Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

Mixed reaction for Batista in Minneapolis. Alberto Del Rio was out second wearing a neckbrace and walking down with one crutch. Del Rio said he was attacked two weeks ago by Batista and because of that he won’t be able to compete tonight. Del Rio then kicks Batista in the gut and attacks him using the crutch. Del Rio removes his clothes with his wrestling gear on underneath. Del Rio continues to attack Batista with the crutch taking shots at his knee. Del Rio smiles as the referee checks on Batista. Another shot from Del Rio to the back of Batista using the crutch. Del Rio tosses it out and calls for the bell.

Batista struggles to his feet as the bell rings. He gets in a right hand on Del Rio. Del Rio catches him with a dropkick in the corner and sends him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Loud “BOO-TISTA” chant. Del Rio continues to kick Batista in the corner as a loud “DANIEL BRYAN” chant starts up. Del Rio works over the left arm of Batista keeping him grounded. Now we get a loud “CM PUNK” chant. Del Rio drops his knees over the left arm of Batista and kicks Batista in the back. The crowd is booing any offense from Batista. Del Rio misses a shoulder tackle in the corner hitting his shoulder against the steel ring post. Del Rio recovers and kicks Batista in the back of the head. Batista catches Del Rio with a big spear. Del Rio misses a splash off the top turnbuckle. Batista with a big spinebuster on Del Rio. Batista starts stomping the ring, picks up Del Rio and Del Rio counters a Batista Bomb. Del Rio with a chop block and superkick to the head of Batista for a two count. Batista counters an armbar from Del Rio, pushes Del Rio face first into the corner (it was an exposed turnbuckle) and connects with the Batista Bomb for the win.

Winner: Batista

After the match, we see highlights of Alberto Del Rio attacking Batista before the match officially started and Batista getting the Batista Bomb for the win. Back live, the crowd is booing Batista. Batista yells out, “Deal with it!”

A promo for the launch of the WWE Network tomorrow morning airs.

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