Ryback grabs a part of the arena wall and launches it at Cena. Cena jumps on the back of Ryback applying a sleeper hold. Ryback is walking around on the arena floor with Cena on his back. Ryback falls to the ground and he appears to be out. The referee starts the count. Ryback fights to his feet before the 10 count. Cena puts Ryback over a table nearby. Cena gets up on the barricade near a section in the arena. Cena splashes Ryback crashing through the table. Both men are back up before the 10 count. Ryback is dazed. Cena uses a fire extinguisher on Ryback a few times blinding Ryback. Ryback is trying to get away from Cena climbing up to the entrance stage. Cena hits Ryback with the fire extinguisher. Ryback stays on his feet. Cena does this a second time and Ryback is down. Ryback is back on his feet at 8. Cena has Ryback on his shoulders. Ryback counters, lifts up Cena and drives him through the HD screens that was part of the set! Sparks went flying as they went through the light grid. We see replays as the referee heads to the back.

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