Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

Quick lock up and Chris Jericho pushes Fandango to the corner. The referee breaks it up. Another lock up and Jericho again pushes Fandango to the corner. Fandango pushes Jericho away and catches him with a quick shoulder off the ropes. Jericho responds with a dropkick, elbow and Fandango bails. Jericho chases Fandango back in the ring and catches him with another elbow. Quick baseball slide by Jericho. Jericho with a top turnbuckle sledgehammer to Fandango on the outside. Jericho jumps up on the Spanish announce table and starts dancing for the live audience. Fandango catches Jericho with a knee to the head when Jericho starts rolling him back in. Jericho responds with some boots. Fandango catches Jericho with a boot in the corner. Jericho attempts a rollup and Fandango stays on his feet. Fandango connects with a springboard leg drop. Fandango applies a headlock and Jericho connects with a back suplex to break it up. Jericho with repeated shoulder tackles, is tossed to the ring apron, jumps up and connects with a sledgehammer.

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