Steel Cage Match
Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

During Brock Lesnar’s entrance, Triple H ran out and sent Lesnar face first into the cage. Triple H then took out Paul Heyman with a big right hand. Triple H tosses Lesnar in the ring. The referee closes the cage door and the match officially begins. Triple H with big right hands to Lesnar. Triple H sends Lesnar face first off the side of the cage and Lesnar falls back. Triple H with another shot on Lesnar to the cage and then follows it up with a big spinebuster. Lesnar counters an early Pedigree attempt sending Triple H over his head against the side of the cage wall. JBL mentions that UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes is in attendance tonight. Lesnar with a big knee to Triple H and then sends him back first into the cage wall a few times. Lesnar launches Triple H into the other cage wall with Triple H bouncing off with force. Lesnar does this a second time to the other cage wall. Lesnar lifts up Triple H, Triple H counters and Lesnar bounces off the steel cage wall. Triple H catches Lensar with a big high knee. Lesnar responds with a german suplex with a release.

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