Strap Match
Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

The referee attaches the strap to the wrists of both Mark Henry and Sheamus. The bell rings and Mark Henry steps on the strap. Sheamus pulls up on the strap and Henry falls to his back. Sheamus with a kick to the gut of Henry and then chop blocks Henry off his feet. Sheamus slaps one corner. Henry then pulls Sheamus and drops him with a clothesline. The referee waves off Sheamus’ progress. Henry hog ties the legs of Sheamus, taps one corner, taps a second, Sheamus holds on to the bottom rope, gets to his feet and Henry clotheslines him over the top rope. Sheamus is back up and drops Henry’s jaw off the top rope. Sheamus taps one corner, runs to the second, taps that, walks to the third, taps that, Sheamus is pulling Henry around the ring and Henry with a big right hand that drops Sheamus off the ring apron. Henry pulls Sheamus up to the ring apron, wraps the strap around his neck and flips him back in over the top rope. Henry grabs the strap and starts hitting it over the back of Sheamus. Henry then tosses Sheamus up on his shoulder.

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