Swagger drops to his back to apply more pressure on the ankle lock. Ricardo has a towel in hand and Del Rio yells at him to not throw in the towel. Colter then tries to attack Ricardo. Ricardo moves dropping the towel. Colter grabs the towel and throws it in the ring. The referee sees the towel and calls for the bell. Swagger’s music plays when Ricardo jumps in saying he didn’t throw in the towel. Another referee jumps in arguing the finish. The referee then goes to ringside and watches a replay of the finish. He tells Lilian Garcia the match can be restarted if Del Rio is able to continue. Del Rio tells the referee he can continue. Swagger rushes in working on the injured ankle of Del Rio. Del Rio with repeated kicks to the head of Swagger. Del Rio with a kick to the head of Swagger that also connects on the arm. Del Rio gets the armbar locked on. Swagger almost quits when asked. Swagger turns Del Rio over. Del Rio gets Swagger back down in the armbar. The referee asks Swagger. Swagger quits.

Winner and new #1 Contender: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage, Ryback says he won’t waste his opportunity at the WWE Championship tonight. He talked about people trying to stop him in the past and that tonight, Ryback rules.

* Team Hell No vs. The Shield for the WWE Tag Team Titles is up next.

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