Henry taps one corner with Sheamus on his corner. Sheamus does as well and Henry doesn’t notice. Henry tapes two more corners and then realizes Sheamus was also tapping them as well. Henry drops Sheamus down to the mat and the referee waves off the progress both made. Sheamus low blows Henry using the strap and follows with a running clothesline. Sheamus returns the favor hitting Henry over the back with the strap. Sheamus slaps one corner, slaps a second and then Henry breaks it up. They both start brawling at ringside with Sheamus pulling Henry into the steel ring post using the strap. Back in the ring, Sheamus slaps one corner, slaps a second corner, slaps a third corner and Henry is ready to cut him off. Sheamus charges in, Henry lifts him up, Sheamus is reaching for the corner, Henry again picks up Sheamus, drops his over his knee, lifts him over his head, Sheamus lands on his feet and connects with a huge Brogue Kick to Henry. Sheamus then turns around and slaps the fourth corner to get the win.

Winner: Sheamus

Backstage, AJ Lee is talking to Dolph Ziggler on her cell when Kaitlyn walks up. She mentioned talking with Vickie and how AJ informed her she can’t compete in a title match because of what happened to Ziggler. AJ and Kaitlyn trade insults. Kaitlyn attacks AJ until other WWE Divas show up to break it up.

We see video from Smackdown two weeks ago of Dolph Ziggler suffering a concussion.

* Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger in a #1 Contendership “I Quit” match is next.

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