Lesnar gets one leg over when Triple H runs up and cracks a steel chair over his bad knee. Triple H pulls Lesnar off the top of the cage and back in the ring. Triple H is still up on the top turnbuckle, smiles and pulls a hidden sledgehammer out from the top of the cage. Lesnar crotches Triple H to knock him off the turnbuckle. Lesnar grabs the sledgehammer that was painted silver to blend with the cage. Lesnar charges in with the sledgehammer in hand, Triple H drops Lesnar and locks on a Sharpshooter. Lesnar is screaming out in pain. Heyman then opens up the cage door and gets inside. Triple H breaks the Sharpshooter and gives Pedigree to Heyman. Lesnar tries using the sledgehammer, but he avoids it and hits a Pedigree on Lesnar. Triple H covers Lesnar and Lesnar kicks out after two! Triple H grabs the sledgehammer. Heyman with a low blow to Triple H. Lesnar pulls himself to his feet using the ropes. Lesnar is still limping as he smiles at Triple H. Lesnar has the sledgehammer and hits Triple H in the head with it. Lesnar opens his arms smiling at the crowd.

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