#1 Contendership – “I Quit” Match
Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

Long promo from Zeb Colter before the match. Colter talked about recent news headlines with the IRS targeting specific conservative groups and then the government wire tapping the “lamstream media.” He also insulted the St. Louis Cardinals saying they should be called the Caribbean Cardinals with a lack of American born players on the roster.

The bell rings and a quick lock up early on. Tons of brawling soon after to the outside. Both Swagger and Del Rio signal the referee to ask if they quit. Del Rio with repeated shots to the steel ring steps on Swagger and Swagger again refuses to quit. Swagger grabs a kendo stick and cracks it over the body of Del Rio. Swagger pulls the back of Del Rio against the steel ring post. Del Rio refuses to quit. Swagger hits Del Rio over the knee and ankle using the kendo stick. Del Rio blocks another shot from the kendo stick, but Swagger drops him with a quick clothesline. Swagger locks up the arms of Del Rio in the top and middle ropes. Swagger grabs a kendo stick and signals for the referee to ask Del Rio. Del Rio refuses. Swagger with repeated shots to the chest of Del Rio using the kendo stick. Del Rio still refuses to quit and breaks free. Del Rio gets the armbar locked in on Swagger over the ropes. Swagger refuses to quit and Swagger breaks it up grabbing the mic and hitting Del Rio over the head with it. Swagger screams out, “Welcome to Jack Swagger’s America!”

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