WWE United States Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

The Shield walked out with Dean Ambrose and then went back up the steps to leave Ambrose alone. Series of counters early on with Ambrose avoiding Trouble in Paradise. Kingston with a quick monkey flip sending Ambrose to the corner. Kingston with big right hands to Ambrose. Ambrose with a quick clothesline and elbow drop combo. Ambrose with a big dropkick to Kingston. Kingston with body shots. Ambrose with a chicken wing submission applied on Kingston. Ambrose drops down and wraps his legs around the body of Kingston. Kingston fights out and gets to his feet. Kingston with clotheslines and a quick dropkick to the jaw of Ambrose. Kingston connects with the Boom Drop. Ambrose avoids Trouble in Paradise again. Kingston is able to connect with his S.O.S. planting Ambrose on the ring. Kingston is going up top. Ambrose cuts him off. Kingston pushes Ambrose off the corner. Ambrose jumps back in with a quick elbow. Ambrose hooks the arms of Kingston and pulls him back connecting with a Tiger Driver from the top turnbuckle. Kingston kicks out.

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