatt jumps in with a right and Reigns counters getting in tons of shots to Wyatt in the corner. Wyatt fires back with an uppercut and headbutt. Reigns fires back with an elbow that drops Wyatt. Wyatt with another huge right hand and tag to Harper in the corner. Reigns blocks a suplex attempt by Rowan a few times and connects with a suplex of his own. Ambrose gets the tag and unloads on Harper in the corner. Quick Tag to Rollins who jumps off the back of Ambrose to get in a shot. Tag to Reigns who drops Harper with a huge right hand and then tags Ambrose in. Ambrose with shots and drags the face of Harper off the top rope. Tag to Rollins who gets in rights to Harper and tags Ambrose back in. Ambrose works over Harper in the corner. Ambrose catches Harper with a big boot and Ambrose comes off the top turnbuckle with a flying elbow. Rowan distracts Ambrose and Harper connects with a dropkick to Ambrose! Tag to Wyatt who mounts Ambrose and drops some rights.

Wyatt with more uppercuts. Wyatt with a huge corner splash on Ambrose and gets fired up. Rowan gets the tag and drops a knee over Ambrose. Rowan squeezes the head of Ambrose. Rowan drops Ambrose with a big side slam. Tag back to Harper who chops Ambrose. Ambrose gets in a chop of his own. Ambrose with a quick snap neckbreaker on Harper. Tag to Rollins who dropkicks Harper. Rollins is up top, kicks away Rowan and Harper cuts him off. Harper tries to back suplex Rollins off the top turnbuckle, but Rollins lands on his feet! Rollins clotheslines Harper over the top rope, tosses him back in and catches him with a knee to the head! Harper then plants Rollins with a huge spinning sidewalk slam. On the outside, Wyatt splashes his body over Rollins and tosses him back in. Tag to Rowan. Rowan with a few body shots to Rollins and tag to Harper. Harper with body shots to Rollins in the corner. Harper catapults Rollins into the second rope with force. Wyatt gets the tag and applies a headlock to Rollins keeping him grounded. Rollins with a big boot to Wyatt from the corner. Wyatt with a chokeslam on Rollins when Rollins jumps off the second rope. Ambrose is in to break up the pinfall and Harper with a huge dropkick to Ambrose. Ambrose rolls out flopping around. Tag to Harper who stomps over Rollins. Harper walks up to Reigns and smiles in his face. Rollins catches Harper with a kick to the head. Reigns is stomping the steps for a tag.

Hot tag to Reigns. Reigns with a jumping clothesline to Rowan and a shot to Wyatt on the corner. Reigns with a samoan drop to Harper and rights to Rowan. Harper tosses Reigns out. Reigns runs to the other side and dropkicks Rowan in the head. Reigns tosses Harper out. Reigns with a twisting powerbomb on Rowan and Wyatt breaks it up. Ambrose tackles Wyatt getting in tons of rights and lefts. Ambrose dropkicks Wyatt to the outside. Harper with a suicide dive to Ambrose! Rollins flips over the top rope taking out Harper. Reigns rolls up Harper for a close two count. Double clothesline for both Reigns and Harper. Rollins starts clearing off the spanish announce table at ringside when Wyatt cuts him off. Ambrose attacks Wyatt and Harper. Ambrose and Wyatt go over the ring barricade brawling into the crowd. In the ring, Reigns and Rowan are recovering. Reigns and Rowan exchange rights. Rowan with a knee and sends Reigns shoulder first into the steel ring post. Rowan with a slap and Reigns fires back with a jumping clothesline that results in a two count. Rollins hits Harper with a TV monitor. Wyatt is back and takes out Rollins. Wyatt clears the other announce table as Rowan takes care of Reigns in the ring with a big fallaway slam. Reigns falls to the outside. Harper and Rowan lift up Rollins on the announce table and then send him crashing through the spanish announce table! Wyatt and Harper surround the ring as Rowan gets in.

They start to close in on Reigns as he realizes what is going on. Reigns tries to fight back and is quickly overwhelmed. Harper makes a legal tag. Rowan splashes Reigns and Harper follows with a big boot. Wyatt now has the legal tag. Wyatt grabs Reigns, kisses him on the head and Reigns starts to power out. Wyatt headbutts Reigns. Reigns is still in it. Reigns with a samoan drop on Wyatt. Reigns tosses Harper over the top rope. Superman punch to Rowan. Superman punch to Wyatt. Reigns backs up in the corner smiling looking down Wyatt. Spear to Harper instead. Wyatt with a tackle to Reigns. Wyatt with Sister Abigail for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

After the match, we see highlights from this incredible match. Back live, we see a shot of The Wyatt Family staring down The Shield in the entrance area.

A promo for the WWE Network featuring Hulk Hogan and John Cena airs.

Backstage, Renee Young is with Christian. He said no one will remember his losses when he wins the title tonight. “I’m desperate and that makes me more dangerous than I’ve ever been in my entire career,” adds Christian.

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