Lesnar with an F5 on Triple H. Lesnar hooks the leg and Triple H kicks out after two. Heyman grabs a steel chair, knocks down the referee near the door and then closes the cage door. Lesnar, still limping and cracks the steel chair over Triple H. Lesnar says, “Paul, my knee is bad man.” Lesnar is going for another F5 and his knee buckles. Triple H with another chop block to Lesnar. Triple H grabs the steel chair and strarts cracking it across the bad leg and knee of Lesnar. Lesnar screams out in pain. Triple H with an elbow drop over the bad knee of Lesnar. Triple H with a second elbow drop to the bad knee. Triple H corners Lesnar when Lesnar gets the Kimura Lock applied. Triple H breaks it up and drops his body over the bad knee of Lesnar. Lesnar is screaming out in pain. Triple H gets the Figure Four applied. Lesnar is screaming. Lesnar tries hitting Triple H to break it up. Heyman is yelling at Lesnar not to tap. Lesnar gets Triple H turned over to break it up. Lesnar looks back and starts climbing up the cage pulling himself up on the top turnbuckle near Heyman.

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