We see a shot of Lesnar smiling, picking up Triple H and driving him into the side of the cage wall. Lesnar drives Triple H back first into the side of the cage repeatedly. Lesnar hits the ropes, charges in with a high knee and Triple H moves out of the way. Lesnar falls back clutching his knee. Lesnar gets on his feet limping when he sees Triple H up on the top turnbuckle. Lesnar grabs Triple H, puts him on his shoulder and drives Triple H down with a big powerslam. When Lesnar connects dropping Triple H, he falls to his back favoring his knee and talks with Heyman about it who tells Lesnar to shake it off. Triple H with right hands and kicks to the bad knee of Lesnar. Triple H with a knee to the face on Lesnar. Lesnar counters another Pedigree attempt and Lesnar gets the Kimura Lock applied. Triple H breaks it up and Lesnar responds with a clothesline. Heyman calls for the cage door to be opened. Lesnar walks toward it and Triple H with a chop block to take Lesnar down. Lesnar screams in pain. Heyman then slams then cage door into the face of Triple H.

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